Bristol Riverside Theatre: Next To Normal

Explosive, twisted, heart wrenching, and purely dipped in the essence of human heart! Those are just a few words to describe my thoughts watching Next to Normal. Book and lyrics are by Brian Yorkey, and is directed by Keith Baker. Music is by Tom Kitt!

This play follows a family who is dealing with death and mental illness as it has brought a wave of change that can’t be denied. Grief changes you in many ways. God forbid the death of a baby. This baby is such a catalyst in how the whole family interacts, intertwines with one another, and lacks ability to see each other. I sat in the beginning just bopping around this musical until the twist came and grabbed me by my chest. By the end I sat there with tissues in my hand and the worse ugly cry!! It was that emotionally charged.

The crazy part and I use that term loosely is that she is me and she is you. No one couldn’t feel the pain or have experienced some level of sadness that could or had you at this point of despair. I had to call my family and check in on them. I’ve dealt with my own anxiety and if you have in some portions or major this will speak to your own healing. This can be triggering to anyone who has lost a child. It’s a dance of healing and anyone who has had to heal knows it’s not straight forward. It comes in waves. It’s debilitating at times. You will experience all of these emotions. I sat there taking to a woman who just couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know her story I never asked. We sat there seemingly from two different worlds comforting each other!

This is a must see! This one made me grateful, showed the mirror to my own healing, and challenged to see others around me in a different light. We don’t know what someone is dealing with. We have no idea of their struggles and inner demons. We got to find a way to handle ourselves and others around us with better care!

Can we talk about the fact that this is a musical and they are sanging! No I spelled that right. They were sanging meaning they took singing and upped it! I come from a singing family and been around music and theatre most of my life and the actors and actresses sang!! I appreciated the music so much more! The band is phenomenal. I love live music and Next to Normal wraps all of it well!!

Next to Normal will be showing until November 24, 2019!! That’s right you have time! This was a packed house performance! Bristol Riverside Theatre if you have never attended a show is a state of arts theatre nestled in Bristol. They have amazing staff to service you. I love coming and they have some amazing snacks if you need a snack or drink during the performances!

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