The Philadelphia Eagles Tour

I was able to attend a tour of the Eagles locker room with my husband through the partnership of Santander. Santander impressed me with not just the tour but an amazing welcoming spirit. I go to a lot of events and often times with name tags on people just simply walk past. Every Santander staff spoke. That is rare although it shouldn’t be. That speaks volumes. They could have simply just hosted their clients, provided food and drink, and ended with the tour and moved on. Kudos to Santander for understanding the art of how to host!

As soon as we got to Touchdown Club the energy was amazing. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure what all was about to happen but immediate smile came over me. I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Being here was more than enough. As soon as we rounded the room we were met by Eagles safety, Rodney McLeod Jr.

We were at that point greeted by the Santander rep; Dan. Again Santander gets it right with communication right away. He thanked us for coming and let us know how the night would run. At this point because I wasn’t aware prior what was happening inside I’m jumping around!

After an amazing meal it was time to take a tour. They had raffles but apparently I didn’t send up enough timber to win one!

As soon as we get into the hallways I’m in full take me out mode. It’s nostalgic.

Inside of the Touchdown Club

We had the most amazing tour guide! His energy was everything!

In the halls are the concerts and shows held at the Lincoln Financial Field. You know I was super hype when we passed Beyoncé’s picture. I think all of the members is the Beyhive can understand. Plus I was at that concert!!

Yes I’m aware I’m using the wrong hand I was tooo hype to fix it

This hangs right before the players go out to the field

Let’s back up! We went into the post interview room. They simulated what it’s like to be in the room with a thousand questions coming at one time. It put into perspective what we see on our side. We say things why does the coach respond the way he does or why does the player look frazzled. They actually might be overwhelmed, tired, or in a loss has the same questions asked in different ways being thrown at once. I was glad to have seen it. I also enjoyed being at the podium. Those lights are super hot!

Now off to the moment I’ll treasure forever! We had rules-do not stand on the Eagle in the middle of the room (it’s bad luck the play dance on it after a win), don’t touch the lockers, and don’t knock over the Lombardi. Pretty simple rules and everyone followed!

In case things don’t work out…. do not fret Marques took the picture and knows how I feel!!

The Lombardi trophy

I can’t believe we are standing inside of the Eagles locker room. I wanted to melt from all of the excitement!

We also were on the field as well. It rained pretty heavy prior so I was glad it let up enough! See my Instagram in my stories for the video of us walking out!

All in all I had the most amazing times thanks to Santander! I love the Eagles and seeing the behind the scenes really makes me love them more. Today is the game against Dallas and well we got a job to do. By we I mean the Eagles!! Let’s go get em’!


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