2019 23rd Street Armory Oktoberfest

Oh what a night?! Oktoberfest is exactly what you would expect…food, fun, culture and beer! 23rd Street Armory has to be the biggest one I’ve attended so far.

I love the layout. You walk in and it’s fully decorated and organized. You know where the beer and food is, there’s plenty of seats, great service, and music playing!

So yes the crowds are big. Let me say they have enough people not to feel too crazy but enough that you can’t help but be friends with whom you are seated. I walked around the entire space and everyone was pleasant. I like to think it had to do with me but let’s go with the fact that it had to do with the atmosphere!

The open space is just what you need to navigate. Tickets for the event is $25. That’s not a bad starting price. I would suggest you get VIP so that you have food and your first beer included along with VIP seating. Oh and you get served. Now you don’t have to get up and get your food. You can have it brought to you!

Also because drinking and driving don’t mix consider getting the Uber VIP! Now you can have the same amenities as the regular VIP but with secured ride home. Trust me the size of these beers for even one drink will let you know that Uber or a responsible ride is where you want to be.

It’s a full on celebration with tradition food in tow! From the amazing pretzels, to the pork, sauerkraut, and to the roasted chicken you’re not going to want to miss!

You can follow me on Instagram to see some amazing performances or on my Facebook page! I loved it!

Shout out to Nick! Nick celebrated his 21st birthday! I don’t know of a better place than to celebrate drinking beer!

Now did I enjoy myself? Absolutely! I love beer and all things Oktoberfest that’s why I’ve been making my rounds!

I want to leave you with the link so you can get in the building and have a great time!

Tonight (Saturday October 19) it’s from 1-5 and then again from 7:30-11:30! Make your way and get your tickets here!! Trust me the tickets sell out fast! It’s always a hit so get them as early as you can!


Linvilla Orchards 2019

I love going to Linvilla! It reminds me of home. I live in Philadelphia but I’m from Lancaster PA! One of the hardest things was not feeling some of the country feels that Lancaster provides when I first moved! When I moved I was so sad feeling like I would have to travel just to get that feel. I started to find ways to make Philadelphia home and so I googled and and one of my first discoveries was Linvilla Orchards.

At the time when I first went I only had two of my 3 kids. They were so young. I mean my son had to be 1 and my oldest was 3. I needed to find parts of home without running to Lancaster just to find a familiar place. After the first visit I made Linvilla Orchards our yearly trip!

My children ages 1 and 3 now 8 and 10

Oh how we have grown over the years of coming to this family treasure. It means the world to me to have this be our tradition. Since my first year we also have included other family as well. Why do I love Linvilla? Going during Pumpkinland is everything Fall you can expect. There are hayrides, the Garden Center to choose your pumkins, apple throwing, corn and straw bale mazes, kids playgrounds, pony rides, train rides, friendly witch hayrides, apple picking, and of course the most amazing food ever.

Garden Center

This is where you pick your own pumkins! The prices are everything! They have pumpkins and gourds in every size!

The displays are always larger than life it’s almost the way to know you have definitely arrived

Pony Rides

Although when I went this time they didnt pony rides available until right around the time I left. They are always a fan favorite!

Train Rides

Although Linvilla doesn’t charge admission or parking there is a fee for train and pony rides and they take cash. Meaning you need to either use the ATM at the Farm Market or bring cash of your own!


It’s completely closed and there is a section for the younger kids and the older kids and both are super close so you can supervise kids between the ages. This made it easier for when my kids were younger not to feel like they one couldn’t participate or would be knocked down by an older child!

There is a $1.00 admission paid in cash and children and adults must wash their hands exiting to help cut down on the spread of germs!

Corn Maze

Although I’m from Lancaster and love corn mazes I seem to always get stuck. This time I used the flag to help locate me. I’m happy to say I didn’t need it this time but I was definitely prepared! Corn mazes are always a great time. You do need tickets for that but you can purchase tickets with cash or credit/debit card.

Corn mazes are always instant fun. I went by myself and it was a blast! Do not worry I’ll be taking the kids soon!

Straw bale Maze


Food is always a good idea! There are three things I will NEVER leave Linvilla without and that’s corn, apple cider donuts, and apple cider/apple cider slushes! These are an absolute must!

I also had a cherry limeade!

The food options are endless! There are many food options from the grill, funnel cake, etc.

Ship Bottom Brewery Garden

This is open during the weekends! This is always a great idea. Beers must be kept in the garden areas! Adding a little adult drink fun is clutch! Always remember not to drink and drive!


This is a must! This is where you can get in season bakery goods. You also can get cakes and those infamous apple cider donuts from above!


I love Fall Hayrides! The ability to be at Linvilla Orchards to learn how this is a family owned Orchard is amazing. Passed down from generation to generation you see the pride in the upkeep! You get to see their fruits that are planted and see the land for what it is-simply beautiful!

