2019 Light the Night

It’s something to be said when your life is turned upside down. You can choose to overcome or you can choose to give up. Jen fought. She pushed through. She beat cancer. However so many others aren’t as blessed.

Light the Night raises money to not only fund towards a cure but to assist those in their fight. So many people only focus on the physical healing. During a fight with blood cancer you’re entire world is fighting. When I got the call about my girl Jen, it was one is the most devastating calls. As I remember how I felt I can’t imagine how she felt. She’s married with kids around my same age. She’s having to navigate a harsh reality and she didn’t have a long time to figure it out! Having a family that depends on you and having to fight had to be hard. Thankfully her entire village stepped in. We made sure we helped with the boys, dinners, and tried our best to provide smiles and cheer along the way.

Team Lymphomanics

The team Lymphomanics is our name. We have gathered yearly to Light the Night. Even when our team was at his biggest to the smallest it hasn’t changed the rigor of the determination. We are here as a support team and here to stamp out cancer so one less person has to deal with its effects. No one walks alone is the motto that we take to heart. Jen will never have to ask me if I’m walking? It’s an automatic yes! Light the Night is personal for me. I wouldn’t even have known about blood cancer if it hadn’t come into Jen’s life.

It’s something to see them as for the yellow lanterns. It symbolizes someone who has passed due to their fight with cancer.

To see those taken represented is emotionally heartbreaking. I want to take this time to recognize Lois, Father Corley, and Fred McGinnis! All fought a great fight and we will never simply forget them!

It’s also a beautiful thing to see the white lanterns! It symbolizes those who had but overcame cancer!

I want to recognize our teammates Jen and Chad who rocked it during their individual fight!

Then we have red lanterns. They symbolize support. When we say no one walks alone we mean that. It’s not enough to just have cancer but you are strong as your support system who stands behind you. When the nights your sick from treatment or the days your body aches and you can barely stand-support is what gets you through!

When you combine all of the lanterns together you get a mighty showing of a force to be reckoned!

The mission becomes clear! It’s time to walk until cancer ends it’s reign in the lives of all of us!

If you haven’t given but want to continue to give toward this great cause, you can do so here!

It is a fun night for all who attend. From booths of information to fun activities for all ages they make the night just full of hope!

The organizers did an amazing job! It takes a lot of work to pull this night off. Thanks to John Wright for allowing the space to be used to gather those from Lancaster and York to come together!

For those who raised over 100 you are given pizza, drinks and snacks!

I also make sure I go to the Light the Night Tent to honor those who have passed!

Special shout out to my kids who came this year! I don’t always bring them since they changed the walk from Saturday to Friday! It takes me to have get them from school and travel to Lancaster. It makes for a long night! They did great! I’m proud of them for not only wanting to go but understanding why we walk!

Special shout out to Jen and her family as well!

Pictured is Jen, her husband Eric, son Brody missing is Ethan

Thank you to all who donated towards the cause! I love and appreciate you all especially Robyn S.and family, Mr. And Mrs. Carlos M. and Mrs. Kyla A. and my husband and kids!

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