Kurry Shack: Indian Food on the Go!

Now you know my first experience with Indian food ever was at Makhani! I am happy to say that Owner Shafi Gaffar has done it again with Kurry Shack!! All of the goodness you expected with Makhani has extended itself to Kurry Shack with Chef Abdur Masud! Kurry Shack is located at 2015 East Moyamensing Avenue; Philadelphia PA 19148. Their number is 267-761-5562!!

What I like about this BYOB dining area is that it’s also a great way to have Indian food on the go but keep with the same home style flavors. It’s causal demeanor is a great way to grab food with a friend or family. The indoors can seat up to 18 people or can be turned into an event space holding 30-40!

I enjoyed an amazing experience on this past Sunday. Here is what I observed:

  • The food was bomb-they have options for everyone! Vegans and vegetarians aren’t left off this menu and you know that made me super happy!
  • Their Uber Eats, Caviar, Grub Hub, and Door Dash was in full run. Every few minutes orders were running out the door-no lie! I was amazed.
  • They have amazing Indian ice creams, milkshakes, etc. Their take on tradition and flipping it in a great tasting way

Let’s start with my mango lassi! It’s a yogurt drink! If you never had it you will love it from first sip! I had two if I’m quite honest! They also have sweet or salt flavors too! Mango is my go to! The smoothest drink I’ve had in quite some time!

Mango Lassi


I started out with an appetizer of Mixed Pakora which is a selection of fried vegetables fritters. The sauces I had too were amazing!

Kurry Shack has vegetarian and non vegetarian appetizers by the way! They also have a great selections of soup!


I love Indian bread or Naan! They have an extensive selection. Some I had never even heard of! I chose the bread basket and that came with original, garlic, and onion Naan! Let me say they were exceptional! The crispy edges and hot fresh Naan made in their clay oven was pure bliss. I save my carbs for occasions such as this and I was in pure heaven!


I chose the Tandoori Shrimp! We are talking about shrimp sautéed in fresh spices and grilled in the tandoor! It was fresh and they asked me how spicy I wanted it! Since it was around 6 and I tend to stay up late if my food is super spicy I had them keep in the middle. Enough spicy to clear my palette but not enough to have me up all night! It was perfect!

A little birds told them how much I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala and they brought some for me along with a fresh bowl of rice!

Oh and it was just me so now I have a table of food!! If that wasn’t enough I had ordered prior to the Chicken Masala the Chana Saag. The Chana Saag is spinach and chick peas cooked in a thick sauce. By the way I obviously took the leftovers home and it heated up super well! I finished it yesterday!

I had no room for dessert but that didn’t stop them from offering me! I had and enjoyed Kheer! Kheer is a fresh Indian style rice pudding. Rice pudding isn’t something I would eat on my own at all because of the texture but this rice pudding was great! It was creamy and tasted well. Anyone who knows me knows that textures make me normally skiddish! I ate it all!!

They also served me Gajar Hawal which is a sweet carrot almost like a purée. I ate that a lot quicker than I had imagined! It was that good!

All in all nothing I had was bad! It was down right so delicious that I can’t wait to have more! I like that it’s 15 minutes from my house which is now no excuse cause even on days I don’t feel like going in I can order it and have it delivered! The food is always hot and fresh and is the best! Shafi Gaffar you outdid yourself once again!

Thanks for having me and thanks to Aversa Pr!!

Make sure you give them a try for the best authentic Indian food with options for everyone from non vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian options for the best you have ever had!


Ask Toi: What do I Tell my Husband who invited his friend and his friend’s mistress to dinner?

This is a bit much. It’s one thing for your husband’s friend to cheat on his wife. That’s his choice but to have your husband basically aid him is not cool.

Birds of a feather flock together. You can have friends who do questionable things often times if they know you are going to be the morality police they may tell you but not involve you. That’s how my friends roll. They also know since I’m going to call them out on their mess they ask me if certain things done in my presence would be offensive. Sounds like your husband’s morality line is wide enough to be accepting of his friend’s ways. If your husband’s friend knew that your husband was cool with it it’s no wonder that this invite wasn’t an issue.

The other flip is that your husband isn’t aware of your morality line. I’m team wife all the way. My husband knows I will call him and his friend out so no need to even involve me. Even if there’s a wife that I don’t particularly like I’m still team wife. Ain’t no way in Hell we breaking bread with active cheating. I’m loyal to my husband but the loyalty goes both ways he wouldn’t betray me knowing how I feel about certain things. Your husband has very little respect. Any man reading this and thinking “well my wife should be good since I’m good” is pure trash. I would imagine if we set up a sting you doing questionable stuff towards your wife too!

I believe your friend has a right to cheat meaning I don’t condone it but it’s his choice. However I’m pissed as all get out that he would be that open. This is not I made a mistake with another woman this is a whole mistress aka a side relationship. Just the amount of diseases (condoms don’t cover everything) he is potentially bringing home is enough for me to cut him! Yes I said cut him.

