Monday Motivation: Burn Out Time to Tap Out

Burn out is real. Its not just about always being on in in every arena of life Burn out can and will happen if you aren’t putting things on pause. By pausing it doesn’t mean you aren’t “adulting.” It simply meas you recognize what you need to make yourself a better adult.

How do you avoid Burn Out?

I wish I knew the secret. It doesn’t stop just because you went to the spa one day and got your favorite coffee. It doesn’t stop just because you landed a dream job or a dream mate. Burn out is sometimes a cycle that we get in when we are not conscientiously not looking inward. I think about the countless hours it takes to manage an online blog and it’s a lot. You don’t simply write a blog and walk away. You know post it on your social media channels, connect with your readers, get out and get in the community, have a “normal” life whatever that may mean. You can build for yourself and others and forget to hit the pause button.

In order to be the best you have to e 110% in. You are right and wrong. I have had some of my best moments where I felt like I was killing it in the game but losing it on the inside. I was tired angry. Tired angry is when even a leaf falling makes you curse because the amount of burn out has taken its toll.

It’s okay and beneficial to say NO! I looked at my calendar and had to say NO! I need down time. I need me time. I need family time. I need a nap. I needed quiet. I need to recharge. We are now not only waking up to a Monday, we are also about to dive into the holiday season. It’s okay to recognize your needs.

Ways I avoid Burnout:

  • I say NO at least 3 times a month. This is NO to a invite, family, friends, or even myself.
  • I am honest and listen to my intuition-she knows me better than I give her credit
  • I take breaks-I will purposely go to sleep early or end my day early
  • I am learning to take social media breaks
  • I don’t follow uninspiring people
  • I took a break on certain forms of entertainment

You have to listen to yourself and from listening to yourself tell yourself it’s okay to bow out gracefully on a few things. What’s for you isn’t going to roll if you take a break. It’s okay to step and allow others to handle things. You are not a failure or a disappointment if you allow yourself a break.

Do yourself a favor; take a break now. Do NOT say I will do it next week. Next week you won’t take one either. Don’t put it off. Its one of the causes of sickness and stress. It makes you feel little in your big world when you should feel empowered. You’re overdoing it and now it’s time to step back so you can come back and step up!

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