An Act of God

Lord we thank you for waking us up this morning and now we ask that you bless those who see this that they would have a sense of humor…

That being said let me preface that some folks seeing An Act of God will laugh some serious laughs while having the time of their lives. Others will be so irritated and that’s life right! I watched how up and down the opinions were. One thing you can’t say is that you were bored or that you didn’t have a good time. It was a great night!

I enjoyed watching Kim Wayans in all of her glory play God. No one can do it like she does! She’s hilarious just as we would expect her to be. I am a people watcher and nothing gave me more comedic relief as watching others enjoy. I also loved watching people miss some of the comedic cues as well. Some didn’t even get Kim Wayans’ throwback to Ms. Jenkins. I laughed even harder as those around me and my husband said they didn’t get the reference and we were dying from pure laughter. Once I have to explain a joke it loses its funny so I tried to just give the ones around me the look and chuckle.

I also enjoyed watching Benjamin Brown playing Michael the angel. His charismatic personality really shined. Got to also give it up to Peter DeLaurier who played an exceptional Gabriel. I heard some reference An Act of God as a one woman show. It wasn’t. Kim’s natural comedic timing was also played off the energy of her co-stars! The whole play gets a thumbs up from me. Taking some of the things we think of when we think of God and finding a way to be timely and relevant to today’s top pressing issues was a great way to have a Saturday night!

You will learn new commandments and enjoy answering some of the questions of how we all came to be…. where are we headed…

Be sure to come prepared and come with an open mind. If you leave your pretenses behind you might find that it’s ok to laugh a little or maybe a lot. Oh and if you think you’re just going to sit and watch you’re wrong! The show is interactive.

You can catch An Act of God until October 13th! Do not miss this production. God is not lost she’s been found in Kim Wayans! Get your tickets here!


Monday Motivation: Human Interaction

Happy Monday! I’m coming to you today with a mid morning reminder. As I was at events this past weekend I had someone say along the lines: “why were you so nice to them?” I believe I had told a PR agent that I was flexible and not to worry about how anything appeared and I was more than willing to adjust. The young lady took it as me being a push over.

I remained calm in letting her know that keeping in mind that regardless of what was occurring (which by the way wasn’t anything serious) my job in life regardless of what I am doing or where I am is to be in charge of how I interact with others. We all have bad days and bad moments and at no time did I need to go out of my way to give attitude, smirks or anything of the like to another person.

Regardless of heat, issue, etc. it’s not fair to dish out bad vibes to those around me who undeserving of such behaviors. I let her know that there are always folks willing to be nasty, mean, arrogant and as someone who chose to be in the public eye to a certain degree how someone comes into contact with me matters. That doesn’t mean that I’m above being human. It does require for me not to ever forget that above being a blogger, an influencer, a mom, a wife-I’m responsible for how I treat others around me! I am responsible for how I talk to others. Doing things like coming off stuck up is not apart of the package. I treat others with the same level of care that I would want in return!

So on this Monday be clear that when you think no one is watching that they are. I am glad that instead of taking offense to her question I was able to listen and have great dialogue with her. I didn’t want her to have a bad interaction with me but I was glad to be able to remind her too that no one deserves the worse of us at any time for no reason. Remind yourself of that too. The world has enough bad apples don’t be that. Be as positive as you can especially when you’re around others!!

There: In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other

This production is taken from Lebanese-American poet, Ethel Adnan. It is a composure of self reflection. It is cool-created by Blanka Zixka and Rosa Barba with original music, music direction, and sound design by Alex Dowling! I don’t want to call it a play by our understanding of what we think plays are to be. This is a production of mirrored reflection and light.

In light it always reveals. Light always illuminates our pathway. Shinning the light on ourselves and bringing together one another in the light is a daily task. What do we see? How we work with each other has a lot to do with the light that has been shown on us in particular situations. Mirroring what we think we know and learning to ask questions beyond the surface is important!

