Teaching my First Writing Class with TCP

I don’t know how often the class will take place but when I tell you I had zero anxiety teaching something I do naturally daily it was everything. I have been rocking with TCP since 2014 before it was TCP. I am always honored to be in their space. 

Teaching is so therapeutic for me and I didn’t expect it to be to be honest. I didn’t feel any nerves when I prepared my Power Point presentation. I didn’t feel any nerves the morning that I drove up. That let me know a few things. One it was my season to teach and that after 5 years I have finally gotten comfortable within myself. That’s an amazing feeling. When you find what you love to do like writing it’s a beautiful feeling. I remember when I was in high school and several teachers told me that I had a gift and I shrugged it off. I didn’t see myself writing outside of an outside setting. I knew I loved it along with reading, but it wasn’t on the top of my list.

However, it’s true that your gift will make room for you. It’ssomething I can’t shake even on my worse day. I wake up thinking of ways to be creative and to write. It flows and that’s when I know for sure that what I am writing about is more about the love I have with it than the story itself. I am not just the writer who only wants to be in the fun spots and talk about. I write from a passionate place especially when I talk about how flawed we are in life trying to recreate paths to greatness. I write my thoughts because it will resonate with someone can’t find the words to be so fluid. Writing is about walking in my gift. Even if there are times, I find mistakes, times when I am tired, the writing is still there for me and I am here for writing.

A writing class isn’t just about birthing more bloggers. To be honest writing comes in many forms. For instance, I shared that I will be taking my journals from junior high and beyond and turning it into a book. Why? I want my story to be written from my perspective. There are a lot of lessons I learned along the way with my interactions with others that really isn’t about telling or spilling secrets but its about being able to put my heart onto paper. I write from places where the heart isn’t always smiling. The places where life has knocked me down several times and yet has given me a reason to rise. Writing ignites those passions in me. If you are a writer, you get it. You get the need to put pen to a paper or now with technology you put your fingers on the keyboard and allow them to guide you.

Life is going to go on, but I want my words to be something that my family and friends can hold on to. I want them to remember me in all my realms. It’s a way for me to express life. So, what moves you? What makes you happy deep down on the inside? If you say nothing that is the journey you need to be on. No job is going to provide that. A career or passions will. I am working on a passion project that now that literally takes writing and jumps it to a thousand. What are you working towards? There is no wait until later. We know that life doesn’t move like that. I would rather leap everyday closer to my goals than to wait for someone or something to ignite it. Don’t let that dream inside of you down. You will fall but if I fall towards my goal that’s better than never ever taking the jump to begin with.

If there are more classes for TCP in Lancaster, I will surely make an announcement. In the meantime, take a leap like I have. It fills me even on days when thing don’t align in all my boxes of life. Take that leap!

Thank you, TCP, for having me and helping me cross another goal off the list. January is showing out because far behind the scenes I am putting the work into it. You can do the same! I want all that is for me-how about you?

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