Holiday Edition

December 2019

We are into the holiday season for sure. Christmas trees abs lights up. It’s ok for all of us to play holiday music and wear all the red we can stand. I will get a thousand invitations and gift exchanges. If you have been following me you know the power of NO! You know how strong I feel about the power of No! I want all of us to exercise your NO muscles so you can enjoy your time!! Balance your Christmas plans this season!

December Holidays are provided by Holiday Insights

My kids are small so I get to enjoy their excitement. My oldest who is 10 is fully aware that Santa isn’t real! The joys of kids being in school. However we talked about the spirit of giving to others so she’s not going to spoil her siblings’ joy! She’s such a great little girl to be honest! With that in mind Christmas week I will have all blogs preplanned and edited to post so I can enjoy them. We do our gingerbread houses, fun, hot chocolate bar and movie nights, etc.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!