We can’t continue to stay in darkness and thus hold on to our grudges, or our “ways.” We must use the light that is inside of us to shine on to our fellow neighbors and ourselves to be better. “Are we borrowing the here and now and if so from whom?” You aren’t going to remember every piece of the poetry? You simply aren’t. You will be able to use it as discussion within yourself and amongst your circles. In the light of understanding is how we together can be more unified instead of holding on to our comfortable dark places. In light is also change.

You will love the stage. Set on a ramp you will see the actors and actresses asking and answering and figuring out what is this light and how it reflects to life. I was amazed at how fluidity they moved. How graceful they were. I came to learn that they had a movement coach that helped them to learn to maneuver well. You definitely saw the grace that was used.

I also was impressed to find out that this production was a labor of love that took some of the actors 4 years to bring to fruition! That is amazing! The rehearsals and the actors workshops showed the energy put into this beautiful piece.

I loved the simplicity but the depth of questions. I loved how it was about entertaining but for reflection. I loved how peaceful it felt being in the theatre and trying not to overthink but listen.

This is a must see! You will feel inspired and challenged.

You have an opportunity to see There as well as engage in conversation either with the actors themselves or a panel at every performance. I’ve been to the panels at Wilma Theatre and it’s been one of the most engaging principles that always helps to allow free thinking and free speech. I always leave with more clarity after each one!

Also we need more light in today’s culture of misunderstandings and pain. If we learned to shine the light in these dark corners we might be able to get along a lot better and truly be unified!

Do yourself a favor and check out There before it ends September 22nd! You can get your tickets here! Bring a friend and leave inspired!

Thank you to Wilma Theatre for having me! Thank you to the amazing cast, directors, ensemble, and production team who made this play a beautiful reflective piece!

Also the Wilma Theatre had such a beautiful opening reception!

2019 Fringe Fest: Tribe of Fools; Operation Wawa Road Trip

This play had me rolling. One of the best belly laughs that I needed and it still kept its serious element. Operation Wawa Road Trip is a must see!

Lee and Joey are on a road trip from Dayton Ohio to Philadelphia to honor their father’s wishes to have his ashes spread in a meaningful place-a Wawa parking lot. The road is definitely one for the books. To “abscond” their father’s ashes during his memorial service I already knew this adventure was going to be epic. What do you do when you roll on the Turnpike full of emotions? You keep driving until you have to stop…

The stops are hilarious. Each stop came with a lesson. One stop in particular that I know I related to is the stop to Sheetz. I was born in Youngstown Ohio and lived in Central Pennsylvania for most of my life. Sheetz is life! You couldn’t tell me nothing especially when you bite into one of their burritos. Anyway the M.T.O is serious! M.T.O is the Made to Order motto that all Sheetz patrons all love! To have Lee and Joey stumble upon Sheetz as they are on their way to Wawa is hilarious! I laughed so hard watching their interactions.

When I moved to Philadelphia one of the first arguments I had with my husband was about Sheetz vs. Wawa! I mean a real argument. He was like “don’t be in public in Philadelphia telling others about your love for Sheetz over Wawa.” I had no idea what he was even talking about but Wawa is serious business in Philadelphia.

The whole cast was nothing but pure talent. I mean pure light and love. Each actor brought their A game and I was amazed at their ability to switch in and out of character so fluidity. I enjoyed every part.

I thought about the times when you are grieving and how protective you become during those dark times. Seeing how Lee wanted to push through for what was right and moving along with tunnel vision. Joey definitely had his own internal struggle. Sometimes we hide our feelings as a way to avoid. We block and allow in what we think will serve us until something or someone challenges us to think beyond service pain. If we don’t deal with our feelings there’s a good chance they don’t exist….

They do exist. Life can’t just move ahead. You have to go back to move forward. Death always presses questions of the what if’s… So how will Lee and Joey honor their father? Do they make it to Wawa? Family is everything and it’s always a great thing to have someone to lean on but what about dealing with reality?! These questions will be answered but the road there just like the road to Operation Wawa Road Trip is a beautiful blend of life, fun, and a bit loopy.

