Day 4 September Self Care Challenge

So today is Day 4 of the Self Care Challenge and yesterday was eventful. My twin came home after being in the hospital for major surgery! I can’t begin to say how relieved I am right now!

Yesterday started with me taking my oldest two to their first day of school. I also made sure my niece was good to go as well. After that we went to a kindergarten meeting for my youngest. My husband and I spent a good few hours alone with our youngest to talk to her about her new school and play with her. I know she enjoyed it. We took the oldest to lunch and then spent the afternoon getting into gear to get my twin.

Let’s say getting her home was eventful to say the least! When we left it was sunny. By the time we grabbed food and headed home it started pouring rain! Oh did I mention her shoes were at home because I thought they were with her. So I had to get another pair for her. Try putting on her shoes in the soaking rain and having to ditch the umbrella to do so! After bringing the kids into the house and her out of the rain my hair was super soaked. Oh and the biggest issue-I somehow left her medications at the hospital. I was quietly devastated but luckily my husband picked them up. How did I manage that moment of anxiety? I took deep breaths and called the floor of the hospital for her nurses! I went into the mode that I would go and get them since it was on me to begin with! I was afraid that someone else had grabbed them since I had so many bags and the kids to navigate.

After getting home and continuing the night rituals with the kids I was able to eat something light as per the usual my stomach was in pain from the lost medicine issue! Stress even if it’s for a moment can wreck your world. That is where I found myself yesterday. Trying to navigate between this high level of anxiety and beating myself up for even forgetting it. I wanted to rely on the truth of the day and the days leading up to that moment and the pure exhaustion I’ve been in but the reality is I didn’t want my twin to be in pain for my negligence!

I’m glad it all worked out and that all went went within the hour! I’m glad that I was able to quickly realize that I needed to get to a resolution instead of only focusing on how I felt. I do plan on getting some rest in the day or so from this! I need my nerves, anxiety, tiredness, and exhaustion to be handled. I know once I do that I won’t be so easily distracted!!

Shout out to So Delicious for the amazing kiwi coconut non dairy yogurt that met me in my quiet time! It was sweet and right on time to help me end my night!

I almost forgot to mention that this little friend or should I say friends met me on my car as I was about to leave the house to get my twin. I almost gave them the whole car-kids and all!!

I’m glad my twin is home and I’m glad my oldest had their amazing first day of school and most importantly I’m glad that I was able to calm down and continue on the day’s path!!