Friday Check in

So in 2018 and 2019 I used to a Friday recap. I have decided to change the name to Friday Check in. The reason is super simple. We don’t do enough checking in on our strong friends. I want to encourage you to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and see how they are doing. Do NOT text them or message them on social media. Actually do a call in to them to see how they are doing.

These are some next level conversations starters to help you. When you ask how they are doing, listen to their response. Ask a follow up question so you can move away from “ok” responses to really asking about them. Talk to them somewhere you can give them your attention and be free from distraction. Really listen to them. Ask them what their goals are the month or week. Again this moves away from responses of “ok” “I’m good” because underneath those quick responses could be someone who may need a listening ear. I had a friend that I spoke to about a few weeks ago. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was struggling. I didn’t leave it at that level of answering I asked her why and what could she change that might bring perspective. That level of questioning allowed her space to feel safe enough to open up and she stated she felt better.

We have to do more than allow our friends to simply be at the level that we interact with on social media. They deserve more. As much as people complain that life is all about social media, doing a check in is one way we can take that complaint and turn it into a meaningful change. Small change leads to greatness. If one person checks in with a friend it would make the world a little better one person at a time. Trust me. 

Personal Check In

Along with a check in I will give my suggestions on what I think you could do for your weekend to feed your soul, mind, body and spirit. We have to find ways in order to make us stronger from the inside out. Here is how you can do that?


How many books have you started to read this year? Yes I am aware that we are only in week one but the reality is that if we ask this often, we can increase the books that we read. Also do you journal? I am in a journal challenge with several of my friends to help increase our writing. It will helps us in our spiritual journeys and offer a place for us to be able to clear our heads a bit as a self-care helper along the way. Writing it on paper releases things inside of us that we can work through. 


Get active. I know its cold here at least, but get out. I run on Sundays with a group of women. You might be giving me major side eye on running in the cold. However you can go to the gym or turn your living room into a free gym and get moving. Start out with dedicated 30 minutes of activity. Also you can watch your favorite television show or make a bomb playlist and you won’t even realize you were moving. Getting active does more for our minds than just our waistlines. You do realize Summer bodies are created in the Winter. 


This is a personal journey for you. Some like to go to their house or place of worship. I know some who reference podcasts from their favorite spiritual leader. This is not my place to judge. I do encourage you to be consistent. You can’t get right without consistency. It doesn’t have to be stuffy. 


This is hard. It takes a lot of work to peel away some of the things that have been pulling at your heart. A soul cleansing is raw and in a lot of ways painful. I find ways to forgive during soul searches. I find ways to reflect where I am wrong. You see the main word choice-I! You have to do the work. I am simply the vessel encouraging you to do the work.

So on this Friday this is my Check in Moments. There will be more trust me and I will even reveal my check in highs and lows. Make sure you check in with a friend. I don’t want to hear about lack of time either-I run my blog like a full time business, wife, mom, I keep a clean home and cook some bomb meals and I still find time to check in with friends. 

To my friends, answer your damn phone I’m calling.

I love for all of my work to be shared (properly) but I would love this message to be lifted the most. Let’s check in with others and show love along the way. 


National Healthy Weight and Healthy Look Day

 We all know by now that weight and health are super important. You can be healthy at plus size and the same goes for those who are considered skinny. I know plenty of conventional skinny women who are super unhealthy and don’t try to change their habits because according to society they are the look everyone needs to be in order to be considered healthy. There are people who are going to have an issue with every weight level to be honest. What matters most is how you feel when you look in the mirror.

How do you feel?

Let’s talk about that part and not dwell on scales? When you take your clothes off and look in the mirror area you proud of the body you have? Even with all the flaws, dimples, and whatever else you attempt to zone in; do you love your body? If the answer is no than add another question to your day.  Do you consider yourself healthy? This matters too because I know some physically fit women who are a beast in the health world if you match them up against those who don’t consider themselves to be health nut. If you look in the mirror and see someone who is healthy; let’s change that.

