Inis Nua presents The Night Alive

This takes the concept of failure and redemption to a new level. Can you fail and hit the bottom of your life and find true redemption? We say that you can but we all know that’s usually an uphill battle!

Tommy is the epitome of what it means to have the very bottom of your life fall. He is dealing with living with his uncle Maurice in a dirty “flat” in Dublin. His wife has left him and he’s unable to have a descent relationship with his teenage daughter. He is lonely outside of his friendship with Doc who is a little behind everyone else!

He meets and helps Aimee who has just been beaten up by her boyfriend and is trying to figure herself out. Can two people who have nothing to lose bring each other hope? Tommy definitely feels so. He has fallen in love with Aimee but she is struggling with the life she knows and may not be capable to let that go! Aimee boyfriend, Kenneth doesn’t take letting go too easily and goes on a search to bring her back to the life of drugs and stealing they had. It’s that encounter that spirals Tommy’s choices and life to the point of no return!

The Night Alive is witty, real, and speaks to every last one of us whoever lost and tried to change. It speaks to those who have failed miserably trying to make better decisions but the past seems to come knocking. It’s relatable even though the story takes place in Dublin. It goes to show you that life happens to every last one of us.

The Night Alive by Tony-nominated Conor McPherson has the right amount of drama, redemption, excitement all wrapped with the human touch! I sat in the front and I was mesmerized the entire time. For my readers I need to say there is a brief violent scene. I sat watching gasping and I can always tell when something grabs me because I sat straight up and leaned forward not to miss a beat!

The actors did a phenomenal job with this production and I send positive vibes during this run!!

You can see A Night Alive until October 27th! You don’t want to miss it. Tickets can be purchased here!


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