2020 Women’s History Month: Christina W.: Strength of a Woman

We are still going strong highlighting some amazing women for the month. Women are amazing and there’s nothing we can’t do when we put our mind to it! We can do like Beyoncé says, “strong enough to bare the children then get back to business!” Children don’t stop the show we just have to move differently and smarter!

Resilient Women

We are still talking about the theme of what it means to be resilient! Being resilient no matter your status is the art of getting hit and recovering even when staying in defeat feels better because we may be scared to make that initial move! Christina sees it as being “strong women who go through it all and sometimes because we are so strong we lean towards strong women but forget we are out first example of strength!” How do you lean on strong women? Did you forget while you lean that you too are that strong woman too? “We need to be sure we remember what we been through and use the strength of difficult situations to move forward!”

Say no to fear!

Women in case no one tells you we all have something in common. We are strong units who regardless of stage in life we experience some of the same things. We can get more done by unity than division any day!! With that being said we all have things that we are working on. The inside job so that we are true to who we are but daily we do the work to become better. I asked Christina what she was working on and she stated,being fearless… sometimes sometimes I let fear take over and don’t take as many risks as I should.  I want to be more fearless in 2020, at least more than I have ever been in the past. Who can’t relate? What fears are you still holding onto that seem to make you stop in your tracks? For me I’ve had the fear of rejection stop me! However I know if I don’t continue I will be more mad at not doing the task than being rejected! Also take fear along for the ride until fear falls off!

Being Fearless as I mentioned above.  I want to take more risks.  I tend to be a person that plays it safe and I recognize that that is a good quality, but I know that I have missed out on opportunities because of fear.  So, I want to eliminate the fear that holds me back.  And be a person that remains in faith and knows that no matter what… God is in control and has a plan.” 

 Stronger than yesterday

When fear finally drops that feeling of great achievement is something I can’t describe. It’s joy and peace like no other! Christina states that she felt her strongest regardinggetting my college education has changed my life for the better.  Obtaining my education proved that I could accomplish something that I was told I couldn’t because of where I come from.  I felt the strongest the day I obtained my college education and continue to feel strong as I encourage other kids in my community to do the same.  FYI Christina is an amazing community leader amongst young people and is always encouraging them to do their best and reach their goals. She not only speaks it but lives it daily by leading by example!

Maya Angelou

“I love poetry and I am a big fan of Maya Angelou. I love the poem “Still I Rise”.  There is so much strength in her writing and that poem constantly reminds me that no matter what is going on in my life, I can get through it and come out stronger than I was.

Maya Angelou‘s work has to be one of the most if not the most defining works that speak of uplifting women. She is like the elder who speaks pure love and encouragement but also lets you know you got to get yourself together. This is who Christina sees as someone who exemplifies strength and honor and I don’t blame her she’s one of the best!

Strength of a woman

Some people define the strength of a woman by what she looks like. The more beautiful she more she’s able to do but Christina describes the strength of a women by the mere fact that “we are one of the strongest people I know.  We are master multitaskers… in any given situation we can be working, a caregiver, a homemaker, a boss etc.  We can do many things all at once and yet still be positive on our outlook in life.  There is strength and beauty in being a woman that I think many take for granted.  I like to say there is beauty in the life even when life is crazy.  I try to encourage myself and other women to find the beauty in our messy and crazy lives.”

Inside Work

What are we all working on the inside to do more of and how do we make it happen? That’s more inside work? The outside will respond to the inside job all the time. Trust me! Christina is working on loving my self more, finding myself beautiful always.  I tend to be hard on myself and I must give myself the same grace I give others. Currently I am working on my Doctorate.  This is something I never thought I would get to and I am looking forward to continuing and completing this degree.

Let me put this into perspective, Christina has 2 small kids, works full-time and is working towards her doctorate! Can we say boss mom?! Boss lady?! Absolutely. Salute to you Christina on your endeavors!

So we learned that strength comes from being able to recognize the teachings of those before us like Maya Angelou, working hard past fear, telling yourself you are good enough to make any dream come true even getting a doctorate with two small kids in tow and knowing there is no imposter syndrome happening-Christina you have taught us so much. Thank you for stepping out and proving that you can be anything, become anything and even when insecurities or fear tries to stop we can bring it along and let fear watch us take it all on because God’s timing and protection will guide us through!

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