The Children by Lucy Kirkwood and directed by Abigail Adams

Over 40 years and an “old friend” seems to have washed onto your door steps. A surprise for sure that is going to bring about some heavy punches of revelation. The Children by Lucy Kirkwood is a mingling of old friendships, crossed lines, environmental disasters and I would even say some blind facts.

Hazel and Robin live a quiet life. After the earthquakes and tsunami, they have learned to alter their lives and move with ease.  They know to limit their electrical use. They learned to manage their meals. Their quiet lives seem to be well managed until Rose shows up unannounced and that’s when secrets are spilled, and the revelations go deep.

First, you notice that the relationship between Hazel and Rose are strained. Hazel is trying to catch up but she’s very uneasy. Her interactions are dry. She’s hospitable but almost in a way that is more obligatory and not out of love. If one of my college friends had shown up, we would have had an amazing reunion of sorts. Not the case here with Hazel and Rose. First, Hazel hits Rose in the nose. In her defense she wasn’t aware that Rose was even in the house. She tries to make things right offering to help clean her up a bit. I knew in the way they moved that something was off, and I couldn’t quite get it. They catch up and Rose wants to know a lot about their oldest. Hazel is guarded about her oldest daughter’s troubles.

Robin comes home after the catch up and awkwardness and I thought to myself I saw a switch in how Robin was acting towards Rose. He seemed to cordial. My suspensions wereconfirmed when Hazel left the room and he and Rose embraced. I was sitting in my sit thinking this had to be some messed up reason that they were too comfortable and crossing the line of Hazel and Robin’s marriage. There was history. Old flames who had reunited and I wondered if Rose coming back was to scoop up the man she might have felt got away. They were hugging and kissing way too tight for my liking. This explains Hazel’s ability to catch up with Rose earlier. They weren’t full on friends. They were like fremies. I don’t think I have any that I know of in my own circle and none that I am aware of that had a past relationship with my husband that could ever pull up and visit on a whelm. 

It’s easy to note that Hazel, Rose, and Robin worked together in the plant many moons ago. They would even say were responsible for the core meltdown. Once the spilling of the old flames started to unravel so did other secrets too. This play has it all. It gets extremely serious when Rose comes in with her own plot twist. Should they make it right for the younger ones behind them? Is this a suicide mission? You already see the down side to the core meltdown in Rose and Robin. I find it interesting that and this could just be because I am married Robin willingly gives information to Rose that he hadn’t shared with his wife. I peeped how even with the years separating them he is very open with her in ways he can’t give Hazel. 

Careful Hazel seems to be the wife of convenience.  I hate to describe her that way, but it seems like responsibility led them into their partnership. They seem to flow more on a guarded sense of marriage. It has worked but you see the loop holes the second Rose showed up. No one should be able to expose loops in a marriage the way its unraveling. Also, Robin’s anger is an issue too. Hes sitting between the woman he’s married to and the one he “once” loved, and his mouth is extremely fluid. I will also point out that this play has strong language so no one under the age of 13 should be in the audience. My mom used to tell me that a man’s anger elevates when he’s messing around or has his emotions tied to another. 



Here are my take away without giving away the ending:

Life is always a circle. What you do in the past has a way of boomeranging back to you.

Make decisions you can live with and be able to deal with the consequences of those decisions

Fall in love with the one you love not the safe one. Love doesn’t die. It doesn’t go away. You can’t simply move on as people would like to make you think

Let grown kids fall sometimes. I am a mother I get that I have reached that stage, but I had examples of allowing kids to fall and figure some things out. You can’t do it all for your kids and expect them to thrive.

I had a great time as usual. This play although has its seriousness it is hilarious. I love the energy between the actors.  As always People’s Light did a wonderful job bringing this production to light. It has a lot of humor even some dry humor because I found myself laughing at times when others might not have caught on to a side dig. I also love how welcoming People Light’s staff are. Not even with me but with others.  

One of the highlights that People’s Light has the new Smart Caption Glasses. Smart Caption Glasses provide customizable in-line captioning of the play’s text within smart glasses. This is a great partnership with the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and the National Theatre of Great Britain. People’s Light is the only theatre in United States to have this amazing technology bringing theatre to all audiences and meeting the needs of the patrons at the same time. 

