2019 Kids Comic Con

A few weeks ago my son had a play date so when I went to the Happy Place with my daughter and niece my son was of course missing in action. When I saw the advertisements for Kids Comic Con I knew I had to take him.

We have become the Comic Con family all thanks to my husband. It’s been a few years but when there’s a Comic Con we dress up and participate. I was on Facebook and decided this would be something my son would love and he’s due for a mommy and me date. Thankfully I won tickets.

So after soccer my son and I took our journey to The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. One thing I love as a mom is watching the world through my kids’ eyes! They are really amazing children and I’m blessed to have them around me as I navigate life. He was sooo surprised.

My son is an avid Spider-Man fan. He actually gets a new suit every year. We are saving his suit for Halloween. It was a tradition that his grandma aka Mom-Mom started that we continue in her absence. It was a no-brainer that he wanted to make Spider-Man his first stop!

I gave him two rules. Rule one was that he let me know when he was hungry-not that he would ever be anywhere hungry and the second rule was that I was his guest wherever he said go that’s where we go! He had a blast. I didn’t get mad when he went to his favorite spots more than once. I just looked at it as more steps for me.

Kids don’t get to have their way. We provide structure. That structure means that most times than not he can’t do as he pleases. Today during the Comic Con he had a little power. It allowed me to step into his mind and to step into how he wanted the day. I didn’t have to be strict, say no, or go where I wanted him to go!

What I loved about Kids Comic Con that separates from regular Comic Con is they had karaoke, arts and crafts, meet and greets, video game (old and new school), and panel of kids who had some form of disability but were pursuing through. That was refreshing!

The vendors were great too! My son loved the balloon candy by Alia’s Wow Balloons. He wanted a Spider-Man full body balloon but the demand was too high so he enjoyed his candy cup! He’s not a big candy and elected to share with this siblings and cousin but he still has that balloon!

I loved talking to him and enjoying fried Oreos while he enjoyed his funnel cake! I enjoyed walking with him while watching his eyes light up! It was the best date for he and I! He’s not going to be that little forever. I know right now I’m a cool date but soon I’ll be the lame mom who wants to kiss all over him!!! I’m enjoying his super dope personality and I’m thankful for the time without the girls as he says to get “on his last nerve!”

Thank you to Kids Comic Con for the amazing time. All staff was hands down courteous and patient! All of the vendors we came into contact with were dynamic. The kids were well behaved, and the atmosphere was on point! Now we have to wait until it comes back again!!


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