Holiday Edition

April 2020

So April isn’t going the way any of us had imagined. Right now we are all quarantined. No one could have imagined this outcome. No One! With that in mind we have to keep calm and take each day one at a time. I know that many are in dire situations and remaining calm doesn’t come as easily but hope is what you cling onto in dark times. In dark times we miss seeing the light. Not being able to see it doesn’t mean its not coming. It simply means its taking a little ways to get to us.


COVID-19 has changed the things that we hold dear to us.  I haven’t seen my  parents or sibling and family in a while.  Over 30 events that I would have been apart of have cancelled or postponed. I am a home school parent now.  Life is happening. I am still grateful for life. I am still hopeful that if we can keep our loved ones safe that it’s what s best. Events will refill our lives. Celebrations will continue. However this will be our forever life. So stay home and help flatten this curve. Help those that you can. Wash your hands and keep surfaces as clean as you can!


I am doing my best to keep the kids going. People forget that kids sense and have their own stress. Do what you can to help them adjust. Work with your partner if you are blessed to have one. Take breaks and go to another room if you can. Find ways to connect with loved ones. Pick up a phone more. Show love to all that’s possible.

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