Ruth and Estelle; A Sequins of Fortunate Events

I laughed so hard, but it was hard to not laugh. Ruth and Estelle were hilarious. Two best friends who move with a dream to make it big in New York city with not much to their name. They come into the city with fresh eyes and wit and find themselves in a dilemma to make something of themselves.


Ruth and Estelle show that friendship and support is what you need to make any dream come true along with hard work. From the gate, both ladies have these larger than life personalities that makes it impossible for them to stay in their small towns. New York was made for them. Their first day in the Big Apple and they are already taking the little that they have and making it work. I love the fun in how they “view” their new neighbor. I knew from that point that I had made the right decision to be at this production. Listening to them speak was like watching the familiarity with my best friends. We are loud. We are fun. We are like sisters. We forge a web of love between us that sometimes can’t be understood. That forge of love has gotten us all through divorces, marriage, and childbirth and beyond. Ruth and Estelle have that same bond of friendship even if its lightly implicated that they may be a couple. 

Sequin Dreams

Moving from what you know and what is comfortable isn’t always easy but these ladies along with their sequins make it all better. In real life sometimes a little sequin and a little sparkle does the trick all the time. These ladies share their affectious love for one another to others along their way. They find that they have a unique niche to set people up with their lost loves. The fun way that they approach life doesn’t stop tragedy from happening as an unexpected fire is set to thwart their dreams. Ruth and Estelle are the epitome of having your gift make room for itself. When you have a gift inside of you it’s amazing to know that no matter what you do, the gift inside of you will find ways of getting out and expressing that you need to tap into it to get a sense of fulfillment in this world.  

Laughter is the success to Life

Laughter is the way to keep a positive outlook in this life. The world already is full of drama and pain. It felt nice to sit during this production that was of women and enjoy the show. It took me away from whatever I may have on my plate just for a second. Listening to Ruth and Estelle you feel like you were there. You were there as they started new jobs. You see the ladies support each other through these hustles of making it happen. Everyone knows that in New York you must be able to do more than one job to get you where you need to be. I also had never been to The Bagel Place located at 404 Queen Street in Philadelphia. I also love that not only did Amanda Jill Robinson and Jenna Pinchbeck write in the production they also starred in it. It was directed by Nate Golden. During the show I was able to enjoy a great chocolate chip muffin and a glass of the Sweet Susanna-its their business venture and it will make sense once you see it. This production won’t last long the final show is on February 16th at 730! This is a great addition to the Philly Theatre Week. I also highly recommend that you catch Amanda and Jenna on their podcast; Learning through Laughter. 

I must give my praise for this production. Both ladies have enough laughter, care and understanding that you just love to love them. Let me know what you think when you see the production. They rounded out my Sunday Funday and I left better than I came!

Thank you ladies, Amanda and Jenna and the team that supports you! Thank you to the Bagel Place for the great snacks! Thank you Theatre Philadelphia and Aversa PR!!

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