You can get your tickets by going to

Remember there are tickets available as group sales, dinner and a show sale, brunch and matinee sales, after show actor talks, etc.

People’s Light is a theatre that cares about its patrons and I love being in their presence. Thank you, People’s Light, for having me. Thank you, Carrie Gorn, as well. I can’t wait for the next production.


Monday Motivation: Blue Monday

Today is blue Monday. It represents the fact that today is the MOST depressing day of the year. Now if you grew up in the church like I did you aren’t allowed or shouldn’t speak “things into existence.” To speak about the most depressing day of the year means that you are speaking or willing it to be so. That is not the case. We are going to acknowledge it because it is a real issue that many can’t simply pray away. The factors that went into the study of Blue Monday deals with financial, motivation, and weather. Winter is and will always be associated with seasonal depression. The cold and gloom of the season attributes to it. So no we aren’t willing something that many face. We are actively speaking on it.

Disappointment of it all

The disappointment of having those around you not think enough of depression to be a valuable discussion can hurt. You want the people close to you to see YOU. It’s hurtful when they don’t. Why are they saying things like, “you’re trippin!” “Get over it!” Sometimes because to acknowledge your issues is to acknowledge their own. However you are going to have to get to a point where you take your own personal journey of depression into your own hands. Can you survive another person’s inability to see your depression and also find ways to combat it? Absolutely you can without the love and support of those you love. It’s hard. I have been in that place. But I do know that me having more days of less depressive moods or having the necessary tools to fight when a depressive mood comes is more important than faking it for a crowd. 

Image Check

Also let’s talk about when people tell you or you feel like you are disappointing this image they have of you. This representative that we use on a daily can be great. For instance I am a blogger who seems to be in the in crowd in the city. And nothing about that is false except where I post pretty pictures I equally talk about the fact of when I am having issues behind the lens. Some of your favorites wouldn’t because they are afraid of what others would think. I think for me I have had the closest folks near me betray me in ways I wouldn’t have thought that what strangers think doesn’t seem to matter. End of the day I share because as human we share like experiences. There is a woman like myself telling herself that because she deals with depression she’s not good enough to be loved. That is a lie by the way. You are loved and loveable. You are strong even in the lowest of an episodic depressive mood. We are complex and to smile through pain without checking into yourself to work through it will set you up in the long run. We aren’t poster board. Even if we were I want someone to see relatability in me not because I am pushing a product or experience. I want them to lay down on their pillows with more days of peace than anguish because this lie of what we put out doesn’t match our soul’s desire and issues that have to be worked out daily. 

Depression isn’t weakness

I will forever say this. I say this not just because I too fight with it, but because its true forever. It takes a lot of guts to stand in a place and say I need help. It takes a lot of loving yourself or wanting more for yourself to take the initial step of calling on professionals to help. You have to do what you have to do. Being better and going through personal healing will depend on your ability to stand up for yourself and make life better. There is no magic fix with depression. I know that a lot television and movies show people laying on couches of therapist and coming out happier than when they went. That is a lie if there ever was. Sometimes it’s so draining I have had to go to sleep. I have been angry or sad after leaving. It’s hard to pour your soul and think that this instant happiness and smiles will appear. You are setting yourself up for failure. One time I left therapy and sat in the car of the parking lot for an hour just staring into space trying to take in what happened in the actual session. 

So on today’s Monday Motivation let’s talk about depression. Let’s talk about it looking really dressed up and happy on the outside but with sadness on the inside. Let’s talk about the loneliness that it feels as if you are the ONLY one going through it. Let’s also talk candidly that like you and like me we are all connected. We don’t have to not talk in order to deflect. It’s more support out here than you think. How about the fact that we can be ourselves and take breaks when we need them. We are complex and beautiful humans.

There are options

Talk to someone if you need it! I have several that I reach out more in the winter months than any other time. It doesn’t take a big crowd just a few or even one person you love. Write it out so that if you make the decision to see a therapist you know where to start. I have taken my journal to show how I think when I and deep into a depressive mood. Get encouraged. Know that you aren’t alone. Even if you need medication to help you aren’t a failure. I have said many times about needing medication when I was in the middle of postpartum and how those around me either told others I wouldn’t have even told or they acted as if I was on “white people” stuff because I wanted to be better. Getting help in the Black community is like playing Russian roulette. Change the conversation. Getting help is about self-preservation only. In order for me to be truly happy I have to be willing to get the help that I need. 

