I graduated from Penn State University in 2003 and started working immediately. After a few years I had my first daughter and moved to Philadelphia.  See my post 5 Years Down to find out about how the move from a small town to a large city went.  In addition to a toddler and another one on the way, I went through postpartum depression.  It was about 3 months before I even figured out what was going on.  I was a stay at home mom and didn’t feel like I had the support that I needed.  Often times people are there for us, but we don’t receive it.  So I was drowning.

I needed an outlet and I was headed back into the work place.  My first outlet was Twitter. Yes social media was where I could be light and actually talk to others about things I was concerned with other than my children.  Then the ToiTime blog was birthed over a year ago.  It was after I dealt with my depression and was able to put into words my own experiences in my daily life to help others.

Since then ToiTime has grown from just a few hits to over 10,000 hits.  That’s amazing to me.  I also have been in over 20 countries.  Some of these countries I myself haven’t even visited but with the internet you can go anywhere and I am grateful for that. ToiTime is finding new ways to keep fresh perspective on some topics that we all face.

You never know where your dream wings will take you once you learn how to fly. Since then ToiTime has been read in more countries than I’ve personally visited.

I plan to nourish it and let it grow.


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