I would say you tell your husband that you’re not comfortable with it and that you decline the invitation and have a conversation with him about his participation. Something about this makes me leery about his own morality and you need to see this as an immediate red flag!

There no way to involve other folks without their knowledge and I wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable. Men if you cheat than either be bold enough to speak up and if you can’t the less you involve others the longer it allows you to be secretive until you get caught because 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get caught. This is 2019 somebody is recording, snapping, and setting you up in case you think they aren’t! Don’t be dumb!

Monday Motivation: You’re Not Alone

One of the things that messes with our mindset at any given time no matter the differences we face is that we are alone. We are the only one going through hard times. Everyone else is advancing and we are left alone. This is false. We are all touched by quire a few common issues. What you’re seeing is people on different rungs of the ladder.

When you feel like you’re on the bottom it’s hard to imagine even moving up. You start to get upset. You find fault in those around you because they should have done more to pull you out. News flash folks got their own issues they are pushing through. You might not always find a hand. The feeling of defeat is real. It’s upsetting to feel like you’re being picked on or isolated.

I want to encourage you today that there’s nothing you have gone or are flint through that someone else hasn’t passed the test. When I was in the thick of any trial it was my mindset that kept me down longer than the circumstances allowed. After the whole self defeating talk didn’t take me out; my self confidence or lack thereof was pushing me to my lowest point.

It’s hard to see greatness in a dark place. I get it. I have been there but you have to know even when you can’t see it; don’t give up. Don’t totally fall apart even when you feel like falling apart is comfortable. Being uncomfortable and pushing past that especially when I had nothing to lose made me the best version of myself. Hearing no a thousand times made me frustrated, sad, envious, and angry. It still birthed a sense of knowing that once I got the first yes; that yes came from hard work.

You’re not alone in this fight you’re just on a different rung of the ladder. You can’t see pass your point of entry in the race of life. You are watching others instead of investing into yourself. I am a research person. The second something doesn’t pan out I began to research others or talk to others who have experienced the same thing. This is why although you don’t need a nation of folks in your business having a mentor helps you. You are in the number of those who have failed and are speaking life in dark places. You were broke but can speak financial security into your life. You might have to learn how you got into the broke phase, have a better relationship with spending, and have the mentality and spacing to do better with it. However it doesn’t change that someone else is doing the same thing and you will push through.

Mondays are hard but life is worse if all you’re focused on is what everyone else is doing! You can focus on your lane and stop inheriting the mindset that you automatically will fail. Have you ever thought about pushing through that you find yourself surprised that you failed? That’s the push daily. To work smarter and do it so consistently that you find yourself surprised you failed!

Let’s knock these thoughts of being alone out the door. Since you know that there’s someone else working hard like you do daily; don’t stop at the first sign of pushback! Trust me I look like things are working out but that’s the turn of events and the difference in rung of the ladder. This was after failing and failing so many times. This was after crying. This was after working hard and being told no and having to gather my feelings and push through again. This was definitely after being told “why you.” I had to answer the notion of why not me! I felt alone because even though I’m married my vision isn’t his vision on everything. I had to say there’s plenty of folks building from the ground. They were. They had the same levels of feelings I had. Fight like you got a crowd holding you up! Push like you got the blueprint already! Don’t give up!

National Mother In Law Day

Today is National Mother in Law Day and it’s also the day before mine transitioned. It’s now 3 years!! 3 years of pain.

I’m not going to act as if the relationship was rosy or that even after her passing I haven’t had my moments thinking about things that have transpired. What I will say is that it’s been hard. It’s been hard not just in relation to Marques or the kids but just plain hard. When I want to say certain things I can’t. It’s been hard!

I’ve seen some amazing relationships with other daughter and mother in laws during and after her passing. It’s a soft spot for me. There are moments when I feel like I’m missing out. My kids are missing out. My husband is missing out. This hole I didn’t even realize would happen has definitely left us feeling bankrupt.

So on this day if you have a mother in law that you don’t get along with find common ground. The reality is as much as you try to fight it your husband or wife comes from them. They will ALWAYS represent parts of them. If you think they don’t you are deceiving yourself. Also try to understand them the same way you want them to under stand you. You’re responsible for only your actions. Trust me regardless of the things that transpired not only was I there for my mother in law but in the months leading up to her transition we began to work through our differences!

If you have a great relationship with your mother in law cherish it. You’re not apart of the majority. Often times there is friction and not one of mutual love and respect.

The Damage Done: The Unwanted Living America’s Opioid Nightmare

Drugs are not new. Drugs have always been in existence. The more that drugs become more available the more it ravishes a community, families and of course individuals. The fact that individuals can get ahold of drugs so readily makes for sad times.

