Santa’s Speakeasy: Philadelphia Neighborhood Christmas Trolley Tour

Oh what fun can be had when you mix “holiday cheer” in the form of adult drinks, an amazing artist like Jeremy Adam, a guitar, fun adults, and a rockin’ trolley into one fun night! You get a boozy Christmas caroling night of fun and memories! The tour is given be Founding Footsteps! They are a premiere trolley tour that specializes in historic tours that also feature beer, music, and lots of fun! I was impressed by the owner, Tim McAleer who not only has a passion for his tours but in addition has given back to our own communities.

I can’t tell you the last time I took a boozy holiday tour on a trolley! I think this was my first time. I loved it! I never even knew that Santa had a speakeasy but I’m sure glad I know now! Santa’s Speakeasy is located above Philly Gourmet Steaks on 114 Market Street! Oh it’s beautifully decorated for the season. The drinks are amazing!! Shout out to Ploughman Cider! Their ciders are so tasty. I enjoyed it and you know I’m a beer and cider girl! Also their Bluebird is refreshing with hints or peach! I also enjoyed and had pleasure of tasting the Bird Gang by The Larimer!

I enjoyed also a mulled cider that was mixed with spiked rum!

The tours do various stops we happened to stop at Smedley Street as well as Miracle on 13th street. Both locations will leave you breathless as you take in the sights. Both are easily Instagrammable as well!

Look at the awe:


We definitely had fun caroling! It was amazing! Nothing gets adults singing like drinks! We started the drinks at the Santa’s Speakeasy and even brought some of our own since the tours are BYOB! This allows for fun times and even more fun if you choose to take a family. They limit drinks to beer and wine but it’s still a good time. No one was drunk but everyone had fun!

If you want to see some singing go to my Instagram and check out my stories as well as the highlights of Santa Trolley Tour!! You will love it!

The Founding Footsteps Tour is sold out for December but you can still get tickets for January. Don’t wait though! Tickets are flying out the door! The experience and fun is worth it!

Shout out to the local artist who came together to put Santa’s Speakeasy in the Christmas spirit: Lauren Lopez, Doug Woods, and Teresa Haag!

We received a Gritty ornament-this is now on my tree blessing with some Philly love

Thank you Founding Footsteps, Santa’s Speakeasy, Ploughman Cider, The Larimer, Brandon Szeker, the local artist featured above, and Philly Influencer Mixer!!

Pictured with Philly food blogger, Pauline of Get the Bread; check her out!

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