Women history month: Tameka motivates from the inside out

Today’s Women History Month highlight is all about Tameka Marshall.  Tameka is a motivational speaker and organizer of TEDx Queens Village. TEDx Queens Village is a place for shared ideas and space. It’s a space to challenge you to THINK BIG. Thinking Big always comes at a price. When you are a motivational speaker people correlate this larger than life strength to live without flaws or issues. That’s not true. Motivational Speakers are the ones who have to self-check first. Often,  they probably question themselves just like Tameka has done.


It’s a level of vulnerability that comes into as to come out. Motivational speakers have this instinct to hear and often with that ability to hear gives them an increase to question their own voice.

I often downplay my gifts and abilities. I am diligently working towards changing how I see myself. I’ve accepted my flaws makes me unique and they give me a voice unlike anyone else.


How many women downplay their abilities not just around men, but themselves and other women too. You question why would someone want to hear me? Who am I? We all have a unique gift on the inside of us. Some travel the world over to find their purpose. Once you discover it no matter how much opposition that will come and it is coming, don’t neglect your voice.

I would honestly say trust. I want to trust in my voice and abilities more in 2020. 

We are all struggling with events that we had on our calendars since COVID-19. It has altered the ways in which we move for a long time. Tameka’s schedule too has been put on hold!


Planning my first TEDx event. Although it had to be postponed due to the current pandemic, I found so much strength during the process. It gave me a chance to speak and meet with people I would have been too shy to address in the past.  I enjoyed every moment.


I’ve said it once but its true being able to work on your own issues is key. Tameka is working on herself from the inside out.


With being a Motivational Speaker, I often down play my gifts and abilities. I am diligently working towards changing how I see myself. I’ve accepted my flaws makes me unique and they give me a voice unlike anyone else.  Another area I am working on is more confident! On the outside I am working on becoming the voice in my head. She is fierce, confident, smart and full of wisdom. I can’t wait to manifest her daily. Inside out, I am working on listening to God more. Stepping back and really allowing Him to direct my steps.


Women all need someone that they can lean on or see as strong. Since the beginning of time women have been called to do it all.We are expected to be flawless while we do things that if I am honest most men would fail doing. So,who is the one person that is Tameka’s source of what a strong woman looks like?


It may sound cliché but my mother. The strength, love and faith built into this 5’2 woman is extraordinary. She has thought me to love unconditionally, giving up is never an option and trust God with every fiber of my being. I am resilient because I came from a woman of substance. 


I love seeing women talk about their mothers. I know that being a mother seems like a thankless job but if you do it right, your children will give you your flowers.  What’s more special to know that your child sees you as someone honorable. All moms want to know we have made an impression on their children. Not all moms deserve it all but if you have an amazing one make sure she and the world knows it!


As a woman we too have our own sense of what it means to be strong. It varies from woman to woman. 


Supporting and or leading without feeling threatened by another woman. Understanding we all have our paths and in unity we can achieve more. A strong woman knows her worth and takes pride in imparting knowledge as well as receiving it.


A WHOLE word. When women support each other it’s a beautiful thing. When women continue the narrative that they can’t get along with other women something is wrong with that woman. You don’t have to like all women but there’s value in finding a tribe of women who you can all help one another do amazing things with.


I am enjoying these lessons that all the women are sharing. Tameka, I hope as soon as the COVID-19 ends your schedule is full of greatness. You deserve the world don’t forget that!

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