Friday Check in: March 6, 2020

These last two weeks have been quite difficult. So much movement has happened a lot good and a lot where I am still working through things. One of the biggest things that I am working through is my twin’s  impending  surgery. She had the surgery before and  its  extensive and now it must be repeated. It’s a lot on my plate to be honest to navigate her, my kids, her child, and life. However, with me knowing what is going to happen I am going to be open to help from friends as things speed up. I pray a safe and speedy recovery. I will be on case by case basis for all events starting from mid-March until the end of the month. All brands and PR that I work with have been notified. The blogs will continue and all brands that I have already accepted work with will continue. Say a prayer for her and my family during these next couple of weeks. I will also be limiting family and friends from visiting especially with these viruses too as her immune system won’t be strong as it usually is. No disrespect but I must do what I need to do to protect her and the rest of our family.

Women’s history month

Have you caught up with the two new features?! They are amazing. Catch up. Both women are dynamic and both moms! Regardless of their children are navigating life attempting to be better versions of themselves and they have great lessons to teach us!

Cicely D

Michelle S.

Irritation Station

I have been distant from a few people only really giving limited information and the reason is I am in an irritated state. I have the mindset to know that when I am like that its best to be able for me to deal with myself. That includes even telling too many details of good things coming. Even some of my blogger friends I have stepped back from as well. With so many things happening I didn’t want to push my irritation on others. Also, I am finding that with dealing with myself internally I will be making some changes to things and people I am finding I am no longer interested in carrying on things with. Guess what? It has nothing to do with drama.  I don’t have anyone where I am having issues with, but I am realizing that some relationships are built on length of relationship and not because it’s not mutual love being poured between one another. That is quite horrible to know that when you are generally around people that you don’t feel a sense of peace but a vibe of constant apprehension or instant aggravation.

So, I made up a list to use:

  • Does the person make me happy to see them?
  • Am I loyal to the idea of their friendship over having a solid friendship?
  • Does the friendship serve both of our purposes?

These are the criteria that I choose to use and not length of friendship. I have had to mute way too many people on my cell and if I am constantly muting them maybe take the cue and mute folks in real life. I have always applied the same principles with how I move. So, I have and will continue to always give and take the same advice that I give and that is to let things fizzle out. Its better for some and some I will be having direct conversations because it works for that situation. If you find yourself in a constant state of anger, frustration, etc. deal with you first. Often, we point out when the issue is inward. Some of the feelings I have had were for quite some time so now that I have dealt with me its just time to clean house. 


I keep saying it, but I want to mention that our hearts go out to all of those affected by the tornados in Nashville. Blogher is committed to supporting those that they can and will also make sure that the conference in Nashville is the best it can be. If you are still interested in participating remember one its going to be amazing for creators, bloggers, influencers that are parents. It will be a great time to navigate with other fellow bloggers to talk about how we move with kids in tow, branding, and networking. FYI every Blogher conference I have come from I have gotten more and more deals. No lie its been that beneficial. To apply click here. Use my codetoitimeblog” to expedite your application! Its free you just must get yourself to the conference and keep in mind its about a few weeks from Mother’s Day so it could be a little time away from the littles. 

What’s happening in Philly This Weekend?

Philadelphia Flower Show

Evil Genius Block Party

Evil genius is located at 1727 N. Front Street! Think food, beer, and fun! I’ll be there towards the afternoon!!

Philadelphia Theatre Company presents Everything is Wonderful

This is the last weekend to see how this Amish family navigates through their pain! Check out the blog here!

East Passyunk Restaurant Week

Today is the last day for East Passyunk Restaurant Week. Get a lot of deals from price points of $15, $25 and $35!

Philadelphia Magic Gardens- Warren Muller on and Off the Wall

Showing now until April 26th bring your family and friends out for an amazing artful delight!

I’ll have more events for next weekend and give you a heads up for St. Patrick’s Day beer and drink fun! Trust me you don’t want to miss that!

Shout out to my family who has been amazing! My son has been sick and has bounced back almost literally! I’m grateful for flexibility in life that when my kids are sick my husband and I can cover each other and the stress of that is non existent at this point! That in itself is a blessing!

Have an amazing weekend! I’ll have blogs from events this weekend, Sunday message, and Monday motivation waiting for you! Until then, wash your hands often and keep them off your face, hands, and face! Do something for yourself that feeds your soul!

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  1. Rose says:

    Keeping you and the family in prayer. Praying for your sister that everything go well with her surgery and she has a speedy recovery.


    1. toirenee says:

      Thanks I hope so too


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