Hayrides are definitely pay as you ride! One ticket per rider is necessary. If you have seasonal allergies I would suggest to take your allergy medicine before you come. Bring a scarf or a small blanket to cover your face from the dust that will pick up. Also have your inhaler if necessary. My kids has asthma and allergies but do extremely well on the hayride!!

For those who love Halloween there are friendly witch hayrides to the witches house that include apple cider drinks and a campfire at the end.

There are a lot of activities for kids and adults of all ages. You really can make the trip what you want. Some people break their trips and make multiples trips or you can cram it all into an one time visit. Keep in mind that Linvilla Orchards is open all year round minus a few holiday closings!

This is a must for all of your Fall fun! They also have fun all year long including pick your own Christmas tree that starts in November!

To find more information please visit Linvilla Orchards!

Thank you to the hands down amazing staff who allowed me time to visit. You were all so hospitable! From making me feel comfortable to the warm welcome!! I look forwards to coming back!

Of course follow me on Instagram as you never know where I may end up. I hope that you have an amazing Fall Season. This should be a time for slowing down, family and friend fun, and a time for being grateful for all that we have!

This sums up what Linvilla Orchards to me!

Old City Fest 2019

I love the Fall! I love festivals and to combine them both is always a treat! If you follow me on Instagram and you should you know for a while now I had been posting and raving about how great Old City Fest would be. However with all of the hype did it pass the Toitimeblog test?

Yes it did! There was amazing food, drinks, things for the kids to do (not that I took my own), music, and fun and amazing weather. It couldn’t have been a better Sunday funday? It had all of the key elements! I actually didn’t eat when I got home because I was super stuffed! I love walking around, meeting new people, and trying new food.

I of course stopped at Cuba Libre! I love their food and drinks. They ran out of their branded coconuts but the mojitos were still amazing. I had another event to go to right before and the mojito was right on time. They had classic and mango and of course I got mango! Something about fruit flavored mojitos that turn a mood!

Can we talk about dessert before I get to food? I had never had icecream at Franklin Icecream before! I know it seems as if after almost 9 years there are still a list of things I haven’t done! However can I just say hands down they by far have the best vegan pumpkin icecream I’ve had this season! I’m more than willing to be challenged on this but it’s true!

I had some amazing food from Makhani but I think in all of my greediness I didn’t get a picture. I was doing more filming and recording. I also loved seeing all of the diverseness from the crowd. Also special love to all of those who had their dogs out as well!

So what did you miss? Overload of vendors in a good way! Not one time did I feel as if something didn’t catch my eye. From vendors offering chances for free services, to samples, to food purchases, drink purchases, an amazing DJ, about a 4 block radius of fun, it was filled and jam packed! I saw nothing but smiles from everyone I saw. It’s always great to shut down a few blocks and walk around carefree for a little while! To experience the city coming together was beautiful!

Who doesn’t love a great Fall photo op?!

I loved that Old City Fest had a great mix! I hope to see you there next year? The crowd was everything!

Photo by Kory Aversa

So next time Old City Fest comes into town make sure you find your space to enjoy the fun!

Parx Casino and Avril Lavigne Oh What A Night

I’m not a gambling woman but I couldn’t have bet that I would have a full blast at the Avril Lavigne concert last night! I love Avril Lavigne. Her lyrics are always on point from getting through a break up to being a bad ass woman, she holds nothing back. Oh and I think she not only sounded great but better than before!

Let me back it up before we even talk about Avril Lavigne especially since the whole Parx Casino was a whole experience. As soon as we arrived and valet the car I knew this was going to be an amazing night! Valet was super easy and even for me who will have issues with anxiety going to a new place they took it right away. Oh and FYI valet was only $15 and when it came for pick up it took less than a minute no lie to get my car back!

We walked through the Casino and of course I just love seeing people playing and enjoying themselves. We went to meet our party for dinner. We were having dinner at Liberty Bell. This is a great sit down option within the casino. There is also an Italian restaurant as well as a food court. By far it’s one of the best food options inside of a Casino!

We were greeted with a smile and escorted to our party. The options were endless. The menu has something for everyone. I got the Wild Mushroom Crostini. Talk about amazing…

I also sampled some of the Clay Pot Crispy Fire Shrimp.

Can we just take the time to appreciate these food pictures. They taste just as amazing as they look!

We can’t forget about drinks right?! After a long week and a traffic full ride to Parx, these were necessary! Since I like my drinks in pairs I tried two cocktails! No judgement!

This is the I’ll have another; casamigos reposado, cucumber, fresh lime and ginger

Red sangria

Can we talk about main courses?!!

I had the Impossible Burger!

My girl Josephine came along and she had the Crispy Chicken sandwich!

