Sunday Message: Adjust is the word of the day

Sometimes life throws so many curve balls it makes no sense! Today was one of them days. Without getting into the gruesome details it’s been one for the books.

I will say everything kept preparing me for each moment starting at 530! As I was attempting to prepare for my run my patience meter was off the charts. I had done all I could to prepare! I set everything out. I made sure everything was at an arms length only to still have things just go left. I had to adjust and still figure out how to get my 3 miles in! I did and I felt much better. I had adjusted!

I also prepared the rest of the morning by being able to cook and be “extra” prepared to attack the day, but it wasn’t enough and I found myself having to do a major adjustment again! I at this point had to reschedule an event I had set up. It was the first time since I had started blogging where that had been done! I had to adjust again! Nothing I had prepared for was right. So that goes to show you even in extreme preparation life will serve what it wants to. I am grateful for keeping my wits! I was grateful in this adulting life I was able to move through instead of allowing things to over take me!

I kept saying today’s word was adjustment and I’m glad I was able to walk it out! So as you mull through your Sunday-prepare. Also know even with all of the most prepared life; life is just as unpredictable! Truck on this Sunday!

My grateful moments of the day:

  • Husband is doing well-I’ll share that story later
  • My kids really rock
  • This weather this weekend was absolutely breathtaking

What are you grateful for today? Having a grateful heart will help you through quite a lot! Have a great Sunday!!

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