Women’s History Month: Nikol proves all you need is to do is turn your will to do on…

Nikol is a fellow blogger herself who is all about life, beauty, being an amazing dog mom and skin care enthusiast. You can find her here! Be sure to follow her on Instagram as her feed is one that is truly uplifting with her bright colors and upbeat personality! We all could use a dip of inspiration right now!

We are strong women who go through it all and sometimes because we are so strong we lean towards strong women but forget we are out first example of strength. We need to be sure we remember what we been through and use the strength of difficult situations to move forward! Here’s what Nikol had to say on strength of women:

Class Act

I define the strength of a women by how she carries herself. We as women get tossed obstacles from every which way and I truly believe it’s how you overcome and carry yourself that shows your true strength. It’s okay to get knocked down, we all do, but get up and keep going.

Life is never defined by bad moments but how we move in the bad moments! When you look at success people in general they usually pull through bad moments instead of giving up! So if you are feeling like you’re at the lowest moments, remember back to the time where you came through it and channel that same energy as you push through again!

Strength in accomplishing goals is important but more now than to ever is your service to others!

I feel the strongest when I can help someone or when someone comes to be for important advice. Getting my degree, buying my house and buying my dream car all made me feel strong and unstoppable but I get the best feeling when I can give back and help someone else.

I think with all of the COVID-19 we need to remember all of the things we rely on right now are being tested. The things we depend on and the things we love aren’t as readily available! What we do to assist those in our communities and beyond are key!

Confidence Anyone

We all need a dose of confidence! We can be pretty, accomplished, helpful and feel like a rockstar all day long, but confidence boost is necessary!

I want to attack my confidence in 2020. For some reason I look like I’m confident on the outside, but on the inside, it’s not a strength of mine. I’m planning on changing that! Confidence. I wish I could feel real confidence. It’s something I’m working on!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say I again bloggers and influencers are in the business to always put our best foot forward. The real work is working on having our best photos match our inside photos and vice-versa! We who want to be better work on this balancing act all the time. I was telling someone at the start of this mass hysteria how I felt so lost and I had to work through feeling like things were gonna be okay! Confidence is inner work so if you lack it please do the inside work to make it stronger. Boost yourself! It’s okay to have flaws and love yourself too!!

Grandmas are like second moms

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my grandma and I’m like states away! When she calls I find a way to make things happen for her! She’s paid her dues and she should be treated with the upmost respect!

Nikol feels the same way about her grandma being the woman she looks up to:

She passed two months before my wedding in 2017. I was devastated, but that women would have wanted me to go on and on and on. She was one of the strongest woman I’ve even known and she had a wicked sense of humor!

Grandmas have that way of just giving the best love and I know your grandma is looking down on you Nikol!! Keep up the good work!

Goals anyone?!

I’m working on being the very best version of myself. My goal is to continue to learn and grow! This world is changing and so are the people in it. I’m trying my best to set a good example and be someone I can be proud of.

Being our true self is key! Working hard to fine tune our inner life to match is a daily job! What are you doing to work that inner strength?

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