Monday Motivation: Self Quarantine

Today is rough and I am sure it will get worse before it gets better. We already know what we are facing, and it seems that this fight to not get this sickness is going to be an uphill battle. There are so many moving factors to consider. With taking care of your mental and emotional health is even more important.

I know frustration must be the word that is being used the most. Frustrating to know how you will take care of yourself and others during this time. How will you be able to limit your risk, or how you will be able to keep safe spacing and allow for you to keep your wits together. Also, for our healthcare workers who are over worked and under paid yet putting their lives on the line to save others. They are barely sleeping, eating, or seeing their loved ones. I can’t imagine what that must be like. Frustration with jobs who don’t have the capacity to pay you during time off etc. its hard and its tough. So, the frustration mounts. 

Doing whatever you feel will make this bearable is key. Doing what ever you think will keep your mind at ease is key. Doubling up on everything that we can to keep our spirits up. Today is all about making sure that we are healthy mind, body, and spirit. This is key. Time in the house is going to be difficult but its better than being in a situation of being ill. Some of the things you can do to keep yourself going while on quarantine:

Read a great book

Work out

Write in your journal

Blog (of course)

Start an online business 

Clean your house

Have kids or you make letters to seniors etc. who can’t get out or are in nursing homes that can’t get visitors

Watch or listen to podcast

Watch a new series on television or stream a new series


Make food and meal prep

Check in on love ones

Facetime or use an app to see loved ones

Continue social spacing

Work on that Summer body you “ain’t have enough time” to get

The ideas are literally endless. I would  suggest  eating right, drinking water, taking vitamin,  etc. whatever it is that is going to keep you healthy and move something. Stress is what keeps us sick so making sure that you are moving physically can help with pent up stress. If you are someone like me that has kids keep them active. Get activities for them to do to keep them occupied outside of their  schoolwork. My kids have books, and I will be getting their materials together and have them working on them. I have given them the use of my personal laptop and will use my laptop at night or not in use by them. Working together to make sure that kids understand what is going on with as little as possible information is key. I wanted to be sure to answer questions of course but not bombard them like I am being bombarded with information every few minutes. Also relax some of the rules in the house. I can’t tell my kids they can be loud when they are used to having period of running around. I have and will continue to allow them some run around time etc. outside. Naps is good if they need it or at least a quiet period. I am a former stay at home mom, I was queen of a schedule. Having a schedule will help all involved. 

Protect your peace. I have muted folks on my phone who are problematic. I will answer them when I can or when I’m not in the middle of things. I will not be giving priority to people just for the sake of doing so. Protect your peace in the way of spacing with your mate. Being in the home is beautiful but relationships can be stressed during a quarantined time. I am grateful that my husband and I have methods of watching what we individually want to watch without issues. Please understand that your love doesn’t have to be on team you to survive and no one not one person wants to be up underneath others 24/7. So, it’s nothing wrong with being honest about that. Go to another floor, take a time out, etc. Be realistic!

Be honest about how you feel. My kids yesterday were bummed out that they couldn’t just up and go. I listened to their concerns and re-explained why this needed to be. We found a way for them to get some fresh air that didn’t mess with social spacing. Here in Philly they haven’t shut down certain things but its socially irresponsible to do playdates, movies, etc. and not to mention my older kids both have asthma. They are at risk for things that messes with their breathing. My son is on an active yellow light plan which means we must do things at a more alert plan with his inhalers until this is no longer an issue. 

I know there has been talk about how real this is but ask the folks in Italy who are planning loved one’s funeral. I don’t want that to be a norm here for the United States or anywhere to be honest. I am hoping that we think about others and not just our inability to say we want a Netflix and chill or a sit at home moment but when granted one we won’t do it.

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