Tinsel: Halloween POP Up Bar

It’s officially Halloween season and that means you are going to want a spot to hang out and enjoy the festivities. You’re perfect one stop shop that gives you all of the nostalgia is Tinsel.

Tinsel known for its amazing Christmas nostalgia has turned their sights on Halloween. I must say they have done an amazing job giving you head to toe fun. It’s Halloween’s Halloween. So what will you see exactly:

This is the entrance of the bar from the outside. It already gives you clues that when you walk in you’re in for a spooky treat!

This is the spider walk way! I’m actually afraid of spiders real or imagined so I kind of walked fast. I got this shot right before I left!

They left no corner bare. From chopped up body parts to babies….

In case you’re asking where are the bottoms…

Yes there is so much to see. It’s like all of the Halloween movies in one. Every feeling of Halloween comes alive. And to think that this bar has amazing drinks to add to your fright…

They also have beers for non cocktail drinkers but the cocktails are the fun parts to me!

This is the Ecto Cooler Shot and you get to keep your shot glass! Oh and there’s a gummi brain at the bottom! It was sooo good. You have to check my Instagram for the smoky fun! In case you’re asking for research purposes I had all of the drinks. I am a drink specialist and let me say they are alllllllll good and strong. Seriously my next day headache is proof positive. I ranked my favorites:

  1. Ecto cooler shot-cause duh smoke, gummi brain and taste
  2. Candy corn
  3. Caramel apple
  4. Undertaker
  5. Craned del Azukar

Caramel apple

These are the bar tops

So you need to get into Tinsel before it’s too late! Tinsel Halloween Pop up Bar opens this Thursday starting at 5! Costumes are optional but you know me when they say come dressed I come dressed!

I was a firefly and yes my tail is lit literally!! Pictures courtesy of my blogger friend Phillyfoodgal!

To say I had a good time was an understatement! The vibes were amazing and shout out to the bartenders who not only were in formation but they also had a good time dancing-you can see that on my Instagram stories and in my Philly Review section should you need to see it past the 25 hour mark-we all know how Instastories work!

Shout out to the photographer who tried it when he said say I love Satan-that was my response like Satan you tried it nice one though!

Run not walk and have the most Halloween fun you didn’t know you needed at Tinsel!

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