1st Plant Base of Organic Sesamemilk

If I’m honest when I became vegan and prior focused on plant based initiative the reason for my hold up had to do with not wanting to compromise taste over health. I know even typing it sounds crazy. But it’s true. Someone wrote on a Facebook post how we are more concerned about taste and it shows up on our bodies! It was then and since then I’ve tried to push towards finding a way to bridge good tasting food without compromising my health!

That made me stop and think about my priorities! Since transitioning I am always on the hunt for new products. I like to have variety. I never want to get stuck feeling like I can only have one item. Insert Sesamemilk! I had never heard of it before. However what I know is now Hope and Sesame has definitely opened my mind to another plant base alternative. Hope and Sesame are the only plant based organic sesame producers. This is amazing! The 5 flavors for now include vanilla, original, unsweetened, chocolate and chocolate hazelnut! Personally chocolate hazelnut taste like a milkshake to me. I love the consistency in the milks and the taste is amazing! I am extremely strict on the taste of milk; plant base or not.

Why sesame milk? Sesame is a great source of natural minerals. Sesame seeds are most sustainable than any other seeds and nuts because it can grow in moisture and heat. The way the plant base industry is growing this means that there will be plenty of goodness to come down the line. Now why should you try Sesamemilk? Try it to find out if you love it. Try it because it’s another sustainable source in the plant base world. Try it to see if you like the taste. It’s about having more than one option. This product isn’t for everyone but everyone can truly benefit from a plant base lifestyle! Also all Hope and Sesame products are Non-GMO, kosher certified, bear the USDA organic seal and with simple product listing! Let’s face it that’s all the qualities that need to be found on labels these days!


This is a new e-commerce way to show for the snacks and foods that you like and love that will give you access to great selections to fit your needs. You can choose your favorites here! I know what you’re thinking? Not another website? This isn’t your average website. I went on myself and it’s super easy to identify the types of food choices like gluten free, vegan, etc and only get the food that works best work your health goals. Remember it’s not about making everyone’s goals the same it’s about getting what you need to make eating what you need easier!

This spread is amazing under Spinning Wheels food generator. Two lucky winners will be able to win 2 products of your choice or $10 toward a product of your choice! To enter click here! As with anything make sure to always read your product packaging and labels.

For those who love to try new things and may not win the price above; we are all winners. You can save 20% by visiting here and using the code SESAMELOVE for a 6 pack variety!!

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