Off scale victories

When I was doing Weight Watchers one of the things, I learned to apply across my life was off scale victories. This didn’t mean I didn’t care about my numbers, but I cared more about the things happening with my health that couldn’t be measured. How I felt in an outfit that once was snug that droops is important. Feeling confident enough to wear a midriff shirt is important. Wearing a two-piece bathing suit with no cover up is important to me. What are your off-scale victories or goals? These are the things you focus on more than what others think your body type should appear.

Healthier Version of Yourself

I want you to be healthy. If you can’t climb a flight of steps without being winded, we need to change that. If you can’t play with your children without calling a time out due to tiredness,we need to change that. I am not talking about you doing what I do and signing up for marathons or races. We need you to be healthy because no matter what job in life you have you can’t do it being unhealthy. Health is wealth. If you are always sick you can’t make a full honest living. You will run your sick time to the ground.  Take some time to get your health in alignment for life. You owe it to yourself to do so. 

Doctor Needed

I need you to start your year off not just buying new work out clothes that may sit, I need you to make an appointment and get a physical. This will allow you to get on a scale, know your numbers, get your blood drawn and talk about a realistic game plan. Are we on team skinny? NOPE. We are on team healthy. A healthier weight goal is more important than going to a size small whatever small means to you. Get a physical and know where you are so you have a chance to get right. Ladies let’s also include an appointment to the OBGYN. Hate it or love it the OBGYN doctor can screen for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, STDs, and other gynecological health that we need to be cleared of. Also make a dental appointment. If you haven’t been to the dentist in over a year or years, lets start that up this year. Make an appointment to have your eyes examined. Let’s really live our best lives by making sure we are healthy!

FYI I had a frozen daiquiri you can do all things in moderation and I ran the 10 mile run the next morning!

Disturbing News

What happens when you go to the doctors and deliver bad news? Take a deep breath and instead of going on the attack find ways to use the information to be better. I went to the doctors found out how much overweight I was and that my feminine health was a disaster waiting to happen. I probably would have bled out to be honest it was that bad. I was gaining weight because I had all kinds of issues happening. Health doesn’t always just go away. Not dealing with it doesn’t make it better on its own. We must step up to the plate and do better. I am not going to lie and act as if I felt immediately great because that would be a lie. I told myself at least I am in the hearing way to hear the news and do something about it. Instead of my husband having to read my issues on an autopsy report. I changed the way I viewed the information and made myself do the work.

Work, Work, Work

I am not talking about where you clock in or what you do to make the coins, I am talking about the work it will take to change your life. I had to change how I ate. I changed how I moved. I got active even on days where I was exhausted-my new life required work. Its going to feel like crap to change your unhealthy views on what it is that you have already been doing. Let’s step it up and make ourselves feel better in every way. I felt better knowing I had done what needed to be done to be healthier. Did I lose weight? Yes, but the shedding of the pounds was more about mental and emotional issues than physical. 

Can we all improve?

Every one of us can. I still do things to switch it up. This year (you know how I feel about my cups) I bought a cup that has simple measurements. I use it in conjunction with my water app to measure my water intake. I used to do flavored water but now I am fine with regular filtered water with my measuring marks because physically it allowed me to see my progress. 

2019 Broad Street Run training now for 2020 this will be my 3rd Broad Street Run

I still work out and recently added my outside runs back into the mix.  I had taken a break when I became the caregiver to my twin. She’s on the mend now so I can get back to the things that I enjoy. Running is about mental health and the ability to push my body in ways I hadn’t imagined. It also gives me something physical to look forward to starting my week right. I am also back to using my food app to measure carbs alone. Being vegan is great if you eat whole fresh foods but some of these vegan popular options have to be limited. The calories alone in them are out of pocket. I am more conscience of what I pack. I also pack my food again. Simple solutions helps keep me accountable and I know it will assist me in the long run. 

Photo taken January 4, 2020

So, on National Healthy Weight and Healthy Look lets celebrate all body types and encourage each other to be accountable to ourselves first to making 2020 about health and not about a certain number on a scale. Let’s celebrate the wins of choosing ourselves everyday. Let’s make smarter choices about our daily activity levels and food options. Let’s make breakfast a priority and packing better snacks for our day. Let’s get back to eating well and eating right so we can get it right!

