National Healthy Weight and Healthy Look Day

 We all know by now that weight and health are super important. You can be healthy at plus size and the same goes for those who are considered skinny. I know plenty of conventional skinny women who are super unhealthy and don’t try to change their habits because according to society they are the look everyone needs to be in order to be considered healthy. There are people who are going to have an issue with every weight level to be honest. What matters most is how you feel when you look in the mirror.

How do you feel?

Let’s talk about that part and not dwell on scales? When you take your clothes off and look in the mirror area you proud of the body you have? Even with all the flaws, dimples, and whatever else you attempt to zone in; do you love your body? If the answer is no than add another question to your day.  Do you consider yourself healthy? This matters too because I know some physically fit women who are a beast in the health world if you match them up against those who don’t consider themselves to be health nut. If you look in the mirror and see someone who is healthy; let’s change that.

Off scale victories

When I was doing Weight Watchers one of the things, I learned to apply across my life was off scale victories. This didn’t mean I didn’t care about my numbers, but I cared more about the things happening with my health that couldn’t be measured. How I felt in an outfit that once was snug that droops is important. Feeling confident enough to wear a midriff shirt is important. Wearing a two-piece bathing suit with no cover up is important to me. What are your off-scale victories or goals? These are the things you focus on more than what others think your body type should appear.

Healthier Version of Yourself

I want you to be healthy. If you can’t climb a flight of steps without being winded, we need to change that. If you can’t play with your children without calling a time out due to tiredness,we need to change that. I am not talking about you doing what I do and signing up for marathons or races. We need you to be healthy because no matter what job in life you have you can’t do it being unhealthy. Health is wealth. If you are always sick you can’t make a full honest living. You will run your sick time to the ground.  Take some time to get your health in alignment for life. You owe it to yourself to do so. 

Doctor Needed

I need you to start your year off not just buying new work out clothes that may sit, I need you to make an appointment and get a physical. This will allow you to get on a scale, know your numbers, get your blood drawn and talk about a realistic game plan. Are we on team skinny? NOPE. We are on team healthy. A healthier weight goal is more important than going to a size small whatever small means to you. Get a physical and know where you are so you have a chance to get right. Ladies let’s also include an appointment to the OBGYN. Hate it or love it the OBGYN doctor can screen for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, STDs, and other gynecological health that we need to be cleared of. Also make a dental appointment. If you haven’t been to the dentist in over a year or years, lets start that up this year. Make an appointment to have your eyes examined. Let’s really live our best lives by making sure we are healthy!

FYI I had a frozen daiquiri you can do all things in moderation and I ran the 10 mile run the next morning!

Disturbing News

What happens when you go to the doctors and deliver bad news? Take a deep breath and instead of going on the attack find ways to use the information to be better. I went to the doctors found out how much overweight I was and that my feminine health was a disaster waiting to happen. I probably would have bled out to be honest it was that bad. I was gaining weight because I had all kinds of issues happening. Health doesn’t always just go away. Not dealing with it doesn’t make it better on its own. We must step up to the plate and do better. I am not going to lie and act as if I felt immediately great because that would be a lie. I told myself at least I am in the hearing way to hear the news and do something about it. Instead of my husband having to read my issues on an autopsy report. I changed the way I viewed the information and made myself do the work.

Work, Work, Work

I am not talking about where you clock in or what you do to make the coins, I am talking about the work it will take to change your life. I had to change how I ate. I changed how I moved. I got active even on days where I was exhausted-my new life required work. Its going to feel like crap to change your unhealthy views on what it is that you have already been doing. Let’s step it up and make ourselves feel better in every way. I felt better knowing I had done what needed to be done to be healthier. Did I lose weight? Yes, but the shedding of the pounds was more about mental and emotional issues than physical. 

Can we all improve?

Every one of us can. I still do things to switch it up. This year (you know how I feel about my cups) I bought a cup that has simple measurements. I use it in conjunction with my water app to measure my water intake. I used to do flavored water but now I am fine with regular filtered water with my measuring marks because physically it allowed me to see my progress. 

2019 Broad Street Run training now for 2020 this will be my 3rd Broad Street Run

I still work out and recently added my outside runs back into the mix.  I had taken a break when I became the caregiver to my twin. She’s on the mend now so I can get back to the things that I enjoy. Running is about mental health and the ability to push my body in ways I hadn’t imagined. It also gives me something physical to look forward to starting my week right. I am also back to using my food app to measure carbs alone. Being vegan is great if you eat whole fresh foods but some of these vegan popular options have to be limited. The calories alone in them are out of pocket. I am more conscience of what I pack. I also pack my food again. Simple solutions helps keep me accountable and I know it will assist me in the long run. 

Photo taken January 4, 2020

So, on National Healthy Weight and Healthy Look lets celebrate all body types and encourage each other to be accountable to ourselves first to making 2020 about health and not about a certain number on a scale. Let’s celebrate the wins of choosing ourselves everyday. Let’s make smarter choices about our daily activity levels and food options. Let’s make breakfast a priority and packing better snacks for our day. Let’s get back to eating well and eating right so we can get it right!

Check Folks

I have never been the type to call someone out for weight. If you see someone overnight there’s a way to approach them in love with concern. There is something truly rude to call someone out on their weight to embarrass them or make them feel small. I’m checking all folks this year. It’s usually the ones who are unhealthy themselves calling someone out! This year check them! Stop going home crying and not speaking up for yourself. We all know what I’m talking about-the ones who say it and smile like their playing!! Nope check them! Work on you for sure but don’t let someone make you feel like crap because they want to dump on you!!

2 thoughts on “National Healthy Weight and Healthy Look Day

  1. A healthy lifestyle is a challenge but connecting with the right healthcare professionals to assess your health on a yearly basis is a must. Bloodwork is a blueprint for what can be improved. I do use BMI to gage my goals. While some debate the accuracy I think it is a good indicator of being overweight or obese. I am a big fan of strength training for women as it helps to burn fat and strenthens bones. I think the key is deciding to start and being consistent. Aging without being at risk for chronic conditions is doable with the right health plan.


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