Wonderspaces Philly

I had the opportunity to view and attend the VIP Media party for Wonderspaces inside of the Fashion District. It was an amazing experience to say the least. Wonderspaces is an interactive art exhibit if I had a way to describe it. It’s a very classy interactive color explosion of wonder that literally pulls on your core senses. 

I am going to break down my top 3 favorite exhibits and give you some things to know along the way. This exhibit is suitable for all ages. However I would caution that some of the exhibits due to the nature of the exhibits. Nothing outside of the dinner party VR would be upsetting to a child but their attention span might not last due to the fact that they aren’t able to jump and play on everything. I would bring a child that is age 5 and up. However for ticket prices kids 3 and under are free so use your own caution. When I went through the exhibits I went thinking about adults with families since I had one. The space is huge. It also has its own sets of doors but you can still get to it wherever you enter the Fashion District. 

Ticket Breakdown

You purchase a ticket during a timed slot. You need to arrive within a 15 minute window of your ticket time. Also you can stay as long as you like but I would leave about an hour and a half to get through it all. During the media event there were about 400 of us and we comfortably was able to get through without any issues. I arrived around 6:30 and stayed to just outside of 8:30.  I did more networking and talking so you might take less time than my 2 hours. You can’t switch your ticket time once it’s purchased. All sales are final.

Adults $24

Student with ID $20

Senior with ID $20

Military with ID $20

Kids 3-12 $15

Housekeeping rules

Kids under 16 need adult supervision so this isn’t going to be a hangout spot for your preteen. There is a coat and bag check but please do not bring in large bags and they might not be acceptable. Also there is a bar with snacks and drinks but no outside food is allowed. I would go over to Wonderspaces and get on their email list so that when there are exhibit tickets as they will change during the year you can be the first to know about it.

Also everyone must sign a waiver. I said it earlier it’s interactive but people with health issues such as Vertigo, dizzy spells may want to refrain on certain exhibits to prevent any of the illusions messing with you. I don’t have any of these issues but my eyes were definitely messing with me. However once you sign the release you release Wonderspaces from any fault. 

Here are my favorite 3 exhibits. I am only giving you three even though if I am honest the WHOLE thing was amazing. Keep in mind this is 24 thousand square feet of greatness. You might find your favorites to be something different.

Dinner Party

It’s one of the Virtual Reality exhibits. It’s interactive of course by its nature but in addition to that it’s also very deep. I would seriously caution allowing young children to view it. It’s about a couple who was abducted by aliens. It’s based on a true story and after viewing it will leave you feeling intense. I have to again preface that for me I would not allow my younger kids to view it. Even as an adult it was a lot. However it was good. I loved the fact that you sit and view it at an actual dinner table. 

Body Paint

Something about being able to control things excite me. Leave it at that. I loved the colors and the boldness of it. I loved how my movements made me feel. Go to my Instagram to see the actual video under More Philly of my highlights. It was so much fun and I felt like I had released so much –a bit deep but once you do it you will understand trust me.


You will never forget this light show. You can see this as you enter the space. It’s going to be a great picture moment. Its 12 minutes of lights. Make sure you stay until the end it’s worth it. You will hear everyone tell you that. They aren’t lying. So don’t do like I initially did and go in there and leave before its time and have to walk back. You can walk in and touch the lightings but just be sure not to handle it too rough so that others will have an opportunity to experience it as well. 

I don’t think there was an exhibit that I didn’t like. It’s going tobe one of those experiences that my pictures or anyone else’s will be enough. You will need to experience this for yourself. Let me know when you do.

Wonderspaces opens THIS Friday January 24th. It will be the talk of the town and an amazing addition to the Fashion District. I have to admit it was my first time inside of it since the new renovations but I was super excited to be there.

Thank you Wonderspaces and Aversa PR for the invitation. Thank you Akira for being my date for the evening.

We had the staff cracking up it’s what we do

The food of the evening was absolutely amazing!!


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