Day 9 Self Care September Challenge

So have you had in your mind that you needed to be at a place but when you got there it wasn’t the case at all? That is what my Monday was like!

I went running to Bar Method and rushed to get there by 930. I circle many blocks only to find not one spot available. I was about to pay to park in a parking garage when I felt the need to look into my calendar. Here I was about 3 hours ahead of schedule. So now I have to figure out a new plan. The mere frustration as I circled each block grew. I kept telling myself to be calm and don’t get too worked up. I kept reminding myself once class was over I would feel better. As I started my trek home I was wondering how did I miss my schedule like this?

I knew how hectic things had been. Each day that has gone by has made me more agitated as well as more and more tired but this desire to push is getting tougher and tougher. I finally made it to my rightful class later in the afternoon. I felt great and it gave me more energy to continue crossing my to do list. I wanted to take a nap but I knew a nap wouldn’t come.

One thing that I found on today was I hadn’t started my day on the right foot like I normally do. I didn’t pray or meditate. I didn’t set my intentions. The morning before I went to the wrong class the kids were all off the chain. Even though I had planned things ahead of time to prevent the morning from going left; it went left. The kids were not cooperative. I left in a hurry and I left in anger without a reset.

I recognized it but by that time 3/4 of the day had passed. I was able to salvage my day by going to bed early! My goal was to enjoy some television time but I ended up with some sleep: about 8-9 hours of sleep and trust me that’s not a normal for me!