Women History Month: Take the Leap with Ruksana H.

Women are taught to be strong and often times that means being caregivers to others while neglecting our own health. We interviewed Ruksana who knows a thing or two about putting your health as a priority! Ladies we can’t lead the way until we lead ourselves into good health!

Being strong, last year took a toll on my health due to medical issues which affected my energy adversely. This year is all about building back strength and good vibes.

Health is wealth

How many of us can relate? How much are you willing to carry for others? Is your health not your wealth? We here that until,

Being healthy and staying healthy. They don’t joke when they say health is wealth. It affects every part of your existence and good health is the one thing that you can always count on to see you through trying times. A strong psyche makes a strong woman. 

You are a priority

How many strong women do we have who don’t take their health as a priority until it’s not there to see them through. There is nothing you can do if you’re sick or down. You can’t land that next deal, run a company, call the shots if you’re laid up in the hospital or home while the doctors are attempting to get you together. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again you need yearly check ups on everything that concerns you. The wait it out method isn’t on your side most times. I’ve talked vividly about my own health and how we have Ruksana leading today’s charge of you doing it as well!

Take the Leap

Sometimes life is scary too! Taking a lead into a new life when you feel alone is scary. I thought moving from one small town to a big city was something how about leaving your native country? We take for granted that women everyday are leading a charge daily to carve a better life. We see people from other countries as small when in reality there are lessons of bravery that we can all harness in our own lives. With that being said, I wanted to know when Ruksana felt strong:

Arriving in the United States for the first time as a 25-year-old young woman, there were naysayers aplenty when I was seeking employment in communications and media. Having my education from outside the country and no social/professional network within the US worked against my favor but putting in the time and effort has paid off. Not only have I had several work opportunities in the areas of my choice, but I am now a full-time freelance journalist, writer and editor and this year, I launched my own digital lifestyle magazine as editor and publisher. Seeing that dream come to fruition and creating that opportunity for myself instead of waiting around for someone else to bestow that upon me has been a journey of strength and courage. 

Make it happen

Talk about doing it big! Ruksana I applaud your drive. Some would have given up! Scared and not knowing where to start you decided to take that leap and let it lead with hard work to the life you dreamed of! How many of us are still waiting to make this their reality daily! We have so many built up dreams and yet we don’t take the charge. I know dreams are scary! It starts as an idea and while pursuing it the steps don’t always pan out but keep going! Don’t stop at the first sign that it may not work. Hustle hard and smarter but take the leap!

Mothers are winning

Not everyone has amazing and supportive mothers! Some women simply birth children. When you have a mother who is everything and more you could have hoped for, you salute them and uphold them! Ruksana loves her mother and to her, she’s her source of strength!

My mother will always be my strength. Though our lives are very different, she is always my champion, there to care for me when I am down and reveling in my successes when I am up. She encourages my journey is my sounding board at all times. 

So you can make a big move and pursue your dreams if you want it bad enough. How strong are you? Strength isn’t always about having all the resources or being able to know the right people all the time. Sometimes trial and error helps! What you think is strength is a weakness to others. I wanted to know with all of the bravery and leaving everything you know and love is brave, what she thought was the strength of a woman is!

Women are the epitome of strength and resilience. No matter their circumstances or what situations they face, no obstacle is too big to overcome. It is simply part of a woman’s psyche and many don’t give themselves credit for it. The power of a woman lies in her ability to nurture and sustain, time and again, in every aspect of life, personal, professional, spiritual and more. 

Keep working on you

Women are always super inventive! We are always finding ways or should be finding ways to be better! Ruksana is doing the same. She’s working on:

Patience. The Gemini in me is always raring to go and trying to do a zillion things simultaneously but is also aware that this only leads to burn out. Trust me, I’ve been there. It has been a long time in the making but I am still on the journey to slow down, work on what matters, take the time to appreciate and evaluate what truly contributes to my overall brilliance.

So yes we are always evolving, always defining and we aren’t stopping any time soon! Ruksana I know there will be more that you will make happen! With that in mind, Toitime salutes all of your efforts!

Check her out! She’s beautiful, strong, and not afraid to take risks! Those are the type of women we need to highlight!

Where can you find Ruksanah online:

Twitter – Ruksana Writes

Instagram – Ruksanah

LinkedIn – RuksanaHussain

Facebook page – Traveler and Tourist

Writing portfolio – www.ruksanawrites.com

Digital magazine – www.travelerandtourist.com

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