Holiday Edition

November 2019

Start planning your Thanksgiving meal we are one month away to ending 2019.  I must say I have enjoyed this wave of learning, loving, and disconnecting where I needed to. The thankfulness is beyond anything I can think and receive at times.

I am determined to end strong and secure love and peace.  One thing about life is that it can be a piece of work. I get through by taking the time to understand what I want and put on the shades on others’ accomplishments. What others do well should be celebrated but not fully mimicked.

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My goal is to always make my own dinner no matter where we travel for Thanksgiving. Drink wine and have fun. I hope the day is filled with love and I plan to do my part to make it so!

As much as this month will be about gratefulness I get a bit irritated when I hear people say that they cant stand hearing about what others should speak about daily  when it comes to being grateful. Being grateful is the only way to push through and find joy in this dark world.  I would love hearing about grateful fluctuates when you don’t remind yourself its about saying thank you for all you do to yourself, to life, to expectations. etc.

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