Monday Motivation: Will Yourself

It’s amazing what you can do when you will yourself to succeed. We think often we need the keys of success whatever they look like but often its fight in our own minds that matter. How we see ourselves mentally can be a block of hindrance to this life we are attempting to make. Let’s look at some ways we can will ourselves to a more successful path:

Work Smarter

Sometimes we mentally block our blessings because we are attempting to work harder but not smarter. For instance, I was ironing up the kids clothes every morning and sometimes at night. However, I could have gotten more sleep in the mornings if I ironed their clothes one time for the week. Now I have saved time, energy, and in case of an oversleep which could happen, its one less thing to worry about. Another example of working smarter is with blogging, blog and edit ahead of time. This is a great way to have content ready without the stress of life hitting and having to find time to do it. Consistency is key and often we are in our own way.

Commit to ourselves

We commit to everything and everybody except ourselves. This is a mindset we need to have that we will do the most for us before we do for others. I know life isn’t about being an island but with balance we can do for both others and us. Its like cooking food for the community and your family lacks homecooked meals. Its backwards thinking. We need to take the mentality off the table that self-care is selfish. It’s not. It’s daily. It’s not just about facemasks and bubble baths. It’s about filling up your cup first before you continue to pour out to others. Stop giving others the best of you and depleting yourself for yourself. I hear people give folks the most beautiful comments and look at themselves in the mirror with so much negative talk. You know you can hear yourself? We must treat ourselves with the same tenacity. Therefore, some people get used to others speaking to them badly because they do it daily. We can’t require more from others than we give to ourselves. Balance the two. Make others step up to the plate and treat you right as you treat yourself right. What you eat, drink, and think about matters. Be more conscience of that.

Mind over Matter

What we think about and entertain sometimes blocks us. I noticed for myself and this was a personal decision for me to cut out some of the reality television and stop subscribing to certain social channels until I had gotten myself together. I don’t watch a lot of the shows still. I was getting too caught up into other folks’ bag and what they were doing to securing it that I was leaving money on the table. How was I leaving money on the table? Do you know how many writing opportunities that there are that I passed up because I wasn’t even looking for them. I told myself that I was going to use my evening to continue building my brand and I found myself saying-tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow never came. I was hype about the drama I watched but not enough for me to use that time to find and secure my own dreams. Again, this was a personal decision. You might not have that struggle and can continue to do what you do and not have any issues. However, if we are honest a lot of us need to take stock in things and we need to eliminate things and people from our lives to be a better version of ourselves. 

Personal statement

So, what are we willing ourselves to do? I saw a woman online who was visibly overweight. The comments were brutal. I saw her again and she made a declaration to love herself. She turned the comments off on her social media pages and she got to work. That woman has lost major weight. Did she do it for herself or the comments? Who knows? I hope it was for her. However, she said she made the decision to will herself to the new weight, got focused, and started to work towards her goals. Sometimes negative experiences will push you to a goal but won’t keep you working towards it. Be vigilant. In the case of a weight loss journey you learn so much more than pounds and appearances, you drop the weight in your mind that simply pours into your spirit.

What do you need to will yourself to do this morning? It could be simply going to work and not going off on a co-worker. It could be to enroll in class that will help your business. It could be to end a relationship that no longer serves you. Whatever that goal is let’s do the mental push ups to push yourself to your destiny. You may lack in skill, could be your push to drive that gets you to greatness. 



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