Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year. Its Spring. A time to open a few windows, to deep clean, to get things in order, and get out a little bit. Weather change is good for everyone. I have said it a million and one times but it rings true. Spring starts the time when if you had whatever excuse for not getting outside those excuses start to be less and less. Walking each day for 10-15 minutes a day helps and aids in decreased stress levels. Get out a little bit and get some fresh air. If its raining, bring an umbrella but get outside and breath.

A few things to consider for Spring Cleaning:

Physical cleaning is beautiful. Washing down walls, cleaning baseboards, cleaning out stoves, washing drapes are all important. Moving what I like to call  is Winter’s air out of your home is important. I break up my Spring cleaning by using a calendar to assist me. I take and break up the bigger projects and schedule them in-between all that I have on my plate. It’s important to brighten the home. I bring in some color too. It helps to brighten the mood on days of rain. Either way take the time to clean up your home. Wash blankets and comforters too. They need some washing before you put them up. Take that time to make big projects into smaller ones.

person using mop on floor
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Emotional cleaning is just as important too. Clear out space from bad breakups or bad or overdue relationships on all levels. Its time to pack and retire them. Anything that disturbs your peace has to go. It should be non-negotiable. Make your emotional and mental health a priority. It may be time to go to therapy or counseling. It may be time to cut off damaging relationships of all kinds. Whatever it is make it a priority to seek out whatever help you need.

close up of woman having manicure
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Take care of your temple. When was the last time you got a checkup? When was the last time you went to the dentist? Women was the last time you went to the gynecologist or had your breasts examined? Men how about your prostate? It’s time.  Get these things on the calendar and go to them.  Your health is your wealth. Get things done. Your body needs to be looked after. What about the gym?  Portion control? Eating the right foods on a consistent bases. I hear people talk about big sins like lying, killing, etc but you do know its a sin and should be a shame to sit and let your body go down the drain and you have the power to fix it. How about bad habits you need to work on?  Cutting back on alcohol? Stop smoking? Make health a priority. Are you drinking enough water? Lets get it back under control.  After you do that, get a hair cut, change your color, get your nails done, keep yourself up not to attract anyone or to keep someone in love with you.  Make you in love with you all over again!