Oh and always remember when you do make a pit stop make sure it’s for two things-never one!

Life is hard. There’s no reason to keep the tempo of life without slowing down to be sure you reach out. If there is one thing to take away it’s gonna be about making calls and connecting. We spend so much time on go that we need to add a daily and weekly pause for those around us before we can’t!

You can catch Operation: Wawa Road Trip before it ends by getting tickets here! The show will end Saturday September 21st! Let’s always do our part to support the Arts!

Monday Motivation: How many times?

Mondays are Mondays. It’s time to reset for another week. How do you reset when you feel like you’re in constant failure mode?! It’s frustrating. You know you are supposed to keep moving but that’s easier said than done.

Failed plans feel personal. They feel like the control you were supposed to have slipped. It can be traumatic. Think about the kids in high school as they graduate. All of their friends are off to college and if you as a student didn’t get into college, had a hard time adjusting to the requirements of college, etc. it feels like everyone is passing you by!

No one wants to fail! We all want to succeed. It’s the pathway to success that brings about all kinds of emotions and trials! Waking up and feeling the pain of your failure is sometimes debilitating. This is why some people walk with the look of defeat in their face. It’s tragic but it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. If you allow it to be it can take over any potential you have inside of you. It’s waiting for you to get pass this moment to produce your greatest accomplishments. You are prolonging your next steps.

One of the things you can do to get pass that pit in your stomach of the “I’ve blown it” moment is to accept the failure. Trying to act like it didn’t happen makes it hard to work through. Own it!! It’s your story and it’s only a chapter! It’s up to you how many chapters it gets! How long will the sting last? You don’t have to beat yourself up daily. Nothing will change what you did, what you loss, who left, or how much it cost but you can learn from it. You can grow from it. You can move pass it. You can change your own narrative.

Today it’s okay to feel bummed out about failure just don’t let it control you to the point where you can’t get up and shake yourself!!

Pick yourself up and try! You got this!!

Sunday Message and Day 7 of Self Care September Challenge

I’m hoping you are taking the Self Care September journey with me. That doesn’t mean you need to start a blog and write about it if you don’t want to but maybe you can create a journal. I use my notes function on my phone during the day to write down how I’m feeling. It helps me to sort out of any issues that arises. It also helps me to remember what happened when I revisit an issue later.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had a headache but that didn’t come until after my run. I did the PHL5K that was sponsored by American Airlines and Philadelphia International Airport. It helped raise money for Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia and the Eastwick Friends and Family Coalition. I was honored to have run knowing the run was helping in amazing causes.

Habitat for Humanity helps families who might not have the opportunity to become home owners and provides them with an affordable home option. Having the home owner assist in its build helps them appreciate all that went into the home as they take on the responsibilities. It takes financial backing to provide such a mess to the communities it services and I’m glad this run provided it!

Me with the Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia team

I got up at 530 so I could gather everything needed. Thanks to my husband aka my run husband for being there with me. He doesn’t do any of the running but he acts as a coach, motivator, post snack getter, driver and photographer. I appreciate him getting up in the morning as early as we did to be there.

We did a Zumba work out and before we knew it the run began! I finished in 36 minutes and 3 seconds. While running I couldn’t keep my time. It’s the new Fitbit but I was good with the time I ran it. This is my first of this run season and I will do about 1-2 each month until Christmas!

Sunday Message

I’ve been in many times with people who wanted a private relationship but wanted to publicly distance themselves from me. I mean this from all forms of relationships not just romantic. It taught me that one anyone who has done it we’re definitely talking about me to certain groups. They didn’t want the group to know that they were good with me because in revealing that the group would be aware of not only the things the person hanging out with me said but they would be liable for what they said as well.

