Parx Casino and Avril Lavigne Oh What A Night

I’m not a gambling woman but I couldn’t have bet that I would have a full blast at the Avril Lavigne concert last night! I love Avril Lavigne. Her lyrics are always on point from getting through a break up to being a bad ass woman, she holds nothing back. Oh and I think she not only sounded great but better than before!

Let me back it up before we even talk about Avril Lavigne especially since the whole Parx Casino was a whole experience. As soon as we arrived and valet the car I knew this was going to be an amazing night! Valet was super easy and even for me who will have issues with anxiety going to a new place they took it right away. Oh and FYI valet was only $15 and when it came for pick up it took less than a minute no lie to get my car back!

We walked through the Casino and of course I just love seeing people playing and enjoying themselves. We went to meet our party for dinner. We were having dinner at Liberty Bell. This is a great sit down option within the casino. There is also an Italian restaurant as well as a food court. By far it’s one of the best food options inside of a Casino!

We were greeted with a smile and escorted to our party. The options were endless. The menu has something for everyone. I got the Wild Mushroom Crostini. Talk about amazing…

I also sampled some of the Clay Pot Crispy Fire Shrimp.

Can we just take the time to appreciate these food pictures. They taste just as amazing as they look!

We can’t forget about drinks right?! After a long week and a traffic full ride to Parx, these were necessary! Since I like my drinks in pairs I tried two cocktails! No judgement!

This is the I’ll have another; casamigos reposado, cucumber, fresh lime and ginger

Red sangria

Can we talk about main courses?!!

I had the Impossible Burger!

My girl Josephine came along and she had the Crispy Chicken sandwich!

Oh and to have options; we tried the Fish and Chips!

I love that once the options game we all just shared together like a family. It was a lot of fun!

Can we talk about dessert? I really didn’t have room for any but hey you got to enjoy life while you can right?!

I give you the Apple Tart! Amazing, not too sweet, warm and gooey!

It was time to go to the concert and I couldn’t be more excited!!! It was amazing! I can’t put into words how well Avril sounded! She was amazing! She sang all of the classic songs as well as songs from the Head Above Water album. People were standing up from the time she started until she stopped!

Photo by Kory Aversa

Now this is experience was so amazing and I’m thinking the night is over! Nope I was wrong!

I stopped inside of the Sportsbook! Can we talk about drop down show stopping greatness?! It’s a place for you to come and place your sporting bets and it’s the most phenomenal place not only for your eyes but it’s number one in the state! 155 feet of television that wraps around-it’s a definite must see. While there you can also order food and drinks and sit in the most comfortable chairs.

On to the Beer Garden! I’ve been to quite a few of them within this year and this tops them all. It’s huge, open and gorgeous!

And yes they have amazing beers and drinks! One of the surprises is that they have amazing frozen drinks. Sometimes when you order a frozen drink by the time you drink it it’s not as good. These were good and strong!

Overall I would go back to Parx Casino. There are great options for food. Great drinks. Of course gambling for those who enjoy it. Xcite Center which has hosted some of the most amazing stars. As well as great customer care. You will enjoy your time and you should look ahead as they have some amazing acts coming!

Also check out my Insta stories for more footage!

Thanks to Parx Casino for hosting us. Thanks Aversa PR! Thank you to my girl Josephine for coming and having a blast!

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