Sunday Message: Make it Count

We all know life is hard. We all know that when we start the day even with the best of intentions things don’t always pan out the way we envisioned it. As I woke up this morning getting the family together it was crazy how many distractions came in. I mean it was almost like a school and work day where we had to be up and out the door by 7. That’s a large task with all the personalities to manage.

As soon as the kids started to push back I had to remind them to make today count. Why wake up and start your day bad when there is enough bad in this world? Why align yourself with extra negative thoughts. There’s so much we can’t control but our mind we can. We can reset. We can change what we think. We have the power to not let our mind make us shift into bad moods or access bad atmospheres.

I refuse to be up and go through the WHOLE day in misery. This has nothing to do with circumstances. We have the power to rise above our circumstances. I’ve seen people lose a lot and still manage to find a way to push through! It’s not easy all the time but it’s necessary! What are you doing with your day today? What mindset changes do you need to implement? What stops are you inserting that aren’t really there? What can you do to rise? Think on the things that will build and not break you.

Take this Sunday and not waste it on foolishness. Don’t entertain it! Don’t allow anything to alter your path today! You got this! Let’s push it! Happy Sunday!

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