Oh and to have options; we tried the Fish and Chips!

I love that once the options game we all just shared together like a family. It was a lot of fun!

Can we talk about dessert? I really didn’t have room for any but hey you got to enjoy life while you can right?!

I give you the Apple Tart! Amazing, not too sweet, warm and gooey!

It was time to go to the concert and I couldn’t be more excited!!! It was amazing! I can’t put into words how well Avril sounded! She was amazing! She sang all of the classic songs as well as songs from the Head Above Water album. People were standing up from the time she started until she stopped!

Photo by Kory Aversa

Now this is experience was so amazing and I’m thinking the night is over! Nope I was wrong!

I stopped inside of the Sportsbook! Can we talk about drop down show stopping greatness?! It’s a place for you to come and place your sporting bets and it’s the most phenomenal place not only for your eyes but it’s number one in the state! 155 feet of television that wraps around-it’s a definite must see. While there you can also order food and drinks and sit in the most comfortable chairs.

On to the Beer Garden! I’ve been to quite a few of them within this year and this tops them all. It’s huge, open and gorgeous!

And yes they have amazing beers and drinks! One of the surprises is that they have amazing frozen drinks. Sometimes when you order a frozen drink by the time you drink it it’s not as good. These were good and strong!

Overall I would go back to Parx Casino. There are great options for food. Great drinks. Of course gambling for those who enjoy it. Xcite Center which has hosted some of the most amazing stars. As well as great customer care. You will enjoy your time and you should look ahead as they have some amazing acts coming!

Also check out my Insta stories for more footage!

Thanks to Parx Casino for hosting us. Thanks Aversa PR! Thank you to my girl Josephine for coming and having a blast!

A Feast for A Feast: Iron Hill Brewery

From now until October 17, 2019 you can indulge in Iron Hill Brewery’s Oktoberfest Menu.  We know that during an Oktoberfest you can expect  lots of beers as well as amazing food.  Traditional Oktoberfest foods include roasted chicken, roasted pork, Wurstl (sausages), Brezen (pretzels), Knodel (potato or flour dumplings), potato cakes, etc.  Food and beer go hand and hand and Iron Hill Brewery has you covered.

Iron Hill Brewery is known for making fresh food made from scratch. Also they also brew all of their beers in house. You can expect the high level of quality when you drink a beer at any of their locations!

They have an amazing menu and you are going to definitely want to try it.  Instead of a copy of their menu how about a picture of the real thing.  If you are asking, yes everything tastes well.  Since I didn’t overindulge I definitely took the leftovers to my husband and he gave his high stamp of approval as well.

Apple and Butternut Squash Soup

This is by far my favorite soup. I literally could and would go back for more. It’s not too sweet, savory, and smooth and made with autumn spiced creme.

Harvest Salad

This is served with goat cheese croquette, dried cherries, poached pears, apples, pistachios, and apple cider vinaigrette. I personally took out the goat cheese but the rest of it was amazing.

Oktoberfest Egg Rolls

This has bratwurst, Vienna red lager bacon sauerkraut, cheddar, green onion, and a beer mustard sauce to dip!

Pan seared salmon

Potato croquettes, shaved brussel sprouts with bacon and almond, and a sweet mustard dill sauce. (As always tell your server if you have allergens or dietary restrictions as they will accommodate you)

Huhner Schnitzel

Pan fried chicken cutlets, haricots verts and almond, buttery egg noodles, and lemon herb sauce


German style meatloaf, buttery smashed Yukon gold potatoes, Vienna red lager braised red cabbage, carmelized onions, Abbey Dubbel Ale Sauce

Jaeger Schnitzel

Pan fried pork cutlets, herbed spaetzel, haricots verts, roasted mushroom Wee Heavy Ale sauce

For dessert:

Apple Bread Pudding

So yes these selections are available for you to purchase. They are not all grouped like this on the menu as a one price gets all-needed to give you this disclaimer. However you can enjoy these selections until October 17 and trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. They are available at all Iron Hill Breweries! Great tasting food with amazing customer service. Grab a friend or two and enjoy!

Oh and you know we can’t leave the beer our because what is Oktoberfest without beer?!

This is the Oktoberfest beer. It’s amazing. If you like flights of beers instead you can try a flight of 4oz. as well.

Thank you to Phillyfoodgal for arranging the lunch experience and to Iron Hill Brewery Center City Location for the hospitality.

Tinsel: Halloween POP Up Bar

It’s officially Halloween season and that means you are going to want a spot to hang out and enjoy the festivities. You’re perfect one stop shop that gives you all of the nostalgia is Tinsel.

Tinsel known for its amazing Christmas nostalgia has turned their sights on Halloween. I must say they have done an amazing job giving you head to toe fun. It’s Halloween’s Halloween. So what will you see exactly:

This is the entrance of the bar from the outside. It already gives you clues that when you walk in you’re in for a spooky treat!

