Wilma Theatre Presents Dance Nation

The amount of energy that I felt the second that I walked in…I’m talking about the type where your head and body is moving in-sync and the vibes are out of this world type night. Dance Nation is a get out of your seat ball of fun from start to finish. Dance Nation is a hit!

If you can sit and not laugh you can’t be human! Dance Nation takes on what it’s like to be a dance phenomenon as a young impressionable young person. They deal exclusively and attack such topics as suicide, people pleasing, dance ethic, feminism, periods, body image, self confidence and they do it with grace. This speaks to everyone on what it’s like to be a young person and have stressors on your life in order to compete. This is definitely about celebrating girl power!!!!!!!

What would you tell your 12 year old self if you could send him/her a message? I know I would tell her to be herself and relax. That grades are great but balance is better. To have friends and be a leader. As a young person’s body and mind grows they are inundated with this overload of information of what we should do or be. Sometimes that pressure is great and other times it’s too much!

I absolutely loved Dance Nation. There are moments of brief nudity and suggestive language as well as dark themes. To be offended by these themes is not understanding the complexity of what our young people face daily. Competition only magnifies the dire state of what it means to do what you love or push yourself into overload trying.

I knew from the opening act that this was going to be a ride. I was right! I enjoyed the intensity of the acting. The ability for the actors/actresses of Dance Nation to draw each member of the audience in. I didn’t want to look away. Dance Nation takes it there!

The entire night was so much fun. Since I attended the opening night I enjoyed the reception. I also enjoyed how they kept it in theme. From the candy display to the dance room with drinks I couldn’t sleep right away even after I got home. I wanted to dance and sing all night!! I felt empowered and as a mother I felt like I had more work to do to help my daughters.

They might not want to be like the Dance Moms show as the play was loosely based on but they definitely need to own her body, exude confidence, learn to find their passions beyond believing that they need to do what others including me what them to do and to be clear in what it means to balance passions.

Thank you to The Wilma Theatre for inviting me but also for the most beautiful reception. You’re staff knows how to welcome your patrons!

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