Reshuffle your goals today! What are the most important things to you. One step even if it’s not giving you a result is still a step in the right direction. Be realistic; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Be kind to yourself! Give yourself the grace you extend to others!


I stand with those who are going through this. Those who aren’t be someone’s light today and every day. Instead of speaking out on things you don’t know, get educated. You can be someone’s stumbling block because you speak from a place of ignorance or arrogance. Choose to be someone that someone else can confide in instead of someone where they have to walk light around. 


Friday Check In January 17, 2020

Happy Friday. How else has had a long week? I know I definitely have. I am glad to be able to get into the weekend although this weekend is supposed to be some snow. I know its winter and I complain every year about it but I don’t like the snow. I never have and I most likely will not like it either. Either way I can’t do anything about it. I already made cookies just in case it does come and that we can drink some hot chocolate and be warm and eat. This is the why I stay so vigilant in the winterabout working out.

I do have an event on Saturday night and I have a family outing on Saturday afternoon. We shall see what happens. Sunday is going to a brunch Sunday and I am super excited. Outside of that I have 2 projects I am working on and I want to start filming for Valentine’s Day! This week has been a challenge just emotionally. I spoke on the blog about how my Wednesday went but it was more or less a build up of things that I hadn’t addressed.  I want to talk a little more about how to deal with unlocked emotions.

Your Trigger Your Issue

Apart of a great check in especially with yourself is being honest about your mental and emotional well being. What are your triggers? How do you respond when a trigger is hit? For me I can range from being loud and angry to quiet and distant. I am lucky to have my husband who is becoming more and more aware of my triggers. I am grateful to work them out on my own but I can let him know I am in the middle of a trigger and I need some understanding. That doesn’t mean that with an announcement of a trigger I can just be super rude. I cant bite everyone’s head off and I cant just go off to get through a trigger. So doing what works for you to get through that doesn’t push someone else over the edge or causes further damage to yourself either. 

They don’t help me?

I used to a few years back before going to therapy would get mad at my husband because he didn’t help me through a trigger. I placed all these high expectations on him to do something. What was he supposed to do? If he held my hand it wasn’t enough. If he hugged me through it he was being too passive. If he listened he wasn’t engaging enough. Triggers are personal. The work to get through them comes from the inside out. You need to have someone who isn’t ready to jump ship when you are in the middle of a trigger but you have to be actively working through them and not just triggering and apologizing. 

No Apology Needed

I used to say sorry for every trigger. In some of my triggers I would be apologizing like every few moments. I learned that an apology is supposed to be for when I wanted to change the behavior. Triggers are normal to have. This is why I work on being clear in my word choice so that I don’t have to apologize for having a trigger and now I don’t have to apologize for bad behavior because that is no longer an issue. Trauma is a lot of work to get through. My issues that created took a long while to create and they will take a long while to get through. I just focus on my inner work and inner peace. I am grateful for the skills to get through some of the darker moments of life. 

FaceTime Anyone?

This week’s catch up tips on how to catch up with others I would suggest if you have an iPhone or an app that will allow you to see your loved one use it. It’s great to hear someone’s voice but even better if you could see their face. Being that a lot of my friends and family aren’t in Philadelphia or within driving distance, seeing those helps. I use this method to contact and speak to my two nieces who live about 2 hours away. It allows me to keep the communication open. Technology was made for moments such as that and not for us to argue and fight over opinions. If used the correct way it can bring a lot of joy to those around you. I got my grandma a new phone per her request. I also made sure to get her and set up the app to be able to see her. Now the stress to get her set up on it was a LOT. I ain’t even going to lie and act as if it went smoothly but I do believe in the long run it was worth it. The app I use with my grandma is Google Duo! It’s easy to use and super easy to install! Grandma is rocking now!

Home Connections

If you are fortunate to have someone whom you live with and you find that you aren’t connecting as much as you need to, turn your phone off. Sit close to them. Find a show that you enjoy. Last night my husband and I watched Grownish together eating cookies and drinking wine. A great way to connect and to focus on the fun of a show we both love. These are small ways you can connect and keep the connections especially with our colliding schedules. 