Check Folks

I have never been the type to call someone out for weight. If you see someone overnight there’s a way to approach them in love with concern. There is something truly rude to call someone out on their weight to embarrass them or make them feel small. I’m checking all folks this year. It’s usually the ones who are unhealthy themselves calling someone out! This year check them! Stop going home crying and not speaking up for yourself. We all know what I’m talking about-the ones who say it and smile like their playing!! Nope check them! Work on you for sure but don’t let someone make you feel like crap because they want to dump on you!!

Wine Dive Philly

So, I am a Wino for all intent purposes. I love a great wine. I have wine shirts and there’s never a time when I don’t have a bottle or more in my home. I believe that wine drinkers are the best folks on the planet. Too far? Not for such an occasion as the Wine Dive. This is going to attract all the wine lovers to come and have a sip or more and I am here for it. I know everyone has their vice, but this swanky new spot is going to be the talk of the town.

What makes Wine Dive so special?

You can come in and chat and chew with your friends at the bar or grab a table. They offer a huge selection of wine, cocktails, beers and ciders for you to include your friends who aren’t wine enthusiast.  They also have an amazing wine cellar that you can choose a bottle for any occasion to take with you as well. The bottles are the cutest as you sit across from your wine friends and catch up. I literally can’t wait to grab a couple of girlfriends in the near future and make this our spot. The Wine Dive combines having the convenience of a wine store and bar mixed. The idea is to come and grab a bottle but stay for a glass before you head out. The Wine Dive is going to make and mix socializing and wine buying as a great marriage of fun.

The media and VIP nights are always a fun time. Aversa PR hada huge crowd. From the small bites to the wines and cocktails it made for a fun evening. I loved how by the way Wine Dive is attached to the Cambridge that we were able to try out cocktails from both sides as well too. The seating in the Wine Dive is nice and makes for less crowded space than your contemporary bar.  It allows a more intimate style seating for you and your guests. Keep in mind if you’re drinking wine you sort of need that. I love getting cozy while sipping and if I am going out, I need my lighting etc. to reflect the same. Wine Dive has you covered.  

So, let’s give you all the information you need to know, shall we?!

Price Point and Fuss

The Wine Dive has all price points in mind. If you aren’t balling but more like balling on a budget like most you still can have your wine or wine cocktail (try the Red Queen) at a price that won’t break the bank.  It’s affordable and right at the point where you can enjoy without having to overthink lunch for the week. 

Red Queen

FYI The Red Queen is made of Red Wine, Averna, Old Granddad, lemon, and herbs! Its strong trust me and worth it!

Pony Up

I also had the Pony Up which I am glad I tried. It’s made of Miller High Life Pony and Lafi. Gentian amaro shot! It’s quite pleasant together!


It’s inviting. I love the artwork. Its gorgeous too.  It has a 70s Vegas feel to it and its comfy. This was a media event for me but while I am there, I am always looking at it from a consumer look and feel. If I were to entertain my girlfriends what would the vibe be?!  I think the vibe is fresh and swanky. Dark enough to feel exclusive but great enough to get amazing pictures. The juke box is also something that will get many people moving and dancing if they feel it too!  What was my favorite décor? I think the mirrors on the wall. I loved them.  I kept having my eyes go to them they are a definite conversation starter.



Options Anyone?

Yes, there are at least 215 options with about 50 natural wines, bubbly and cider to choose from.  There are 20 by the glass options as well. I am sure as they progress there will be more added including the option to have your bottle filled like a draft and corked for you to take home.  I would say that smashes options on its feet. 

How is the Staff?

Every bar has staff that is knowledgeable about the products if they are smart. However, there is a difference in knowledge and love for your job. The bartenders love their job. When at a media event I watch to see how they handle pressure. You need someone who can take a lot of orders, smile, and keep their wits. Wine Dive staff handled that and more. They didn’t just take our orders they made sure they provided an experience.  

