Day 28 September Self Care Challenge

Today was a busy day. There were 3-4 Oktoberfest going on all over the city. With that being said I tried to stretch myself as far as I could.

I went to Uptown Beer Garden. As many times as I’ve walked past that location I’ve never stopped in. The days I said I would have stopped in after work I found myself always having to get the kids or something came up. I got to Uptown and at first it wasn’t that many people there. However I found I made some new friends. By the time I left the tables were nice and full and the crowd was already forming! Uptown definitely had amazing decorations!

Oktoberfest is always a great time. From the culture to the food and definitely the beer! All of the staff was very accommodating.

This boot held 28 ozs of beer for VIP ticket holders

I enjoyed learning about the types of beer. The food was plentiful. From pulled pork sandwiches to Bratwurst and cabbage there was something for everyone! I love how festivals bring out the best in all of us.

I was sad to learn I had missed the entertainment!

I had to also attend my home church’s Youth Choir reunion. So I had to make a mad dash. I know what you’re thinking? How do you go from one extreme to the other? You just go! I spent several hours at Uptown Beer Garden! I was able to run home, change my clothes and then get on the road to Lancaster for the reunion!

I had a great time seeing some of the past members. We all have moved on but it was nice to see how well we were doing. It felt good to be back under my own terms. It felt good to sing the old songs. I’ve had anxiety about ever singing in the church again. It was nice to know that my feelings didn’t have to dominate.

It was a full day to say the least. From getting up early to be with my family to going to Uptown and then the reunion the only thing I kept telling myself is be 100% in each arena. When you are there give each spade your all and then move on to the next. It was a lot of driving and a lot of movement but all fulfilling!


Day 27 September Self Care Challenge

Today was about laundry, work, and food prepping! I had a lot to get done because I don’t like to do too much into the weekend when it comes to cleaning. Every weekend is nothing but family time and blog events. I used to spend time doing all of this cleaning only to have less and less time doing the things I love.

I made sure to drink water and mind my business because today I found so many things happening around me. I had to be sure I didn’t get caught up in nobody’s mess today! The amount of craziness that was happening around me made zero sense!

Anyway in the attempt to mind my business and to make sure I just dug deep into my weekend prep. This always include letting you know what events are happening in and around the Philadelphia area. I love to see people who tell me they found a new spot that I posted. That’s the point right?! I also love when people recognize me when out and tell me how something I posted help. This is the reason I love what I do-to inspire!

So let the weekend load…..

Monday Motivation:

It’s almost a new month. It’s time to keep grinding. We are almost to the last quarter of the year. This can bring a sense of focus for some. For others it can be about a place of anguish.

What have you done for your year? What goals have you accomplished? If you have a place of panic coming up with the answers; let me give you a suggestion to help you focus and take control of your year. It can be overwhelming if you feel as if you have allowed your year to get away from you. Not every year will you crush your goals and feel like a boss. If I’m honest I’ve had some years where I felt like I didn’t do much of anything. Let’s have that moment now. That moment of not traveling enough, not working hard enough, not landing the perfect job, not getting the guy or girl you wanted…the list goes on.

Feeling like you’re not enough won’t just happen or attempt to pop up the night before the New Year. This is a daily struggle. It comes up the most when you decide to focus on those around you. Comparison can be the devil! It really is. Just trying to figure where you fit with those around you has to be checked. I mean you will forever find others doing better than you. Even those who seem to have it altogether struggle.

My suggestion is to be honest for where you are NOW! Be honest with who you are and where and why you are where you are! If you attempt to tell yourself that you should be somewhere and you’re not there it’s going to bother you! Take control of your emotions so you can find yourself able to make strategic decisions on how to finish the year out. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do for 9 months focus on what you can do in the next 3.

I would rather finish strong for 3 than to have a full 12 on the line. You have to change your perspective. You can make great waves for the last 3 months. It’s a choice! It’s a mindset. One of the biggest stops in life isn’t in our finances, connections, or abilities but the mind. As soon as you will yourself to defeat without a reset you will wallow! Make one step towards changing your mindset and you can soar towards any goal. I would rather have myself in goal setting position than to have to start from scratch. You can make the decision today to work out and become healthier irregardless to what you haven’t done thus far. Today can be it!

So what are you going to do? Waste another 3 months worrying about the 9 months you had? Are you going to finish strong and develop long lasting new goals? How about new healthier habits for 3 months that jumps and sparks into a New Year? Your mind has to evolve from a all or nothing mentality. You will lose yourself trying to build Rome in a day instead of making sure the foundation by which Rome is built is solid! You are Rome and Rome needs stability instead of this stop and start mentality.

Picking up 3 projects just for the sake of saying you did it isn’t the answer! Finishing goals is! Knowing your foundation is laid is the key. Instead of a quick diet plan you replace it with lifetime choices. Nothing worse than dropping weight fast and having it come back faster! You can drop the weight in all areas of your life by building a stable foundation to help you maintain what you get.

So let’s refocus on what’s really important. Slow building with the right foundation will help you maintain when others who tinkered past you collapse. You can be the tortoise but you got to be smart. The ideal is to work smarter not harder! To work efficiently and not lazily! You got this. Bow break out that pen and make some promises to yourself. Write it down and then write down how to make it happen. Wake up daily and push towards it! Let’s put blinders on watching others pass you. When you see it have solid folks on your team that will check your back into stability! You can make it happen! Let’s refocus this last quarter!

Day 26 Self Care September Challenge

Today was all about planning. I have a few events coming up in October. So I am making sure that I have all that I need. I did some grocery shopping because these kids eat like they don’t care. Either way work and running around is what I do.

