Parx Casino: You and Me Christmas Tour LeAnn Rimes

So I love LeAnn Rimes. I think her voice is amazing and just watching her evolve as an artist has been really amazing to see. Last night I got the opportunity to see her at her Christmas concert and I just loved it.

First let me thank Parx Casino for inviting me and allowing me the hospitality. Some of the best attentive staff. They take great care with their patrons.


This is an Italian restaurant located inside Parx Casino! I’m talking about fresh breads, Italian sausages, fresh pasta-the works. I enjoyed my time and I must say that Oliveto does an amazing job of making each patron feel special!

Also I love sparkling wine and they made sure my cup was full!!

Kalie Shorr

Kalie is an American country singer who started doing covers at the age of 13 years old on YouTube. Listen don’t knock any opportunity to do YouTube covers. Some of the most successful have used YouTube as an amazing platform! She bursted on the scenes in 2016 with her hit “Fight like a Girl!” She’s been names one to watch amongst other awards by country’s best.

What I loved most beyond what she’s accomplishing is that she’s humble. I listened to her tell her story about her single mom and how she didn’t have much but they had love. You can hear her sincerity when she talks about her humble beginnings. It resonated with me being a product of a single mom myself. I was able to meet her last night and talk to her. She’s beautiful, down to Earth, and I just love her vibe! Oh and she can sang! I spelled or correctly. It’s one thing to be able to sing and another to sang! She sang!

LeAnn Rimes

Thank you LeAnn for putting on one amazing show! She let it be known that she had gotten sick and even that morning she has no voice. Growing up in church it was common for singers to say they were sick. It’s like a prerequisite in case your voice isn’t as strong. Now her sick voice is amazing. My mom is a choir director and I and my family sings-her sick voice is really good.

The concert was changed a bit to accommodate. It was peaceful, beautiful, and brilliant. LeAnn please incorporate more of the set like Philadelphia received in the future shows! Oh and I know it was a Christmas tour but the whole time I’m sitting there like please sing “How do I Live.” And guess what? She sang it! Oh I was over the moon. She also sang “Can’t Fight the Moonlight!” So yes I was over the top happy. Let me say LeAnn is stunning!! That white she wore was amazing!! LeAnn’s musical reach is to all types of crowds. I sat in front of some older ladies who kept me laughing. They were on their feet the entire time. We had the best conversation. I love speaking to seasoned women because they have the best stories to tell. If you ever have a question on life talk to a seasoned woman she will tell you real and won’t sugar coat it like a girlfriend might!

Thank you Parx Casino and Aversa PR for the invite. Thank you Kalie and absolutely thank you LeAnn for a magical Christmas night. Thank you for reminding us to look at our blessings, love ourselves more, and extend love to others!!!!

Also for a snippets of the concert, go to my Instagram stories! I am not one for posting full concerts but you can hear the amazing voices of the evening!

Remember if you love to gamble and want to go to a state of the arts location, Parx Casino is the place to be. They have the best full size restaurants as well as the amazing Sportsbook lounge!

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