Women History Month; Vera encourages us to Accept the Call!

This year the theme for the month is going to be resilience!

We are strong women who go through it all and sometimes because we are so strong we lean towards strong women but forget we are out first example of strength

We need to be sure we remember what we been through and use the strength of difficult situations to move forward!

We talk to Vera E. who is a blogger and an amazing podcaster of Verastic who has episode 2 of Side Chic Matters! Off the name alone it’s a must listen! We have time now thanks to Covid-19 so no excuse for you not to tune in! Trust me it’s makes for amazing conversation! Tune in here! Tune in and sound off, I sent a few of my friends to it just to hear here opinion and the conversations went left only cause I purposely added them in a group chat. It’s that good!

So with such straight to the point views I wanted to know where Vera felt like she lacked and wanted to get stronger and her response,

Self-doubt. I never stop doubting myself. I keep asking myself over and over if I’m on the right path. I’d like to just have tunnel vision in 2020 and do what I was created to do without asking if I was really created to do it.

Whew let me break this down for someone who gets it! Doing what you are called to do is easy when you accept the call to do it. Your gift will always make room for itself. Like blogging I can do it in my sleep. However every moment that I didn’t accept the call to do it and I know I’m called to do it was a block in my life until I answered the call. There is something calling in you that you do well. It could be several things but it will gnaw at you until you accept the call and do something with it! That’s a 2020 word! Answer the call. The longer you ignore the longer you walk in circles of purpose! You’re welcome-now move in it!


Not every woman wants children! We have to accept that every woman has a choice. There are women who want children and struggle to have them too! If you are blessed to want children and have them don’t take that blessing for granted! There is strength in being a mom, Vera describes it as:

When I became a mom. I felt like a celestial being.

It’s beautiful, tiring, and feels like the best job you have ever had! The responsibility that lays on your spirit and mind is overwhelming at times! It makes it easier when you have an example to follow! Vera feels that her mother is who she sees as her example of a strong woman! Again I’ll say not everyone has that to say about their mom but when you do, let the world know!

My mother. She has endured so much, yet she continues to persevere.


It’s something about a mother’s love! I hope all who have ever felt a great moms love know how blessed you are! So many people wish they had a small amount of that love and example especially when you have children of your own!

Strength of a woman

With the love Vera has to give her own child (ren) and the love from her own mother, how does she herself define the strength of a woman?

Being a woman in and of itself is strength. Strength is female. We are the life givers and the home makers, and in the middle of it all, we still somehow find the time to still fight off the world’s evil every day.


The best non serious example I can give is when a woman gets sick she still moves mountains. She cooks, works, cleans, and make everyone around her well. When some men get sick they are out for the count! Woman just handle life better!

No one is above a do better

We all have things that we are working on! Vera is no different!

I need to learn time management and discipline.

Don’t we all? Some days are better than others but if you find that you aren’t disciplined enough or don’t have the disciple to manage your time, step it up! It’s important for us to find a way to be great stewards of us and our time! I think this quarantine will help with it to a certain extent!

Vera is also working on:

Being more present.

I know as a creator I toggle between being too involved in my phone or laptop because that’s where my creativity flows or where money is made! However when I have down time being down and enjoying it is key! I have noticed that I had to update my own personal Instagram page because I was so engulfed with just my business/blog page! Or when I’m with the kids being with them alone without touching my phone or not being present!

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