Mayor Kenney Thank You Concert

I had the honor of attending the Thank You Concert. I walked in with no expectations and left knowing I had a good time. I posted on my personal Facebook page how I needed more friends who were 50 plus because they know how to party. I went with friends were well below that marker but at the event my lovely 50 plus crowd put it down.

Now I know it would come off as if I am singling the 50 plus crowd, but I am not. If you ever want to get your life go to a party, wedding, event with some 50-year-old and older and if the DJ is worth anything you will not be seated.  That is the experience I had last night. The dancing was nonstop, and I mean it. The party for a Monday felt like it was the weekend all wrapped into one. I got the best sleep of my life once I got home.

Hate him or love him, Mayor Kenney is here for his second term. Let me hit you with the stats of what Mayor Kenney has done so far.  I will give you the stats of what means the most to me for sure.

Soda Tax- although extremely critical it has provided families the opportunity to have Pre-K free for many of Philadelphia’s kids. I know it helped my family when we signed our youngest child knowing it was free was an unsuspecting win for us.  My face when I got that zero-balance bill since we had been paying for her first year was a true blessing.

He also worked on rebuilding city facilities and created community schools. With, there is a LOT of work to be done. Like the increased gun violence that plagues the city, the schools getting cleaned up from all the asbestos that is being discovered and making it affordable for lower income to not only find housing but also being able to maintain them as well.

So, this even wasn’t a do I like Mayor Kenney or not event. It wasn’t a political play for me.  I am not endorsing him one way or another and especially not on the blog.  We all say a lot of things about politicians and some are right, and some are wrong.  I always feel we should be in the place to let our voices be heard and to hold any of our elected officials to a standard of ethics. You can’t do that at home gripping on social media. One thing I will say is that Mayor Kenney is about people. He won his newest term without really campaigning. That speaks volumes. He could have kept the celebrations for the higher ups,but he made sure that the citizens who voted him in were front and center at all the day’s events. Not many others would have done the same. 

Photo by Phillyfoodgal

The concert brought out some of the best of the best. I want to say how much I love seeing Ms. Patty Jackson from WDAS.  She has one of the sweetest spirits ever.  She also is the same no matter when you encounter her. She was the MC along with Jerry Blavat. I am not from Philly, so I wasn’t fully knowledgeable about Jerry but after one encounter of him I just love everything about his love of music. He is a show stopper. He reminds me of my grandfather who is over 80 that still sings and dances. I like to think that keeps both so young. I grew up around music my whole life and I love watching others who have the same passion for it! 

Also, who doesn’t love DJ Diamond Kutz. I have seen her do her thing in person many times and one thig is for sure-every single time she kills it. She had a great mix for the young and old. I don’t know the young ladies who were her dancers, nor do I know the young woman who lit that stage up on the line dancing, but anywhere either of them is, make sure I am with them.  Y’all did your thing! Also, the young group, WanMor was a treat. I had been following them on social media and I just love their melodies. Again, I must go back to my musically inclined family-they can sing and to see young men doing it like Boys II Men is always so refreshing.  It helps that they are also from their own musical family as their dad, Wanya Morris from Boys II Men has already led the way. I will say that although they have similar sound, they do come with their own drive and determination. I expect to see and hear more of them in the near future.

Again, let me preface that I am not from Philly and I can’t even begin to claim Philly as my husband who was born and raised from South Philly until I hit my 10-year mark. I hit that mark in one more year!! I enjoyed hearing Urban Guerilla Orchestra. They have an amazing old school sound with REAL music and REAL SANGING. I spelled sanging right! That is when you aren’t simply holding a tune, you are signing with some authority. I was blown away with their artistry.  

Last night was another opportunity for the residents of Philadelphia to come out have a great time and acknowledge what needs to be done and hopefully hold Mayor Kenney to doing just that. I wish Mayor Kenney many blessings as Philadelphia has an uphill battle. From the pot holes that need fixed, street cleaning, and of course the violence in the city his plate is full, and I hope to see the change we need to make Philadelphia safe and a place to call home for all of us!

As always thanks to Phillyfoodgal for the invite. Thanks to Siponwhat for the amazing laughs. Thanks to Mayor Kenney and all who helped put on a wonderful concert and full day of events as you start your second term. Thanks to all the performers; DJ Diamond Kutz, Jerry Blavat, Ms. Patty Jackson, WanMor, and Urban Guerilla Orchestra.  Thank you to staff and security at The Met. It was my first time and it was such a smooth entrance and exit. The staff made sure that I had a great time. Also, I was having one of my off nights (see my stories as I can explain it) and the staff came and made sure I didn’t miss a beat. Thank you again! I look forward to coming to more events soon!

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