A Feast for A Feast: Iron Hill Brewery

From now until October 17, 2019 you can indulge in Iron Hill Brewery’s Oktoberfest Menu.  We know that during an Oktoberfest you can expect  lots of beers as well as amazing food.  Traditional Oktoberfest foods include roasted chicken, roasted pork, Wurstl (sausages), Brezen (pretzels), Knodel (potato or flour dumplings), potato cakes, etc.  Food and beer go hand and hand and Iron Hill Brewery has you covered.

Iron Hill Brewery is known for making fresh food made from scratch. Also they also brew all of their beers in house. You can expect the high level of quality when you drink a beer at any of their locations!

They have an amazing menu and you are going to definitely want to try it.  Instead of a copy of their menu how about a picture of the real thing.  If you are asking, yes everything tastes well.  Since I didn’t overindulge I definitely took the leftovers to my husband and he gave his high stamp of approval as well.

Apple and Butternut Squash Soup

This is by far my favorite soup. I literally could and would go back for more. It’s not too sweet, savory, and smooth and made with autumn spiced creme.

Harvest Salad

This is served with goat cheese croquette, dried cherries, poached pears, apples, pistachios, and apple cider vinaigrette. I personally took out the goat cheese but the rest of it was amazing.

Oktoberfest Egg Rolls

This has bratwurst, Vienna red lager bacon sauerkraut, cheddar, green onion, and a beer mustard sauce to dip!

Pan seared salmon

Potato croquettes, shaved brussel sprouts with bacon and almond, and a sweet mustard dill sauce. (As always tell your server if you have allergens or dietary restrictions as they will accommodate you)

Huhner Schnitzel

Pan fried chicken cutlets, haricots verts and almond, buttery egg noodles, and lemon herb sauce


German style meatloaf, buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes, Vienna red lager braised red cabbage, carmelized onions, Abbey Dubbel Ale Sauce

Jaeger Schnitzel

Pan fried pork cutlets, herbed spaetzel, haricots verts, roasted mushroom Wee Heavy Ale sauce

For dessert:

Apple Bread Pudding

So yes these selections are available for you to purchase. They are not all grouped like this on the menu as a one price gets all-needed to give you this disclaimer. However you can enjoy these selections until October 17 and trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. They are available at all Iron Hill Breweries! Great tasting food with amazing customer service. Grab a friend or two and enjoy!

Oh and you know we can’t leave the beer our because what is Oktoberfest without beer?!

This is the Oktoberfest beer. It’s amazing. If you like flights of beers instead you can try a flight of 4oz. as well.

Thank you to Phillyfoodgal for arranging the lunch experience and to Iron Hill Brewery Center City Location for the hospitality.


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