Day 29 and Day 30 September Self Care Challenge

So today was all about colds and coughs. I woke up with a scratchy throat and immediately started soothing it. My oldest had a cold along with my husband and youngest. My son had some type of stomach virus. I was pretty much over it! I’m grateful there were no events because that would have been a mini disaster!

Outside of that I did some blogging and prepping for Monday because I needed to attend my Aunt’s funeral and I knew I was going to be offline for quite some time. Plus I love setting my blogs and going on with my day. I made sure I did a workout to finish my day!

Oh and FYI I don’t care what not one says this is what a woman with a cold looks like versus a man cold:

Day 30

Today was all about honoring my Aunt. She is I won’t say was so generous growing up. She gave the best gifts, she was an amazing cook, and I remember her making sure that when we were younger and church was over she had the best after church swimming spot ever. It allowed me to see the rest of my aunts and cousins. It’s one of the best memories. She would always mash my and my twin’s name together. Then back it up with Charlie’s daughter go and get something to eat! She always looked out for everyone around us. Today was bittersweet. I was honored not only to have been at her send off but to have been there as she transitioned.

We all know life is short and we all know how fragile it can be but I truly am more concerned with living for the right reasons. I’m more interested in being true to myself and those around me.

I dedicate this day to my Aunt Dolly “Teenie” Mayo! May she continue to be a light to us here to love hard and treat others with respect! That was the recurring theme. Nor everyone can say that they regarded others well as they would themselves. One thing about Aunt Teenie she didn’t bite her tongue and she made sure you felt loved even when she needed to be stern!

Today’s self care was about going about my proper pace. I left the funeral at the time I needed and I knew I couldn’t do the graveside and I didn’t go just to make people feel as if I had more or less love for my aunt. My grief was channeled my way. My other self care for today was seeing love in family I hadn’t seen in years! Having peace and love is always a good look! I hope you enjoyed the Self Care September Challenge. I hope you plan to not make self care apart of a Sunday only or weekend ritual. It needs to be practiced daily. It’s taking account how you feel and what your thoughts are saying at different moments. It’s about being accountable for yourself. It’s about checking your highs and lows and finding a point in calm in your lows. It’s about evaluating daily motives so you can practice what will make you better. It’s about making sure you proceed from a place of love so you can seek understanding even when things have gone left.

It’s not about floating on clouds as if bad days don’t happen. It’s about being aware of the bad but being responsible for your own responses instead of riding on the responses of others just to justify bad habits. Take this challenge and apply it to your everyday life!

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