National Mother In Law Day

Today is National Mother in Law Day and it’s also the day before mine transitioned. It’s now 3 years!! 3 years of pain.

I’m not going to act as if the relationship was rosy or that even after her passing I haven’t had my moments thinking about things that have transpired. What I will say is that it’s been hard. It’s been hard not just in relation to Marques or the kids but just plain hard. When I want to say certain things I can’t. It’s been hard!

I’ve seen some amazing relationships with other daughter and mother in laws during and after her passing. It’s a soft spot for me. There are moments when I feel like I’m missing out. My kids are missing out. My husband is missing out. This hole I didn’t even realize would happen has definitely left us feeling bankrupt.

So on this day if you have a mother in law that you don’t get along with find common ground. The reality is as much as you try to fight it your husband or wife comes from them. They will ALWAYS represent parts of them. If you think they don’t you are deceiving yourself. Also try to understand them the same way you want them to under stand you. You’re responsible for only your actions. Trust me regardless of the things that transpired not only was I there for my mother in law but in the months leading up to her transition we began to work through our differences!

If you have a great relationship with your mother in law cherish it. You’re not apart of the majority. Often times there is friction and not one of mutual love and respect.


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