So I wish you all a great weekend. I am in the middle of a 21 day blogging fest and I missed two days so you will be getting a blog a day until January 23rd who knows I might go the rest of the month. I love doing challenges like this with other bloggers. I also will be updating my events and what’s happening page. I haven’t updated since Christmas. 

Just a look ahead we are doing a Self-Love Challenge in conjunction with Valentine’s Day! I know it sounds cliché but the best love comes from within. You can’t recognize amazing love if you don’t first feel it from yourself daily. I can’t wait to have a little fun with this series. 


Monday Motivation: Will Yourself

It’s amazing what you can do when you will yourself to succeed. We think often we need the keys of success whatever they look like but often its fight in our own minds that matter. How we see ourselves mentally can be a block of hindrance to this life we are attempting to make. Let’s look at some ways we can will ourselves to a more successful path:

Work Smarter

Sometimes we mentally block our blessings because we are attempting to work harder but not smarter. For instance, I was ironing up the kids clothes every morning and sometimes at night. However, I could have gotten more sleep in the mornings if I ironed their clothes one time for the week. Now I have saved time, energy, and in case of an oversleep which could happen, its one less thing to worry about. Another example of working smarter is with blogging, blog and edit ahead of time. This is a great way to have content ready without the stress of life hitting and having to find time to do it. Consistency is key and often we are in our own way.

Commit to ourselves

We commit to everything and everybody except ourselves. This is a mindset we need to have that we will do the most for us before we do for others. I know life isn’t about being an island but with balance we can do for both others and us. Its like cooking food for the community and your family lacks homecooked meals. Its backwards thinking. We need to take the mentality off the table that self-care is selfish. It’s not. It’s daily. It’s not just about facemasks and bubble baths. It’s about filling up your cup first before you continue to pour out to others. Stop giving others the best of you and depleting yourself for yourself. I hear people give folks the most beautiful comments and look at themselves in the mirror with so much negative talk. You know you can hear yourself? We must treat ourselves with the same tenacity. Therefore, some people get used to others speaking to them badly because they do it daily. We can’t require more from others than we give to ourselves. Balance the two. Make others step up to the plate and treat you right as you treat yourself right. What you eat, drink, and think about matters. Be more conscience of that.

Mind over Matter

What we think about and entertain sometimes blocks us. I noticed for myself and this was a personal decision for me to cut out some of the reality television and stop subscribing to certain social channels until I had gotten myself together. I don’t watch a lot of the shows still. I was getting too caught up into other folks’ bag and what they were doing to securing it that I was leaving money on the table. How was I leaving money on the table? Do you know how many writing opportunities that there are that I passed up because I wasn’t even looking for them. I told myself that I was going to use my evening to continue building my brand and I found myself saying-tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow never came. I was hype about the drama I watched but not enough for me to use that time to find and secure my own dreams. Again, this was a personal decision. You might not have that struggle and can continue to do what you do and not have any issues. However, if we are honest a lot of us need to take stock in things and we need to eliminate things and people from our lives to be a better version of ourselves. 

Personal statement

So, what are we willing ourselves to do? I saw a woman online who was visibly overweight. The comments were brutal. I saw her again and she made a declaration to love herself. She turned the comments off on her social media pages and she got to work. That woman has lost major weight. Did she do it for herself or the comments? Who knows? I hope it was for her. However, she said she made the decision to will herself to the new weight, got focused, and started to work towards her goals. Sometimes negative experiences will push you to a goal but won’t keep you working towards it. Be vigilant. In the case of a weight loss journey you learn so much more than pounds and appearances, you drop the weight in your mind that simply pours into your spirit.

What do you need to will yourself to do this morning? It could be simply going to work and not going off on a co-worker. It could be to enroll in class that will help your business. It could be to end a relationship that no longer serves you. Whatever that goal is let’s do the mental push ups to push yourself to your destiny. You may lack in skill, could be your push to drive that gets you to greatness. 



Sunday Message: Adjust is the word of the day

Sometimes life throws so many curve balls it makes no sense! Today was one of them days. Without getting into the gruesome details it’s been one for the books.

I will say everything kept preparing me for each moment starting at 530! As I was attempting to prepare for my run my patience meter was off the charts. I had done all I could to prepare! I set everything out. I made sure everything was at an arms length only to still have things just go left. I had to adjust and still figure out how to get my 3 miles in! I did and I felt much better. I had adjusted!

