Kurry Shack: Indian Food on the Go!

Now you know my first experience with Indian food ever was at Makhani! I am happy to say that Owner Shafi Gaffar has done it again with Kurry Shack!! All of the goodness you expected with Makhani has extended itself to Kurry Shack with Chef Abdur Masud! Kurry Shack is located at 2015 East Moyamensing Avenue; Philadelphia PA 19148. Their number is 267-761-5562!!

What I like about this BYOB dining area is that it’s also a great way to have Indian food on the go but keep with the same home style flavors. It’s causal demeanor is a great way to grab food with a friend or family. The indoors can seat up to 18 people or can be turned into an event space holding 30-40!

I enjoyed an amazing experience on this past Sunday. Here is what I observed:

  • The food was bomb-they have options for everyone! Vegans and vegetarians aren’t left off this menu and you know that made me super happy!
  • Their Uber Eats, Caviar, Grub Hub, and Door Dash was in full run. Every few minutes orders were running out the door-no lie! I was amazed.
  • They have amazing Indian ice creams, milkshakes, etc. Their take on tradition and flipping it in a great tasting way

Let’s start with my mango lassi! It’s a yogurt drink! If you never had it you will love it from first sip! I had two if I’m quite honest! They also have sweet or salt flavors too! Mango is my go to! The smoothest drink I’ve had in quite some time!

Mango Lassi


I started out with an appetizer of Mixed Pakora which is a selection of fried vegetables fritters. The sauces I had too were amazing!

Kurry Shack has vegetarian and non vegetarian appetizers by the way! They also have a great selections of soup!


I love Indian bread or Naan! They have an extensive selection. Some I had never even heard of! I chose the bread basket and that came with original, garlic, and onion Naan! Let me say they were exceptional! The crispy edges and hot fresh Naan made in their clay oven was pure bliss. I save my carbs for occasions such as this and I was in pure heaven!


I chose the Tandoori Shrimp! We are talking about shrimp sautéed in fresh spices and grilled in the tandoor! It was fresh and they asked me how spicy I wanted it! Since it was around 6 and I tend to stay up late if my food is super spicy I had them keep in the middle. Enough spicy to clear my palette but not enough to have me up all night! It was perfect!

A little birds told them how much I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala and they brought some for me along with a fresh bowl of rice!

Oh and it was just me so now I have a table of food!! If that wasn’t enough I had ordered prior to the Chicken Masala the Chana Saag. The Chana Saag is spinach and chick peas cooked in a thick sauce. By the way I obviously took the leftovers home and it heated up super well! I finished it yesterday!

I had no room for dessert but that didn’t stop them from offering me! I had and enjoyed Kheer! Kheer is a fresh Indian style rice pudding. Rice pudding isn’t something I would eat on my own at all because of the texture but this rice pudding was great! It was creamy and tasted well. Anyone who knows me knows that textures make me normally skiddish! I ate it all!!

They also served me Gajar Hawal which is a sweet carrot almost like a purée. I ate that a lot quicker than I had imagined! It was that good!

All in all nothing I had was bad! It was down right so delicious that I can’t wait to have more! I like that it’s 15 minutes from my house which is now no excuse cause even on days I don’t feel like going in I can order it and have it delivered! The food is always hot and fresh and is the best! Shafi Gaffar you outdid yourself once again!

Thanks for having me and thanks to Aversa Pr!!

Make sure you give them a try for the best authentic Indian food with options for everyone from non vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian options for the best you have ever had!

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