Evil Genius’ New Seltzers

Let’s take it back and step forward to the new Evil Genius Seltzers!! If you have ever been to Evil Genius you already know that they have the most silly names with serious tasting beers. Now they have new seltzers on the block with flare.

The new flavors features are grapefruit aka #throwbackthursdays, the lemon lime aka #bigmood, and my favorite black cherry or #bestlife! They are flavored packed and come in 12oz cans for you to drink while at Evil Genius or you can take a case to enjoy at home! They are on sale now on their premises but come November 4th they will be available to buy at your local retail or bottle shop!

I attended the Launch Party and it was a blast in the past. Evil Genius already throws it back with pure nostalgia but they amped it up even more last night! From the slap brackets and the amazing fanny pack as a party gift!

It was a packed house. There was amazing food, beer on tap, of course their seltzers and old school board games! I personally won Apples to Apples even after having to play Davida of Philly Influencer Mixer in Rock Paper Scissors since we tied! A win is a win!

And the DJ had us on our feet. You have less than a few hours to go to my Instagram to my stories to see me and Davida jamming to N’ Sync’s Bye Bye Bye!

So thank you Evil Genius for the amazing seltzers. They are definitely going to get your next party going especially with the holidays coming up make sure you place them on the top of your list. This is great for that person who just wants something light and refreshing! The taste is phenomenal and you will enjoy the crispness of each one!

Will you be grabbing one? You should!


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