Holiday Edition

August 2018

August is here and this means that fun is on and popping but soon will come to a close.  Don’t let Summer fly by and you are looking miserable.  Labor Day is soon coming and that’s like Summer’s closing party.  Make sure that you plan an epic party even if its for a small crowd.  I plan on using my normal go to Pintrest to assist me in planning something for my kids.  When you have kids you have an instant party!  Have some fun!

If you are going to a cookout of some sort please pay attention to these rules:

  • Do NOT invite extra people without permission from your host
  • Please bring something tasty AND edible to share
  • Do NOT make your to go plate as soon as you get to the event; that will be the one way to not get invited again
  • Have fun but leave the drama at home
  • Drink responsibly

Thanks to Holiday Insights we can be ready for all of the holidays as they come.

August 2018 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Day-thanks to Holiday Insights

1 National Girlfriends Day

1 National Mountain Climbing Day

1 National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

3 Grab Some Nuts Day

3 International Beer Day – First Friday in August

3 National Watermelon Day

4 Campfire Day – First Saturday in August

4 International Hangover Day – First Saturday in August

4 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

4 U.S. Coast Guard Day

4 National Clown Day – Satuday during International Clown Week

National Mustard Day first Saturday

5 Friendship Day – First Sunday in August

5 International Forgiveness Day – First Sunday in August

5 National Underwear Day

5 Sisters Day – First Sunday in August

5 Work Like a Dog Day

6 Wiggle Your Toes Day

7 National Lighthouse Day

8 Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – now that’s nasty!

9 Book Lover’s Day

10 Lazy Day

10 National S’mores Day

11 Presidential Joke Day

11 Son and Daughter Day

12 Middle Child’s Day

13 Left Hander’s Day

14 National Creamsicle Day

14/15 V-J Day – which date do you celebrate as the end of WWII?

15 Relaxation Day – now this one’s for me!

16 National Tell a Joke Day

17 Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day – 7th day of 7th Lunar Month

17 National Thriftshop Day

18 Bad Poetry Day

18 National Honey Bee Awareness Day – Third Saturday

19 Aviation Day

19 National Potato Day

20 National Radio Day

20 World Mosquito Day

21 National Spumoni Day

21 Senior Citizen’s Day

22 Be an Angel Day

22 National Tooth Fairy Day – and/or February 28

23 Ride the Wind Day

24 Vesuvius Day

25 Kiss and Make Up Day

26 National Dog Day

26 Women’s Equality Day

27 Global Forgiveness Day

27 Just Because Day

28 Race Your Mouse Day -but we are not sure what kind of “mouse”

29 More Herbs, Less Salt Day

30 Frankenstein Day

30 Toasted Marshmallow Day

31 National Eat Outside Day

31 National Trail Mix Day