Few Reminders

There are a few things that I feel should be normal to remember and keep as a focus but we tend to be forgetful from time to time as time goes on:

Spiritual Conscience

  • Who do you serve? Get back in alignment with that
  • Learn to pray
  • Gather with those who are like-minded; not just Bed Side Baptist or internet service all the time
  • Get an accountability partner that you trust and want to build with
  • If you are doing a prayer circle, keep the focus on prayer and not a time to talk about folks unless someone brings you an issue say a general prayer for them
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Health Conscience

  • Wash your hands daily several times a day-Flu season and beyond washing your hands is super important. You should wash your hands as soon as you go into a new setting but definitely when you enter your home.
  • Keep tissues on you to attempt to blow your nose into a tissue, a few since you can capture the sneeze and hold the germs at bay.
  • Drink your water. It literally makes the body work as a whole that much better. From bladder to clearing acne, there are a lot of advantages to keeping water with you and in and minding your business, they go hand in hand
  • Take your vitamins, this is the key to helping you with a good healthy lifestyle
  • Keep all Check ups-yes there are copays at times but its better than finding out serious matters later on and costing you more money
  • Work out-I know Fall is here and soon so will Winter and we want to stay fluffy but the purpose works to help clear your mind, keep your body in shape, etc.  I have said it before there are far too many free YouTube workouts to make an excuse if you can sit in front of your television, you can work out. You can even work out while you watch television but get it done.

Mind Conscience 

  • Self-care is daily care-everyday, don’t let a day go by-take care of YOU
  • Stop accepting invitations and you know it will bother you-if I will complain, be upset, get irritated, etc. it’s a NO and it don’t matter who it is, say NO
  • Don’t help anyone when your plate is too full that it will overwhelm you-emergencies is one thing, but always taking on too much is a NO
  • Stop making excuses for what people see in you and call everyone a hater-everyone ain’t telling the same lie.  You might be unlikable either accept it and walk alone (and stop complaining about it) but you can’t have it where you want to be around others but won’t work on you
  • Get therapy if you need it-you can either walk around holding on to everything and fail behind the scenes or look like a temporary failure in the forefront as you gather your emotions behind the scenes-you choose
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Body Conscience

  • Take your health seriously set goals and work towards them
  • Stop eating the bad things all the time looking for change-be the change
  • Make sure what ever physical image you put out is what you love.  If you don’t like something than balance working through it
  • Your hair, your face, your image is all about you stop dressing and looking like a puppet for others. Love yourself even in the temporary state you are in.  This is so true especially if you just started or plan to start working out. Your body where it is needs the same cap and love you will give it when you get to your ideal state.
  • You can do anything you put your mind to do, so get up and get it done. Set work out goals and crush them even at home. You do not need a gym your home is a gym. I spend more time working out at home than the gym these days. Get it done.
  • Eat right-its more important than working out daily. You can work out and still be unhealthy if what you consume is overly unhealthy. Your portions matter. Your choices matter. Your choices should look like a rainbow when you eat. This means you are getting great veggies and fruit. Cut sugar, and drink less alcohol. I drink trust me but do your research on some of your pretty cocktails. Its better to have a shot of something than some of the pretty eye-catching cocktails. The more you know the better equipped you can be when you are home or out and about.
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