Mystery of Irma Vep; A Penny Dreadful

The Mystery of Irma Vep is a 2 actor whirlwind of fun, chaos, tragedy, and a love story all wrapped into one. In my mind I kept watching all the clues and I thought I knew how the ending would go but I was pleasantly surprised and hugely WRONG!

So now that we know I am the last one to come and help you on a murder mystery dinner spin let’s talk about what is right. This amazing witty production is by Steven Wright and stars Paul Kahn and Rich Bradford! These two actors’ ability to play multiple roles is nothing short of amazing. I was expecting some choppy transitions being that two actors are playing at least 2-3 roles a piece but it was the most hilarious but smooth transitions I’ve seen in a long time.

Let me give it up to the set director also Paul Kuhn this set I loved! I loved the detail in the little things like the transitions between the hanging pictures of the Lady in the house. I loved the Egyptian set as well. This was well thought out. The colors were bright and amazing.

So what exactly is the play about we follow the story of Lord Edgar and his transition from his First Lady (wife) Irma Vep. He has already moved on sort of to his new wife, Lady Enid. In this twist of who done it, we are introduced to the maid Jane who seems to be of Caribbean descent. She knows where all the bones lay. Most maids know the secrets of the home. We also meet Nicodemus who we need to watch a little closely as he may or may not be “after” Lady Enid. So what happened to Lady Irma Vep? How did she die? Why can’t Lord Edgar move on properly? What is wrong with Nicodemus?!

This production in its entirety is full of explosive acting. There was nothing but laughs the entire time. I was surrounded since I went to the matinee show with a mixed crowd. There was a smile on every last face. This production from start to finish including a 10 minute intermission is about 2 hours. To be honest I didn’t realize the time because I had to keep watching to be sure I caught the clues.

This is the last week as the show ends on November 23rd. You can purchase tickets here! Be prepared for strobe lights, laughs, some adult content as they are some not so subtle talk that may not be suitable for a younger crowd. I would recommends this for anyone 16 and up with adult supervision!!

I so want to tell you what the actual mystery is but if I did how would you get the full story?! Check it out for yourself!

Curio Theatre is located in Baltimore Avenue and 48th Street. They have a love for acting and do things within the community as far as discount tickets and no student will ever be turned away from a show just because they can’t afford it!! Parking is street parking but let me honest I’ve never had an issue with finding a spot and I’m the type that doesn’t do well with finding great spots on the regular! Get there early you will not be disappointed!

Remember there’s nothing wrong with a man dressing in a dress when he’s acting his but off!!! I loved this! It will make sense once you see it!

Thank you Curio Theatre for having me. Thanks to Carrie Gorn for always making sure I’m in the right place at the right time!

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