This is the spider walk way! I’m actually afraid of spiders real or imagined so I kind of walked fast. I got this shot right before I left!

They left no corner bare. From chopped up body parts to babies….

In case you’re asking where are the bottoms…

Yes there is so much to see. It’s like all of the Halloween movies in one. Every feeling of Halloween comes alive. And to think that this bar has amazing drinks to add to your fright…

They also have beers for non cocktail drinkers but the cocktails are the fun parts to me!

This is the Ecto Cooler Shot and you get to keep your shot glass! Oh and there’s a gummi brain at the bottom! It was sooo good. You have to check my Instagram for the smoky fun! In case you’re asking for research purposes I had all of the drinks. I am a drink specialist and let me say they are alllllllll good and strong. Seriously my next day headache is proof positive. I ranked my favorites:

  1. Ecto cooler shot-cause duh smoke, gummi brain and taste
  2. Candy corn
  3. Caramel apple
  4. Undertaker
  5. Craned del Azukar

Caramel apple

These are the bar tops

So you need to get into Tinsel before it’s too late! Tinsel Halloween Pop up Bar opens this Thursday starting at 5! Costumes are optional but you know me when they say come dressed I come dressed!

I was a firefly and yes my tail is lit literally!! Pictures courtesy of my blogger friend Phillyfoodgal!

To say I had a good time was an understatement! The vibes were amazing and shout out to the bartenders who not only were in formation but they also had a good time dancing-you can see that on my Instagram stories and in my Philly Review section should you need to see it past the 25 hour mark-we all know how Instastories work!

Shout out to the photographer who tried it when he said say I love Satan-that was my response like Satan you tried it nice one though!

Run not walk and have the most Halloween fun you didn’t know you needed at Tinsel!

Monday Motivation:

It’s almost a new month. It’s time to keep grinding. We are almost to the last quarter of the year. This can bring a sense of focus for some. For others it can be about a place of anguish.

What have you done for your year? What goals have you accomplished? If you have a place of panic coming up with the answers; let me give you a suggestion to help you focus and take control of your year. It can be overwhelming if you feel as if you have allowed your year to get away from you. Not every year will you crush your goals and feel like a boss. If I’m honest I’ve had some years where I felt like I didn’t do much of anything. Let’s have that moment now. That moment of not traveling enough, not working hard enough, not landing the perfect job, not getting the guy or girl you wanted…the list goes on.

Feeling like you’re not enough won’t just happen or attempt to pop up the night before the New Year. This is a daily struggle. It comes up the most when you decide to focus on those around you. Comparison can be the devil! It really is. Just trying to figure where you fit with those around you has to be checked. I mean you will forever find others doing better than you. Even those who seem to have it altogether struggle.

My suggestion is to be honest for where you are NOW! Be honest with who you are and where and why you are where you are! If you attempt to tell yourself that you should be somewhere and you’re not there it’s going to bother you! Take control of your emotions so you can find yourself able to make strategic decisions on how to finish the year out. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do for 9 months focus on what you can do in the next 3.

I would rather finish strong for 3 than to have a full 12 on the line. You have to change your perspective. You can make great waves for the last 3 months. It’s a choice! It’s a mindset. One of the biggest stops in life isn’t in our finances, connections, or abilities but the mind. As soon as you will yourself to defeat without a reset you will wallow! Make one step towards changing your mindset and you can soar towards any goal. I would rather have myself in goal setting position than to have to start from scratch. You can make the decision today to work out and become healthier irregardless to what you haven’t done thus far. Today can be it!

So what are you going to do? Waste another 3 months worrying about the 9 months you had? Are you going to finish strong and develop long lasting new goals? How about new healthier habits for 3 months that jumps and sparks into a New Year? Your mind has to evolve from a all or nothing mentality. You will lose yourself trying to build Rome in a day instead of making sure the foundation by which Rome is built is solid! You are Rome and Rome needs stability instead of this stop and start mentality.

Picking up 3 projects just for the sake of saying you did it isn’t the answer! Finishing goals is! Knowing your foundation is laid is the key. Instead of a quick diet plan you replace it with lifetime choices. Nothing worse than dropping weight fast and having it come back faster! You can drop the weight in all areas of your life by building a stable foundation to help you maintain what you get.

So let’s refocus on what’s really important. Slow building with the right foundation will help you maintain when others who tinkered past you collapse. You can be the tortoise but you got to be smart. The ideal is to work smarter not harder! To work efficiently and not lazily! You got this. Bow break out that pen and make some promises to yourself. Write it down and then write down how to make it happen. Wake up daily and push towards it! Let’s put blinders on watching others pass you. When you see it have solid folks on your team that will check your back into stability! You can make it happen! Let’s refocus this last quarter!