2019 National Kidney Foundation Walk

My husband a few weeks ago decided to sign up and walk in honor of his mother, Deborah Ann Wilson-Storr! She lost her battle due to kidney failure and other related health issues almost 3 years ago at the end of the month.

I’ve always been quite vocal on the impact of her loss. I think that every year it gets a little harder. For a while I focused on the “loss” instead of what we had. She was able to see all of her grandchildren. She was able to see us get married. She was there in some of our toughest times. There are millions of Americans who unfortunately don’t get those opportunities even though to us she left way too soon.

1 in 7 adults experience kidney loss. My mother in law spent 3 days in dialysis no matter what! I remember when we were in the early months planning our wedding it had to accommodate her schedule. If we took a trip it was centered around whether or not there was a center near to keep her healthy. It takes a toll on the entire family. Those on dialysis are often exhausted and weak and can’t always participate in a lot.

My husband wanted to do the walk for awhile. If you know my Husband he and I are on polar opposites when it comes to walks and runs! I was so surprised and happy that he on his own wanted to make it a reality. This was major! I didn’t hesitate to support him. He gets up for every run I have even with him not being a morning person!

I was honored to be there as he did his own 5k! He did an amazing job by the way. It was a somber walk! In one way we are honoring his mom and in the same regards she she so many aren’t here because of a disease that takes so much. As much technology that we have: Americans still die from kidney disease!

I was overwhelmed seeing so many come together. Hearing from others who had an amazing loss as well as those who were on the kidney transfer list was humbling. The walk itself was fun. I know above all my mother in law would have been happy seeing her “grands” as she called them smiling.

My husband’s grief has been deep! I am grateful that he found a way to honor her legacy. She’s missed deeply! I pray that we find better ways to help those with kidney failure. It would mean one less son experiencing this deep grief. One less grandchild wondering what happened to their grandmother. One less husband or wife missing their spouse. The National Kidney Foundation has supported my mother in law generously and we hope to be able to raise money in their efforts to support others in the same position! If you would like to contribute to the cause consider doing so here!

I pray my husband and family continued peace as we go into another year without her. I pray that we do our best to live our lives with intention, we stay vigilant about our health and that we love harder through the dark times! To everyone who has experienced this loss especially from kidney failure we stand with you!!


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