The Wine Dive will absolutely be my go-to spot. I go to a lot of media events and I can always tell the ones that grab me because I talk to my husband about let’s plan a night.  He was with me and he’s not an avid wine drinker like I am however he absolutely enjoyed The Most Curious Thing which is a cocktail on the Cambridge side that is made with Lamb Washed Whiskey, Rosemary Sour, and Red Wine. It was good I must admit. 

I also enjoyed the Mad Tea Party.  It was made with Gin, Apricot Tea, Lime Juice, and Club Soda.

Thank you to Wine Dive and Aversa PR for the invite. I already know I will be in the building and I can’t wait for another Red Queen! 

The Wine Dive opens officially on Friday at 11am. Take my word for this and shot me a message and let me know how you liked it. To my Philly girlfriends please be on the lookout for an invite from me so we can go and be loving winos for the night! For my out to town girlfriends, if you are here for more than 2 nights expect one night to be at the Wine Dive its that serious! Let’s do this!

Thank you to best date of a lifetime, my husband, Marques!

Wine Dive is located at 1506 South Street in Philadelphia PA!

Mayor Kenney Thank You Concert

I had the honor of attending the Thank You Concert. I walked in with no expectations and left knowing I had a good time. I posted on my personal Facebook page how I needed more friends who were 50 plus because they know how to party. I went with friends were well below that marker but at the event my lovely 50 plus crowd put it down.

Now I know it would come off as if I am singling the 50 plus crowd, but I am not. If you ever want to get your life go to a party, wedding, event with some 50-year-old and older and if the DJ is worth anything you will not be seated.  That is the experience I had last night. The dancing was nonstop, and I mean it. The party for a Monday felt like it was the weekend all wrapped into one. I got the best sleep of my life once I got home.

Hate him or love him, Mayor Kenney is here for his second term. Let me hit you with the stats of what Mayor Kenney has done so far.  I will give you the stats of what means the most to me for sure.

Soda Tax- although extremely critical it has provided families the opportunity to have Pre-K free for many of Philadelphia’s kids. I know it helped my family when we signed our youngest child knowing it was free was an unsuspecting win for us.  My face when I got that zero-balance bill since we had been paying for her first year was a true blessing.

He also worked on rebuilding city facilities and created community schools. With, there is a LOT of work to be done. Like the increased gun violence that plagues the city, the schools getting cleaned up from all the asbestos that is being discovered and making it affordable for lower income to not only find housing but also being able to maintain them as well.

So, this even wasn’t a do I like Mayor Kenney or not event. It wasn’t a political play for me.  I am not endorsing him one way or another and especially not on the blog.  We all say a lot of things about politicians and some are right, and some are wrong.  I always feel we should be in the place to let our voices be heard and to hold any of our elected officials to a standard of ethics. You can’t do that at home gripping on social media. One thing I will say is that Mayor Kenney is about people. He won his newest term without really campaigning. That speaks volumes. He could have kept the celebrations for the higher ups,but he made sure that the citizens who voted him in were front and center at all the day’s events. Not many others would have done the same. 

Photo by Phillyfoodgal

The concert brought out some of the best of the best. I want to say how much I love seeing Ms. Patty Jackson from WDAS.  She has one of the sweetest spirits ever.  She also is the same no matter when you encounter her. She was the MC along with Jerry Blavat. I am not from Philly, so I wasn’t fully knowledgeable about Jerry but after one encounter of him I just love everything about his love of music. He is a show stopper. He reminds me of my grandfather who is over 80 that still sings and dances. I like to think that keeps both so young. I grew up around music my whole life and I love watching others who have the same passion for it! 

Also, who doesn’t love DJ Diamond Kutz. I have seen her do her thing in person many times and one thig is for sure-every single time she kills it. She had a great mix for the young and old. I don’t know the young ladies who were her dancers, nor do I know the young woman who lit that stage up on the line dancing, but anywhere either of them is, make sure I am with them.  Y’all did your thing! Also, the young group, WanMor was a treat. I had been following them on social media and I just love their melodies. Again, I must go back to my musically inclined family-they can sing and to see young men doing it like Boys II Men is always so refreshing.  It helps that they are also from their own musical family as their dad, Wanya Morris from Boys II Men has already led the way. I will say that although they have similar sound, they do come with their own drive and determination. I expect to see and hear more of them in the near future.

