About the Blogger

I am the type of person who has re-written my bio a thousand times. Life changes how I view myself. When I first started blogging I was the stay at home mom drowning in diapers, wine, and tears.  Now that my kids are out of diapers I still am a wine enthusiast who thinks gummi bears are life and I may mix them both.


Although I am a proud mom who may blog about them, I am a lifestyle blogger. I blog but all that life throws. Be that failure, success, or just glad I didn’t burn the house down its all relevant. I am doing the same things we all go through like not having my ear-pods in so I can shop in peace, to trying a new food dish that adults would give me a head nod for!

Life is hard and some days my Instagram looks like I nailed the perfect night and other times I am happy that my makeup isn’t fully smudged.  I love blogging. I love doing what I  love and finding ways to be centered through it all.


This blog was birthed from my desire to write.  I have many girlfriends who text me daily about all kinds of topics and have encouraged me to do this as a hobby.  When I first began I was so scared to post anywhere but on my personal Facebook page.  I connected with other bloggers and they began to show me the ropes in that now I have a separate Facebook page, own my web domain, have other social media outlets and had to ask myself if this was just a hobby or something I wanted to turn into reality.  By the mere fact that you stumbled across me says I chose the latter.  This has been a beautiful dream.  This dream isn’t without dedication, hard work, and trial and error as I continue to grow!


I hope to bring awareness to women’s issues. We are the most nurturing people but often times that leaves us empty shells. As I pour out I am aware of the need to pour into myself. This is a way for me to speak to those quiet places that most if not all women deal with but are too afraid to speak up.



I use my own life with its not so perfect condition.  I am okay in my flaws and my skin. I am direct.  If you looking for the cookie cutter blog, this ain’t yo momma’s blog.  I am going to call a spade a spade even if that means highlighting an area where I have had an epic fail. Failures is what birthed this blog. Through failure comes redemption and grace and that is the very place that I choose to live!


My hope is that you find these topics informative.  Some topics are light while others due to the nature of discussion hit on the very issues that we all face.  It could be of that of losing in life, feeling overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to deal with a loved on or separating from a situationship that is no longer serving.  It could be as light as attending some of the most awesome events while I am on the go either by myself or with the fam bam!  I also hope to have fun and expand this as far as my dream wings will fly.  Let’s all glean from each other! Enjoy!


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