I know all moms and women in general can account how just the day can become. You start out with a to do list and before you know it the list is a thousand percent off the charts. With that in mind I just barreled through and tried my best to accommodate all of the winds and turns that came about today. It took a lot of deep breaths and keeping a clear head.

I did however got a chance to get my nails done. It was the only thing I could do for myself that wasn’t about putting things into my house or for someone else. I was so grateful for the little me time even if right after came a lot of running around. The day definitely came and went and I couldn’t believe all that I was able to accomplish!

These fall inspired nails I got the idea from Pinterest. Now a little known secret with my nails I know in Fall and Winter we tend to go darker nails. I do what I want. Most of the times I keep my nails with some form of yellow due to the fact that I use my hands so much and I want to look at my nails and turn my day around! So I am that person with yellow in the dead of Winter! I don’t follow rules I follow inspiration!

Ladies do you follow the seasonal changes of nails? Do you follow to what inspires you? Do you take the time out for yourself to keep your upkeep? How often do you go to a nail salon or to a hair salon?

Day 25 Self Care September Challenge

Today I took some time to reflect. We had a death in our family and seeing my family and just how somber it was made me take time out to reflect a bit. What type of life have I been living? What do I want people to say about me? Those are the things that I want to work harder in living well before it’s my time!

Outside of working I began to work on my weekend plans. I have quite a few things going on and I needed to be sure I was where I needed to be. Also today I took some time to journal. I don’t always make the time to do so. I do keep a journal on me at times but to sit all curled up and really put my thoughts to paper is always relaxing for me no matter what bad or good I need to get out! It’s always a good thing to take care of my thoughts. Organizing my thoughts is a form of self care. I also look back and read my old blogs. Can you believe I have a lot of my journals from Junior High and beyond?! I like to see growth. I want to see the struggles I’ve had the years previous. I also want to see what I might still be dealing with that I haven’t gotten past as well. Those times I used to get all upset but now I know it happens and to adjust!

I really could take my journal and turn it into a book. Just an idea but I am going to see how I can make it into reality! We shall see!

Today’s self care was all about my journal. Writing and reflecting and slowing down!

I encourage all to get a journal book and put your thoughts to pen and paper. You don’t have to buy an official journal book. I prefer hard bound books. You can grab one from the Dollar Store, Five Below or my favorite Barnes and Nobles! Get you one and commit to writing in it more. Often times I write in it before I talk to someone about an issue. I want to work through my own feelings.

Day 24 Making Breakfast Count

So I’m in love with food. It’s one of the things I love to do is review places that I eat and report back to you if it’s a go or a no go. Listen I have 3 kids and a life and one thing I don’t have time to do is waste my coins on food and drink that isn’t tasty!

I had an experience of sorts on Tuesday morning! I decided to eat at Bryn + Dane’s. This new good for you fast food is what the city needs! I absolutely loved it. It has the appeal of what a millennial would love, spacious seating for this busy mom and blogger on the go loves, and the food selections were priced right with a lot of options! I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.

So as you know I go by a few criteria when dining even in a to go spot:


It’s beautiful in there. The location I visited was the center city location. The only issue is parking but it’s to be expected with being in Center City. If you work or in Center City you will be blessed. The location is 834 Chestnut Street! There is some construction but the location is very much open!


The staff even though it was early was extremely pleasant but not that type of forced let me get you in and out type pleasant! I was pleasantly impressed. It had to be the 3rd time around the block to find parking but I was determined to visit!


Of course the food has to be good. It didn’t take long but it took a little minute because again the food is made to order. If you compare it to another major fast food restaurant I would say it’s about the same wait time with fresher food. Everything is prepared to order. I ordered the banana bowl with pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. You could get it with açaí I went with the banana. Now for other competitors that sell the same type of offerings this one was better. It was delicious!

I would give this location a thumbs up! I’m curious and will be trying their lunch and dinner options and their smoothies that have no added sugars or sweeteners. Once I try these options I will give my all the ways thumbs up or down if they can become your one stop shop in the food eating industry! They have 4 other locations. I want to try to visit the other locations leaving Center City as my at work option only!

So give it a try! They have açaí, pumpkin bowls, wraps, Just (eggs) products for my vegan friends, it’s a mix of amazing items including smoothies, etc! There’s something for everyone in your tribe!

Day 22 and Day 23 Self Care September Challenge

I needed to relax. I spent some much needed down time. I watched the Eagles play but sadly they lost; but it’s all good! I was so excited to just be in pjs all day and clean my house. I think well I know that I am a bit compulsive with organizing but that’s just me! I’m okay with that. My husband had a whole day to himself and I was able to focus on preparing for the week. Oh and I got an amazing workout in too!

Day 23

Yes it’s the First Day of Fall! I couldn’t wait! The fact that it’s still giving me Summer vibes but it’s Fall makes me the happiest. To celebrate I treated myself to a new orange bouquet of flowers! I love flowers and if you have been following me you know how often I get them. I think weekly flowers are just the thing that perks up my week! Also I know in the Fall I do a LOT of theatre events! I love it! I love seeing hard and dedicated men and women show their craft!

Oh and I was given new bath bombs from Vagisil so later that night I had an amazing bath with a great bottle of wine! I didn’t drink the whole bottle but I definitely allowed myself some reset moments. I’m trying to keep the spirit of balance in my life. From working hard, blogging with intention, taking care of my family, having time with my husband and of course taking care of Toi!

What do you do to put light and love back into your life and soul? Do them daily! Do them often. Do them intentionally with purpose!