I think in my journey of friendships and relationships it’s been the one thing that has hurt me. I already struggle with being close to people and to know that I’m friends or in relationship with someone who doesn’t honor that relationship in all arenas is hurtful! It’s mean and it’s isn’t right. Some have asked why I no longer entertain people who are like that? My question is what is the value? None. It’s one thing to go along and not know. Once it’s revealed I have no value in being in connection with others who don’t value me. I’m not here to help wrong people feel better in their wrong. It’s not my job.

How do you get past?

You remember the value of your friendship. If there is something that the one who devalues you have brought up that you can do better with then do it. That doesn’t mean I have to sit under their table to do so. I don’t allow those types of folks into our home. My husband and I are super clear on that. Our home should be full of peace and love and anything or anyone who disturbs it won’t be in our home.

It’s a beautiful thing to be in company with those who have the same core values. This is why you don’t link in business with folks that speak unity in public but do everything but. In the blogging world I’ve seen some cut throat things. You will have folks ask you how did you get what you get not because they want to know and learn but I’ve had some bold one say “I don’t deserve…” I stop them real quick and remind them they aren’t my checker and they don’t get to determine my value. I’ve seen folks post unity and then turn around and dis-include those who don’t look like them. One thing I know even being as old as I am karma knows your true intentions and she doesn’t miss in how she handles me and anyone else for that matter.

So your mission is to be yourself. Your mission is to treat others with respect. Your mission isn’t to get everyone to like you, support you, or be there in the bad times. Your mission is to be who you say you are at all times and be the best version of yourself. If you find the private friends, disengage with them. That energy is draining you so they can leave you empty while they attempt to knock you off your game. Never let them see you sweat but sometimes work twice as hard so when they come with the “how you get here” question you can just smile and say hard work!

Happy Sunday but weed off them private sleuths you don’t need them. If they can’t celebrate you publicly let them go. Watch for the ones who don’t clap at your success trust me that’s all you need to know in how you move forward!

Day 3 of Self Care September

Like I said I’m giving you a daily blog showcasing my day. I had someone send me a message asking why is the day delayed. It’s delayed so I give you the full day. I thought that was clear but apparently it wasn’t! So each day will be blogged the next day to give a full day! I hope that makes it clear!

Any who! Yesterday was my niece’s first day of preschool. Making sure she was already to go was everything. Right now I’m helping my sister navigate through her health! With that in mind it was so special to watch my niece run off and start her day. I also had to get my own kids ready for their first day which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

Shout out to @natural.not.nappy who always gets my oldest hair slayed and ready for 5th grade! Also it wasn’t even just about getting her hair done it was great to be able to just vent and speak openly about what’s been happening these days! Also it’s never too early for adult juice! Thank you girl and (her husband K) for that compression moment!

Let me also mention I had a run in with someone who I had a run in years ago. However I felt the first time I had words I allowed them to step a line and this time it was a straight nope!! There will be no habitual line stepping this time around. I’m all for being accountable for my actions but I can be accountable and still speak authentically to people. I think I have tried to tone down my “get back” so far to not go off on folks that I’ve allowed folks too much leverage! Balance is key so there’s going to be pop off moments and moments of calm.

Next up it was time for my son to get his cut. He was so ready and excited!

It was a busy day! Between my niece, my kids hair and back to the hospital to visit my twin I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep right away! I ended up going to bed late because as a mom I had to label supplies, clean up, eat my own dinner separately, clean the house and I decided to relax by finding a new series on Netflix. I wanted to work out but I will take care of that today!

I had so many moments of frustration but trying to mask it until I had some quiet time to deal with it. I took note of every time I couldn’t let something go. I kept track of every time I found my voice escalating. I wanted to be clear that I didn’t just want to just get through the day but deal with my feelings. Even in the two disagreements (yup another one closer to the evening) I wanted to be sure that I understood what was my role and why. What did I want to get accomplished? I made a list while I watched Styling Hollywood!

So highs and lows and more understanding while I go through daily triggers. I’m hoping to be more aware of them to address them before they become an issue.

Also aren’t these cookies for our kids teacher gifts cute? Made by crystals_creations_!