I also prepared the rest of the morning by being able to cook and be “extra” prepared to attack the day, but it wasn’t enough and I found myself having to do a major adjustment again! I at this point had to reschedule an event I had set up. It was the first time since I had started blogging where that had been done! I had to adjust again! Nothing I had prepared for was right. So that goes to show you even in extreme preparation life will serve what it wants to. I am grateful for keeping my wits! I was grateful in this adulting life I was able to move through instead of allowing things to over take me!

I kept saying today’s word was adjustment and I’m glad I was able to walk it out! So as you mull through your Sunday-prepare. Also know even with all of the most prepared life; life is just as unpredictable! Truck on this Sunday!

My grateful moments of the day:

  • Husband is doing well-I’ll share that story later
  • My kids really rock
  • This weather this weekend was absolutely breathtaking

What are you grateful for today? Having a grateful heart will help you through quite a lot! Have a great Sunday!!

Monday Motivation: Inner Stock

Sick of the New Year

I get it some folks hate hearing the whole Happy New Year. I get it. However, what’s more irritating is hearing people who put others down if they are known not to keep their “resolutions.” We know that stats show that by February 1st a lot of people have stopped going hard in their new goals. That is why February 1stis usually recommitment day to help you stay on task.

How you can help and not hinder?

This world is full of negativity. You have those who constantly put others down just because they feel they can. If you know of a few folks who start out strong for the New Year and fall off pointing out their failures surely isn’t going to help. Do you know that you making sure that others know about it says more about you than them?  What type of miserable person is doing so well that they have time to dwell on other failures? Think about it. If you are drinking your water in weight FYI, working out, meal planning, getting your body and mind right, loving yourself and others, getting your money, etc. when exactly do you have time to sit on a phone, in a group and put someone down? Who cares if someone is known to fall off the wagon when every person has had a setback or two in life including you?!

Do you not know that the person you put down because they seem to “always” start and stop a project will one day walk and follow it through? How do you know what is going on in a person’s life? As much as I share with my closest friends, they don’t know it all. You have zero clue in what a person is accomplishing. Even if that person falls a thousand and one times extend a level of grace you would to cover them secret spots that you trip on in style. I say trip in style because ofteneven the most successful have issues that they have grace to cover the areas most others can’t see. So, while you comment on what they could a, or would a, done; what are you doing? Where do you need grace?

Grace much

Let folks take the energy of the New Year and allow them to make something of it. A month of goal chasing is better than no goal chasing. A month of enlighten may lead to a habit being formed that will walk them out of the darkness you have time to shine the light on. I have been one of those ones who said this is my year who failed. However, one jewel of light shined on me and I was able to walk into greatness. I stopped the whole this is going to be my year and made it my year.

You cant be a person of positivity finding ways to put those around you down. The “he/she ain’t never gonna do” conversations must stop. That person is more than equipped to do what they need to do. You can identify someone by not counting them out. Also, what do you mirror that could be of help to them? What are you known for?  I started a few years ago to tune others out and work on the things I was known for. If it was bad or negative, I stopped being so upset at the identifier and started working on changing how I was seen. That doesn’t mean people who don’t have access to you wont lie, but if they truly have no access how are you entertaining it? I laugh sometimes when we say someone doesn’t have access to us and we know every drip of tea that happens in their lives. If you hear about it and tell others means that they don’t have access to you,but you don’t mind keeping your access to them open.

Listen to when people speak, they usually tell on themselves if you listen. There is no way someone you “ain’t worried about” keeps coming up. Live and let live. You know that is a policy you can speak and live by. It works try it! Be a blessing and not a stumbling block. If you don’t like a person say that and have an honest conversation with yourself instead of thinking you don’t and find ways to not allow people to stumble because they don’t stumble as gracefully as you secretly do. Everything that glitters isn’t gold and that applies to more than romantic relationships. While you trying to shine one side of your life’s coin make sure you dip that rusty side you neglect. 

Therefore, making your life about more personable is so necessary. This Monday lets talk stock in what we are doing and stop counting those riding on the energy of the New Year. They are going to catch it one day and flourish and you nor I will have any much to say about them.  We will be left to deal where we aren’t shinning. Let’s end this back and forth and really live our best lives!

