Women’s History Month: Kenzi W. Balancing Act!

Women’s History is still going strong. We are learning from so many amazing women and we will continue for the rest of the month. We are talking about being resilient. It’s a skill set. So many times, again it’s not about pushing through no matter what. Its easier for others depending on the severity of the offense or issue. Now let’s switch gears for a second talk to a businesswoman. I had the honor of interviewing Kenzi W. She writes marketing for various agencies. Everyone wants to be in business for themselves. However, let me say its not always super easy. There is a lot of hard work that happens behind the scenes. It also is a balancing act.

You’re canceled

Kenzi talks about that balancing act when she talks in reference her desire to be better in business in 2020. Specifically, “for lack of a better phrase, “canceling” people. I’m too quick to forgive, and while that can sometimes be a good thing, it’s not a good quality in business. I invite clients and contractors back into my life who, frankly, need to just be cut out. I’m trying to balance being understanding with protecting myself and my business.

That is a big lesson. Things happen with business partnerships all the time. I had a few times having to chase a few folks for invoices, etc. However, when is the time to back off and count your losses and when do you continue to “work” with folks? That is a balancing act that doesn’t always have an easy answer. I would say anything that has you angry with a business partner that you feel you can’t recover from is time to cut off a business partnership. Having an open and sometimes firm conversation helps. 

I got this

Kenzi is working on that balance but with everything in life it doesn’t always have to be something that we are working on because there are always victories in business too.  Kenzi descries one of the moments she was proud of, “I’ve always avoided confrontation. But recently, I had to have an honest conversation with someone because their work wasn’t good enough. I desperately didn’t want to have the conversation, but it had to get done. Well, after it happened, I was so proud of myself for going through with it. I felt so powerful because I had confronted something, I told myself I couldn’t do for the longest time. Now I know I have the skills to tackle hard conversations, and that’s only going to make both me and my business stronger.

Way to go Kenzi! I talked about that confrontation or discussion in business it’s a necessary thing. In an ideal world we could work with people and things flow with out interruption. However, in the real life you may have a few clients that you must have that firm conversation so you can get the best of the situation for both parties. If you are looking into business its going to be time to be able to get a thick skin and even if you are nervous to speak your mind, its okay you will have no choice but get there eventually. 

Thank you Grandma!

Women in business already have their own hurdles to jump over but remember that a businessperson still is a person. They are drawing inspiration from so many channels. Kenzi sees her grandma as someone who she sees as a woman of strength! Kenzi states, Hands-down, it’s my grandma. She passed away when I was 19, but she left such an impression on me. My Nanny showed me what grace looks like and how to be a sweet but tough woman. Nanny cursed when she lost at a game of dominoes, but would whip right around and say, “I love y’all,” in her thick Oklahoma accent. She was the pinnacle of a “steel magnolia,” and I’ve always tried to live up to her example. I’d like to think I’ve made her proud.

I love hearing women talk about their grandma because I love my grandma and I would so anything for her. Grandmas are something special. They are like an extra mother who understands you and loves on you and its hard to describe. I know you are making your grandma proud Kenzi! Keep balancing life and take those beautiful lessons your grandma in being sweet when necessary and stern when life calls for it! We all could learn that lesson. We can’t always be liked but we can mean what we say and learn to show love and positivity when necessary. 

Character Check

We have been talking about what makes a woman strong, Kenzi thinks women and their character go hand in hand!  I would say it comes down to character. There are a lot of shortcuts in this world, and anyone willing to do the right thing is a strong person.

You could sell bean pies or be the head of a corporation, but your character is always and should always be intact. How you handle yourself and how you move in this world matters. 

Know Yourself

There are again things we want to be from the inside out and Kenzi wants to have more calmness! I’ve never been a relaxed  person and running a business hasn’t chilled me out in the slightest. I have friends who can get through everyday stresses like it’s no big deal. I, on the other hand, need yoga, meditation, and a lot of green tea to get through tough days at work. I’ve always wished I could be calmer, but I guess that’s not who I am!

Action plan

There’s no harm in needing what you need to get through. That’s a strong suit. You  can  recognize that you can be triggered, and you have a plan of action. That’s strength. There are a lot of people who just react to life and don’t even try to do the work to control it or put things into their lives that will combat it. You are winning. Someone who knows they are prone to stress and does nothing is not the key but the one who knows their stresses and does something about it-that’s where we all need to be. 

I’m not bossy I’m the boss!

So, with the ability to recognize her triggers, taking notes from her grandma, learning to find balance in business in being more vocal what is Kenzi working on? “For 2020, my goal is to figure out how to scale my business. I want to be a resilient female business owner, and that means scaling correctly. If I fail, not only do I fail, but I feel like I let down other women, too. My business is just a few years old, but it’s grown to the point where I need help. That means learning how to hire and manage people, which has always seemed scary to me. But I approach it from a collaborative mindset, and that helps me manage a team without feeling like the B-word: “bossy.” 

Beyoncé said you can’t be nice in business and let folks walk over you it doesn’t work. I hope that you have all your business dreams. You can find Kenzi’s business here. Look and if there are something, she can do to assist you make sure you hit her up. Trust me everyone wins we learn to collaborate. There’s something that we can all draw from one another without depleting each other dry. Let’s work together and conquer all her dreams. Thank you again Kenzi!


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