Again, let me preface that I am not from Philly and I can’t even begin to claim Philly as my husband who was born and raised from South Philly until I hit my 10-year mark. I hit that mark in one more year!! I enjoyed hearing Urban Guerilla Orchestra. They have an amazing old school sound with REAL music and REAL SANGING. I spelled sanging right! That is when you aren’t simply holding a tune, you are signing with some authority. I was blown away with their artistry.  

Last night was another opportunity for the residents of Philadelphia to come out have a great time and acknowledge what needs to be done and hopefully hold Mayor Kenney to doing just that. I wish Mayor Kenney many blessings as Philadelphia has an uphill battle. From the pot holes that need fixed, street cleaning, and of course the violence in the city his plate is full, and I hope to see the change we need to make Philadelphia safe and a place to call home for all of us!

As always thanks to Phillyfoodgal for the invite. Thanks to Siponwhat for the amazing laughs. Thanks to Mayor Kenney and all who helped put on a wonderful concert and full day of events as you start your second term. Thanks to all the performers; DJ Diamond Kutz, Jerry Blavat, Ms. Patty Jackson, WanMor, and Urban Guerilla Orchestra.  Thank you to staff and security at The Met. It was my first time and it was such a smooth entrance and exit. The staff made sure that I had a great time. Also, I was having one of my off nights (see my stories as I can explain it) and the staff came and made sure I didn’t miss a beat. Thank you again! I look forward to coming to more events soon!

Monday Motivation: Inner Stock

Sick of the New Year

I get it some folks hate hearing the whole Happy New Year. I get it. However, what’s more irritating is hearing people who put others down if they are known not to keep their “resolutions.” We know that stats show that by February 1st a lot of people have stopped going hard in their new goals. That is why February 1stis usually recommitment day to help you stay on task.

How you can help and not hinder?

This world is full of negativity. You have those who constantly put others down just because they feel they can. If you know of a few folks who start out strong for the New Year and fall off pointing out their failures surely isn’t going to help. Do you know that you making sure that others know about it says more about you than them?  What type of miserable person is doing so well that they have time to dwell on other failures? Think about it. If you are drinking your water in weight FYI, working out, meal planning, getting your body and mind right, loving yourself and others, getting your money, etc. when exactly do you have time to sit on a phone, in a group and put someone down? Who cares if someone is known to fall off the wagon when every person has had a setback or two in life including you?!

Do you not know that the person you put down because they seem to “always” start and stop a project will one day walk and follow it through? How do you know what is going on in a person’s life? As much as I share with my closest friends, they don’t know it all. You have zero clue in what a person is accomplishing. Even if that person falls a thousand and one times extend a level of grace you would to cover them secret spots that you trip on in style. I say trip in style because ofteneven the most successful have issues that they have grace to cover the areas most others can’t see. So, while you comment on what they could a, or would a, done; what are you doing? Where do you need grace?

Grace much

Let folks take the energy of the New Year and allow them to make something of it. A month of goal chasing is better than no goal chasing. A month of enlighten may lead to a habit being formed that will walk them out of the darkness you have time to shine the light on. I have been one of those ones who said this is my year who failed. However, one jewel of light shined on me and I was able to walk into greatness. I stopped the whole this is going to be my year and made it my year.

You cant be a person of positivity finding ways to put those around you down. The “he/she ain’t never gonna do” conversations must stop. That person is more than equipped to do what they need to do. You can identify someone by not counting them out. Also, what do you mirror that could be of help to them? What are you known for?  I started a few years ago to tune others out and work on the things I was known for. If it was bad or negative, I stopped being so upset at the identifier and started working on changing how I was seen. That doesn’t mean people who don’t have access to you wont lie, but if they truly have no access how are you entertaining it? I laugh sometimes when we say someone doesn’t have access to us and we know every drip of tea that happens in their lives. If you hear about it and tell others means that they don’t have access to you,but you don’t mind keeping your access to them open.

