Wooderice Holiday Soirée

Thank you to Wooderice for inviting me to your holiday soirée. The theme was ugly sweater or holiday pajamas! You know if you follow me I love a themed party. Any excuse to alter my wardrobe is a plus for me. So you know I got into the holiday spirit!

The soirée was at none other than Photo Pop Philly, one of Philadelphia’s premiere photo experience! I have been to all of the installations and so it was befitting to attend and get my holiday shine on! Now if you’re looking for me to release a bunch of my holiday shots you will have to wait as I use the shots to count down to Christmas. Little blogger fact, I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons growing up. My parents weren’t having it. I saw this sweater online and that inner child said hit the button! Oh and if you’re wondering where you can grab it; go to my favorite store-Target! It’s on sale this week! I was able to grab it and pull up to the Drive Up and leave in a matter of minutes!

Wooderice is an online Blogizine. A mix of a magazine and a blog wrapped in one. They are to me much more. They are Philly’s need to know for any and everything. They have their ears to the ground from podcasts, hosting shows, and everything in between. Wooderice has a team of super dope individuals who collectively run the city and do a great job showcasing what the city has to offer!

Hometown Flare

Hector who is the Founder of Wooderice and I go back to Elementary school. Yup you heard it right! We are long time friends. Before I became an adult and we attended rival schools we were simply kids. Kids who didn’t have a full plan! We knew we were going to go to school and figure it out from there. With that in mind when I moved to Philadelphia I don’t think I realized he was here. We reconnected on Facebook and then I would see all of the Wooderice coming on my page. I immediately followed and whenever they would post I would repost. As I became a blogger and became more consistent our paths crossed. We wound up in the same arenas! Who would have thought it would even happen like it did!

Hector in 7th or 8th grade on his way to a class trip-sorry Hector I had to do it!

Hector is dedicated, particular, and a visionary. He sees what he wants and goes after it. His team is dope and they all work well. There has never been a time when I would see any of them representing the brand in an off putting way. Since I liked to observe and hang back at times often they had no clue who I was or my connection with Hector. They all have genuinely been super gracious.

Candid picture of the team as they get the shot

Hector and Wooderice continue to smash glass ceilings and are respected in and out of the city. They have had major projects such as working with Roc Nation and other major projects. When I say 2020 is going to be a movie for their team I mean it. Wooderice has everything to be proud of! I can’t wait to see what else they do!

Last night was amazing from getting amazing pictures, great vibes, great food-someone tell Wooderice to get me more banana pudding ASAP, to just celebrating; I left tipsy and grateful! Grateful to not just know of Hector and what he is doing but know him well. To see him grow up and accomplish big things and remain humble is absolutely beautiful! To the whole team: keep grinding! Y’all killing it and thank you for letting me see you shine!

I always post Wooderice on my page. So if you have been wondering why now you know! I always support the home team! You need to follow Wooderice and sign up for their emails! If you live in Philadelphia and you seem to feel you always miss the dope events-your follow game isn’t as strong as you think. Follow Wooderice for all things Philly and beyond!

Pictured is Hector and I

And if you want amazing photos especially holiday shots run and grab them at Photo Pop Philly! You should know by now they have more than 30 Instagram installations and for their holiday themes it features more than just Christmas. They have Kwanzaa and Hanukkah as well.

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