I talked to a friend about this very thing over the weekend. People have choices and when it doesn’t affect us we shouldn’t dwell on them but offer ways to be there for them as they struggle their way out of it or even not offer any assistance when they don’t want it.

Join me as we all take stock of ourselves in how we carry ourselves, what we say and what we do!! Self journey is a complicated and necessary journey!

No short cuts in this Blogging Life

So, Hey Friday! It’s already Friday whew! Thank God! I mean I can’t complain about that. However, trying to continue moving in this week has been interesting. I was sick on New Year Eve night and it came on super sudden. I was planning on going to a friend’s party with the kids. However, a sinus infection took over my life. I looked like Rudolph and I barely made it to midnight. I had fallen asleep and had to be awaken by my family. Since we had no plans of being home shout out to my husband who knows how I love for my family to have New Year gear he stepped up to the plate. Not many options at 8pm New Year Eve night but there’s always a man on the corner hustling so he got the items from him. No shade to the hustler and my kids had a great time jumping around me as I sat miserable looking like I had a hangover when we toasted the New Year to sparking cider. 

Grind don’t stop

So now that we have been for some I would say “back to the grind” for the 2 days since I have made sure that my first quarter goals are set. I am working ahead on a few projects in the works and attempting to still get these sinuses together. If you ever had a sinus infection you already know my already big head feels like it’s going to fall over. SO, what are you working on?  What have you done so far in the 3 days? I know its like wait a minute its only been 3 days, but you must understand that most folks who are ambitious are already securing the bags and moving forward. So, don’t leave an opportunity behind or not go towards a goal. I am working on one that is taking everything in me to finish. Its one thing for someone to ask what’s your passion project and know they can help fund it and make it happen. Its overwhelming process. They say dream big and the dream scares you to put it onto paper and act on it. This is where I am and, in a week, or so I must complete. It sounds easy until you must take these plans from dreamworld to reality. 

What’s my biggest struggle?

Trying to formulate my words into an action plan. To say here is what I see my future life to be. This is my career and here’s the blueprint to make that happen. Its scary. To be honest it felt like the sinus infection came the second I started to put pen to paper and write. That is how I felt and that is what is happening. The pressure within only myself to see myself in the future tense feels debilitating. I don’t want to fail and to be honest it’s not fully focused on failure as much as it feels scary to ask. To say hey can you help me make this happen. It’s a leap of faith that even if I must tweak the plan is crazy to be in this position to ask. When I was that stay at home mom after being laid off, I was scared. I had the stability of my fiancé at the time who is my now husband. It felt great but I wanted more. I worked my whole life and being comfortable by just existing isn’t enough. Since than and 2 more kids later the dream inside of me to show my daughters that you can go after whatever you want is important to me. I want them to be proud of the moves I made instead of resenting them.  

Any Means Necessary

I remember the days when I would cry because it seemed as if I had a kid attached at the hip. When my kids got sick, we played rock, paper, scissors to see who would stay home. We always discussed what made more sense.  He had the stable job, but we needed him to save up for bigger emergencies. Because I had a 3-year break in employment even with a college degree and a strong resume I had to take temporary jobs to supplement. Its not a cake walk. You never know what people are working towards in their lives just because you see smiles in the pictures. I would do it all over again if it meant a stability for my kids. They are always in the forefront of my mind. I felt like such a failure at moments, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. Dreams come with hard work, tears, frustrations, and sometimes a desire to give up but don’t! I would love to say I started from the top and stayed but I really started from the bottom and I seek to stay grounded. I want to reach for the stars and keep my wits about me. I don’t take for granted any opportunities that come my way. I don’t forget the mornings I stayed awake after working a 3rdshift job to prevent paying daycare so the kids were taken care of. I would go from an event, wash my face, put on work clothes and work like I wasn’t just brushing elbows with the tops of the city. I was born from a mother who worked her butt off and a father who did the same. If any glow up is coming it’s not because it was handed to me. I worked hard and will continue to work hard for myself and my family.

How bad do you want it? If you want to it-go work for it and go, get it this year! I’m not going to water down that I get to travel and do what I do. Not with all the work I do and push behind the scenes. Work hard and enjoy it not work hard and be miserable still!

Oh and it’s Women Rock day! Tell a woman you know that they rock! To all my ladies please know you rock. You can take on it all and look like you never touched the fire. You can have whatever you want and balance it all too! Take time for yourself!