Listen to when people speak, they usually tell on themselves if you listen. There is no way someone you “ain’t worried about” keeps coming up. Live and let live. You know that is a policy you can speak and live by. It works try it! Be a blessing and not a stumbling block. If you don’t like a person say that and have an honest conversation with yourself instead of thinking you don’t and find ways to not allow people to stumble because they don’t stumble as gracefully as you secretly do. Everything that glitters isn’t gold and that applies to more than romantic relationships. While you trying to shine one side of your life’s coin make sure you dip that rusty side you neglect. 

Therefore, making your life about more personable is so necessary. This Monday lets talk stock in what we are doing and stop counting those riding on the energy of the New Year. They are going to catch it one day and flourish and you nor I will have any much to say about them.  We will be left to deal where we aren’t shinning. Let’s end this back and forth and really live our best lives!

I talked to a friend about this very thing over the weekend. People have choices and when it doesn’t affect us we shouldn’t dwell on them but offer ways to be there for them as they struggle their way out of it or even not offer any assistance when they don’t want it.

Join me as we all take stock of ourselves in how we carry ourselves, what we say and what we do!! Self journey is a complicated and necessary journey!

No short cuts in this Blogging Life

So, Hey Friday! It’s already Friday whew! Thank God! I mean I can’t complain about that. However, trying to continue moving in this week has been interesting. I was sick on New Year Eve night and it came on super sudden. I was planning on going to a friend’s party with the kids. However, a sinus infection took over my life. I looked like Rudolph and I barely made it to midnight. I had fallen asleep and had to be awaken by my family. Since we had no plans of being home shout out to my husband who knows how I love for my family to have New Year gear he stepped up to the plate. Not many options at 8pm New Year Eve night but there’s always a man on the corner hustling so he got the items from him. No shade to the hustler and my kids had a great time jumping around me as I sat miserable looking like I had a hangover when we toasted the New Year to sparking cider. 

Grind don’t stop

So now that we have been for some I would say “back to the grind” for the 2 days since I have made sure that my first quarter goals are set. I am working ahead on a few projects in the works and attempting to still get these sinuses together. If you ever had a sinus infection you already know my already big head feels like it’s going to fall over. SO, what are you working on?  What have you done so far in the 3 days? I know its like wait a minute its only been 3 days, but you must understand that most folks who are ambitious are already securing the bags and moving forward. So, don’t leave an opportunity behind or not go towards a goal. I am working on one that is taking everything in me to finish. Its one thing for someone to ask what’s your passion project and know they can help fund it and make it happen. Its overwhelming process. They say dream big and the dream scares you to put it onto paper and act on it. This is where I am and, in a week, or so I must complete. It sounds easy until you must take these plans from dreamworld to reality. 

What’s my biggest struggle?

Trying to formulate my words into an action plan. To say here is what I see my future life to be. This is my career and here’s the blueprint to make that happen. Its scary. To be honest it felt like the sinus infection came the second I started to put pen to paper and write. That is how I felt and that is what is happening. The pressure within only myself to see myself in the future tense feels debilitating. I don’t want to fail and to be honest it’s not fully focused on failure as much as it feels scary to ask. To say hey can you help me make this happen. It’s a leap of faith that even if I must tweak the plan is crazy to be in this position to ask. When I was that stay at home mom after being laid off, I was scared. I had the stability of my fiancé at the time who is my now husband. It felt great but I wanted more. I worked my whole life and being comfortable by just existing isn’t enough. Since than and 2 more kids later the dream inside of me to show my daughters that you can go after whatever you want is important to me. I want them to be proud of the moves I made instead of resenting them.  

