Philadelphia Theatre Company: Bebe Neuwirth in A Small Fire

Emily Bridges a woman who has learned how to keep in check all of the key players around her has now found life dishing out some unusual new battles. As she loses her physical senses she learns about how she intertwines with those around her going forward.

Emily played by Emmy awarded Bebe Neuwirth is absolutely engaging. You may remember her as she played Frasier Crane’s wife on Cheers and on Frasier the spin-off! She also started her career as a dancer and was in the Tony awarded “A Chorus Line!” Emily is an owner of a construction company. In a male dominated field its no wonder why she had to set the tone early on. What she says goes and there is very little wiggle room. The same applied to much of her marriage and relationship with her daughter.

Her sense of smell, her sight; it’s all leaving and so are her rocky relationships. Who is she outside of her role as this strong matriarch and business owner? Can she allow others to lead? Does love really cover us when that’s all we have?! Who will remain by her side as she continues to diminish. She’s now vulnerable and at the mercy of those she used to call the shots for! A small fire…a burning if you will that is more than just physical. The fire to reconnect. The fire to make anew. The fire to take away tarnish and leave new beginnings…..

Trust me when I say you will get those references alone when you attend and see this glorious production. Also congratulations not only to the hardworking cast, writer; Adam Bock and director, Joanie Schultz but you the staff at the Philadelphia Theatre Company who celebrates 45 years of bringing Philadelphia some amazing production over the years! It’s not an easy task to keep the success of a large theatre company going. My hat goes off to you and to the donors, and supporters who stand behind keeping theatre alive and well in the heart of Philadelphia!

Me and John Dossett who plays John Bridges

The opening night reception was great. If you have ever attended an opening reception you know you will find music, champagne, amazing food, and a chance to meet the cast.

Me and Oge Agulúe-plays Billy Fontaine Sarah Gliko (2019 Barrymore Recipient) who plays Jenny Bridges

I’m proud to be in the presence of theatre’s best! The Philadelphia Theatre Company is definitely one of my favorites.

You can see A Small Fire now until November 10th. I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. Remember thanks to PnC Arts Alive 10 seats will be available for $10 tickets. Also those who have ACCESS cards can present their card and purchase a ticket for themselves and up to 3 tickets for $2 a person. This means that everyone has access to great meaningful shows throughout the season.

Also for A Small Fire get to the theatre for this production on time as its 90 minutes with no intermission!

Also you can make a generous donation as well.


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