We are Happy Place

We are Happy Place is an interactive pop up photo experience filled with multi sensory rooms that encourage your happy. We Are Happy Place is located in the King of Prussia Mall next to the Cold Stone Ice Cream store. The exhibit opened October 5th and will remain open until January 5th.

As soon as you walk in you can’t help but notice the bright colors. It’s definitely very captivating. The process is simple, purchase your tickets online and present them at the door. Your tickets are purchased for a specific time so be sure to be there on time. There is staff available to assist in taking of your pictures. Pack some patience but bring the smiles. If you left your smile at home trust me We Are Happy Place will help you find it!

Candy Room

Is not gummi bears on the food charts? Are they not like food royalty? Either way anyone who knows me knows I love gummi bears. In the candy room they not only give you gummi bears but they have a gum-ball machine! If you think the gum ball machine is anything regular you’re not in the right place.

See my Instagram to see just how interactive it really is.

There are over 10 photo stops inside. Here are a few of my favorites!

The flower room has one of the best lighting ever. I am the type that gets weekly flowers and having this flower display brought such an immediate calm and happiness. Yellow is a happy color and I am the type that will go out of my way to purchase yellow flowers to brighten the mood. We are Happy Place hit it completely right with this interactive room!

I mean who doesn’t love a good rubber ducky room?! Pure bliss. Pure fun. Pure happiness!

I left happier than I came. I know it sounds cliché but the amount of smiles that my fam bam and blogger friend Phillyfoodgal had was noticeable. We felt like celebrities. We had fun. We took amazing photos and you will have to go to my Instagram to see the interactive displays.

Here are my quick suggestions:

  • Go as early as possible
  • Groups of more than 4 is okay but again pack patience-from individual shots to group shots the more people in your party the more time it will take
  • Due to the lines some attractions you will have to take one picture and get back in line
  • There is a snack area at the end but it’s card only; snacks range from $3 and up
  • Do bring selfie stick it helps
    3 and under do not need tickets-there is a stroller parking in the beginning of the exhibit
    If you have a group of 4 it makes sense to buy a 4 pack of tickets
    Plan to spend at least an hour if not a little more

The cookie room was everything-smell and taste is all I can say-trust it will make sense

So come and have a sweet time at We Are Happy Place! You will not be disappointed.

Thanks We Are Happy Place for having us. Thanks Phillyfoodgal for always having an amazing time! I think the kids definitely had a blast too! This is an interactive pop up for all ages.

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