Any Means Necessary

I remember the days when I would cry because it seemed as if I had a kid attached at the hip. When my kids got sick, we played rock, paper, scissors to see who would stay home. We always discussed what made more sense.  He had the stable job, but we needed him to save up for bigger emergencies. Because I had a 3-year break in employment even with a college degree and a strong resume I had to take temporary jobs to supplement. Its not a cake walk. You never know what people are working towards in their lives just because you see smiles in the pictures. I would do it all over again if it meant a stability for my kids. They are always in the forefront of my mind. I felt like such a failure at moments, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. Dreams come with hard work, tears, frustrations, and sometimes a desire to give up but don’t! I would love to say I started from the top and stayed but I really started from the bottom and I seek to stay grounded. I want to reach for the stars and keep my wits about me. I don’t take for granted any opportunities that come my way. I don’t forget the mornings I stayed awake after working a 3rdshift job to prevent paying daycare so the kids were taken care of. I would go from an event, wash my face, put on work clothes and work like I wasn’t just brushing elbows with the tops of the city. I was born from a mother who worked her butt off and a father who did the same. If any glow up is coming it’s not because it was handed to me. I worked hard and will continue to work hard for myself and my family.

How bad do you want it? If you want to it-go work for it and go, get it this year! I’m not going to water down that I get to travel and do what I do. Not with all the work I do and push behind the scenes. Work hard and enjoy it not work hard and be miserable still!

Oh and it’s Women Rock day! Tell a woman you know that they rock! To all my ladies please know you rock. You can take on it all and look like you never touched the fire. You can have whatever you want and balance it all too! Take time for yourself!

National Motivation and Inspiration Day

What moves you? What makes you feel as if you can move mountains? Is it the New Year! That feeling will wear off if don’t have more to motivate you. Today is national motivation and inspiration day and it’s time to make sure you have those motivations aligned.

When I think about what motivates me I have the clichè answers that are true like my family especially my children. I mean how can I look at my children and not want to do more especially since they are the age where they notice more. They see more. They get it. However as much as I want to make them proud they will lead their own lives. Living for myself beyond them is more important to me. So I’m consistently challenging myself for what I want. So many mothers live their lives exclusively for their kids. I want to maintain myself so that when my kids get these moments of parenthood I can teach them balance. I would be a better teacher, by living it for them. So what motivates me?


I’ve always been the kid who would rise to the challenge when told no! It’s been one of the challenges I’ve had to work through. As a teenager and in my early teens that no got me into a world of trouble. Doing things just because of the word of NO isn’t how I move these days. Learning how to say No or move against NO for the right reasons. If I’m challenged with NO now for the right reasons; I find ways to move in the right direction. I’ve I’m told NO I can’t accomplish a goal that’s been in my heart to achieve I push through it. I’m going to make it happen and take a picture to prove anyone wrong. If something is inside of you, no matter how much you run away from it you will be drawn to it!

Good Health

I learned a long while ago when I was in my most unhealthiest moments that if I’m sick I can’t do much for those around me! Being healthy and making healthy choices sets me up for a better success in every area of my life. So no I’m no longer concerned about scales alone, it’s my off scale successes such as how my clothes feel or how confident I feel is important to me.

Lack of Motivation

It happens to all of us. We get unmotivated. We lose that edge to complete our goals. To get it back we must remember the goals we wanted to complete. This is why having your goals written and accessible is important. You need to get yo them often. It’s important to be able to get to your goals often!

If looking at them doesn’t work, sometimes a person you admire will help. You might be motivated by an old picture. You could be motivated by something you see on television. Keep your wits about you. You can’t always rely on something like an old picture. I was a size 4 barely in high school. No where does that size make sense for my present. Going back to that size isn’t going to work. So many people will see a high school picture and work themselves into the ground trying to get to their old look. Is all the factors still one in the same? Most likely not. I had no kids in high school nor the same metabolism. I didn’t have the same level of activity being in sports either. Can I become healthier? Yes. Can I maintain my size now? Yes. Can I tone? Yes! Keeping goals aligned helps.

So whatever you need to do to perk up your motivation-today is a great way to start. Not just because it’s the start of the new year but because daily motivation is the way to go! Do something daily that reminds you to be your best. Eliminate distractions in your life that take away from it. That may mean eliminate reality television or some of the things you follow on social media. If it’s not building you up get rid of it. Why delay your greatness!

Happy national motivation and inspiration day! I hope you are inspired to be the best version of yourself! May we be an inspiration to those around us as well!