I went to the screening of The Damage Done last Saturday and to say it was eye opening is an understatement. This wasn’t the first time of me hearing about the opioid epidemic. It’s all over the news when you hear about safe houses and safe sites! It’s so much cause of argument. Depending on what side of the fence you are on you will have many thoughts about it but let’s take a human approach today. Let’s talk about the fact that most of us know of someone on drugs. We are talking about the ones who are not functional in their daily life. The ones who are mentally gone. The ones who you don’t get to see at family functions and just know they have a problem but no solution seems to be in sight!

The Damage Done is about the opioid epidemic in Miami, Philadelphia, and Nashville. We screened the portion that was about Philadelphia and specifically Kensington. It’s real and it’s raw. The images are forever stuck in my head. You see the drug stoopers. You see the homelessness. Philadelphia’s call to stop the epidemic or stop it in certain areas removes the participants from living under bridges and underpasses but it doesn’t stop the spread of the drugs to say the least.

The Damage Done follows Eric and Kelly who are both struggling with their drug addiction. Eric seems to be doing well and then relapses. Kelly is given housing which answers stability but does it stop her addiction? Britt James Carpenter a recovered and always still recovering drug addict has made leeway in helping humanize the people whom society says this is a choice why should we care. He has humanized the very people who turn their backs due to the highs and lows of the whole recovery process. He founded the Philly Unknown Project that is supporting those who can’t support themselves. They are out on the streets with those dealing with the homelessness and the drugs everyday. Looking for ways to support and to find ways to help those reeling from drugs to get help!

Thanks to Voices of America who took the charge of filming and making this a reality. For being able to show this raw documentary while attempting to hold the dignity of those in it. That charge isn’t easy. I want you to set aside what you feel and give this docuseries a try! Watch it here! This is Part 1! You can continue watching it after it. Share it with someone. Talk about it. There’s not many of us that aren’t rocked by the drug epidemic. We all need to remember that we all need to show love and understanding.

Also thanks to Roz Pichardo who also gave participants a Narcan training. This is crucial in saving the lives of those who have overdose! She is also started Operation Save our City after the death of her brother, Alex Martinez. Her mission is to assist in giving humanity to those who need it and to take back our city (Philadelphia) from gun violence!

Also thank you to Jeremy Adam on his performance of Siren Song a beautiful compilation of the thoughts of a drug addict and the pain that happens far in their mind before they even physically use the drugs!

Here is the link for the full documentary!

Help in Our Own Community

What do you have a mix of community service, 31 consultant, and hygiene kits? You have Crystal Capetillo. Taking on a mission of her own she’s making hygiene kits for those who are displaced.

I personally remember when I was younger and we went into a shelter. It’s one of those moments that keep me grounded. Not knowing what each day would bring was a bit unnerving. However I have to shout out my mom who made sure to keep us clean and put together. Apart of doing that had to come from having hygiene products. Being displaced you have to have a short list of items and not much in bulk to prevent others from taking from you.

Crystal is helping in those regards. What started as a project with World Vision through being a 31 Consultant has turned into a mission to help those in her own community right here in Philadelphia. Crystal along with Erica of whom I’ve interviewed and a team from Bethel Church will lead this charge!

Now here’s how we can help. These kits take time and money. The World Vision kite cost $16. After acquiring the kits they need to be put together. Crystal is in need of both. You can donate for the kits as well as help put together your kit. But there’s one last portion, each kit comes with a hand written letter or note. That made me smile because of someone being displaced that doesn’t mean that they are below humanity.

I watched my mom cry when she thought I was sleep. I know as a mom I couldn’t imagine what she was feeling as she watched over us at night! Having a hand written note letting her know she’s loved and never give up could mean the world of difference!

I personally stand behind this mission of Crystal and will be helping to assemble these kits. I’m asking if you’re able to consider donating by gifting towards her PayPal crystal.capetillo331@gmail.com!!

I can’t wait to see the kits go to fruition and be given to those who need it!!

Monday Motivation: National Kick Butt Day

Now know that this is about kicking ourselves in the butt to complete our goals. You know the ones that we said we would do, but we haven’t done. The ones that we aspire to complete, but we lacked motivation to complete.

Sometimes we need to have a swift kick in the behind to get us where we need to be. Today is that kick as well as that reminder that goals don’t just happen. Goals need work and participation. Goals need you to do your part. We lack ambition and it sits between desire and life happening. Sometimes life happens but if we are real we also play our part in goals dropping. If you aren’t doing what you need to do especially if you know what you are supposed to do but don’t; you are the only one who can give you that good kick to get that much closer to your goals. You know you got to stop and reclaim your time in the words of Auntie Maxine. You need to step up and refresh your why.
The time isn’t at a new year, next month, etc. the time is now. Kick start the very desires and a plan to make it happen! Eliminate the setback which inevitably will bring a sense of accomplishments into your life. Its like walking for days what you could have walked in hours. Kick yourself in the butt. You are your own worse enemy. Acknowledge your shortcoming and than use it to push you forward.